Man Calls Cops on Ex's Daughter 😱 Was He Right or Wrong?

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Imagine being in a loving relationship for six years, only to have it end over a disagreement about having children. That's exactly what happened to a 30-year-old man who broke off his engagement with his 33-year-old girlfriend, Tara. Things took an unexpected turn when Tara's daughter, Sasha, couldn't let go and started showing up at his new house. After multiple attempts to resolve the situation, he finally called the cops on her. Was he justified? Let's dive into the story. 😬

The Relationship and Breakup 💔

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Meeting Sasha 👧

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The Dealbreaker 🚨

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Change of Heart 💔

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Breaking Off the Engagement 💍

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Moving Out and Moving On 🏠

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Sasha's Unannounced Visits 🚪

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A Sit-Down Conversation 🗣️

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New Relationship, New Problems 💑

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Car Vandalism 🚗

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Suspecting Sasha 🕵️

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Calling the Cops 🚔

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Blocked on Social Media 📱

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Tara Arrives 😠

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No Charges This Time ⚖️

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Tara's Reaction 😡

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Was Calling the Cops Too Harsh? 🤔

After breaking off his engagement due to a disagreement about having children, our protagonist found himself dealing with his ex's daughter, Sasha, showing up at his new house unannounced. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the situation, he finally called the cops on her. With Tara furious and Sasha in tears, the question remains: was calling the cops too harsh, or was it a necessary step to protect himself and his new relationship? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

NTA for calling the cops, but commenters question OP's quick rebound.

thankuhexed | thankuhexed

Dating someone else days after ending 6-yr relationship? Yikes 😬

caffeinatedsquirrel9 | caffeinatedsquirrel9

Debate over man's actions towards ex's daughter sparks ESH sentiment.

mvuanzuri | mvuanzuri

Parenting disagreements lead to chaotic behaviour from ex's daughter. ESH.

mormispos | mormispos

Ex's daughter hurt by breakup, but is OP really the a**hole?

tinny36 | tinny36

Ex's daughter seeks contact after split, NTA for calling cops.

desolation29 | desolation29

Commenter questions OP's emotional connection and biased account 🤔

Illender | Illender

Calling the police was the best option to protect yourself 🙌

Murderbunny13 | Murderbunny13

Ex's daughter causes drama, but who's really in the wrong? 🤔

Grakulen | Grakulen

Protect yourself legally from potential stalker behavior. Don't engage.

one_1f_by_land | one_1f_by_land

NTA for calling cops on ex's daughter, who needs therapy 🙏

FoolMe1nceShameOnU | FoolMe1nceShameOnU

Divided opinions on whether ex's daughter deserved police intervention.

Forks-Nation | Forks-Nation

Commenter criticizes man's behavior and views on women, defends ex's daughter.

sccforward | sccforward

NTA calls cops on ex's daughter for damaging GF's car

Southern_Hamster_338 | Southern_Hamster_338

NTA for calling the cops on ex's daughter's inappropriate behavior.

frightfully_disturb | frightfully_disturb

Respecting boundaries and teaching consequences. NTA 👍

Difficult_Rush_4814 | Difficult_Rush_4814

Curious about the backstory of this situation 🤔

miyuki_m | miyuki_m

NTA defends himself against accusations of being an a**hole 💪

nocternum | nocternum

Mother should take responsibility for daughter's actions. NTA 👍

Comfortable_Read3801 | Comfortable_Read3801

Ex's daughter drama - commenter says NTA, ex is AH 😱

Desc440 | Desc440

Calling the cops was necessary for insurance. NTA 👍

Excuse_Purple | Excuse_Purple

Navigating relationships with ex's kids can be a slippery slope 😱

AbundanceNation | AbundanceNation

Man calls cops on ex's daughter for vandalism. NTA says comment.

No_Meringue_9031 | No_Meringue_9031

Calling the cops was the safest option. NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but moving because of Sasha's behavior is unrealistic 😕

5nl007 | 5nl007

Setting boundaries with ex's kids: NTA or ESH?

celestecatherine | celestecatherine

Ex not responsible for ex's daughter's vandalism, NTA 👍

Forsaken_Ad_1453 | Forsaken_Ad_1453

Ex's daughter feels abandoned, but no contact is best. Move on.

Excellent_Care1859 | Excellent_Care1859

Ex's daughter blocked him, so he called cops. NTA.

devGirl009 | devGirl009

Dating a single parent can be complicated 👯🏼

Rare_Background8891 | Rare_Background8891

Calling cops not always TA, but ESH in this case 🤷‍♀️

Shitsuri | Shitsuri

Abandoned ex's daughter acts out, both parties are at fault 😔

evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee | evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Calling cops on ex's daughter, NTA. But dating so soon? 🤮

Kooky_Bar_503 | Kooky_Bar_503

Ex's daughter causes trouble, NTA for calling the cops 😎

shepsantos | shepsantos

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries is important 👏

BussyStudios | BussyStudios

Man's ex's daughter needs love and support, but both ESH.

Violet351 | Violet351

Take it slow 🙌, kids are hard and don't fix relationships ✌️

Outrageous-Comfort42 | Outrageous-Comfort42

OP accused of neglecting ex's daughter 😔

Ok-Neighborhood-1600 | Ok-Neighborhood-1600

Man calls cops on ex's daughter for showing up unattended 😱

Witch_Dagger | Witch_Dagger

Man calls cops on ex's daughter, deemed NTA by commenter. 😱

limegeuse | limegeuse

Ex's daughter drama ends with NTA verdict 👍

DreamingofRlyeh | DreamingofRlyeh

Ex's daughter causes trouble, commenter says NTA.

ClassicCityMatt | ClassicCityMatt

Ex's daughter causes trouble, commenter says NTA for calling cops.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends ex's daughter, calls out OP's behavior. 😢

ChinChiller225 | ChinChiller225

Dating someone new right after a breakup: ETA or NAH? 🤔

Complete-Brush-2319 | Complete-Brush-2319

Clear judgement, no a-hole here 👍

neonsaber | neonsaber

Teenager wants to hang out with ex's partner. Soft YTA.

zelonhusk | zelonhusk

Man calls cops on ex's daughter after being lied to 😱

Aardeehar | Aardeehar

Man refuses to be in little girl's life after being like a father figure. ESH 😕

Madeline_Kawaii | Madeline_Kawaii

Dumped fiancee's daughter calls out OP's cold behavior 😱

LavenderSage013 | LavenderSage013

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