Noise Complaint Escalates: Cops, CPS, and a Breakup! 😱

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Imagine living in an apartment with a new family moving in upstairs. They have a toddler who's prone to tantrums, and the noise is driving you crazy. You try talking to the mom, complaining to the apartment manager, and even calling the cops and CPS! But instead of solving the problem, your boyfriend overhears the confrontation, calls you heartless, and breaks up with you! 😲💔 Let's dive into this dramatic tale...

New Neighbors, New Problems 🏘️

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A Sweet Introduction 🍬

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Warning: Toddler Tantrums Ahead 🚸

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WhatsApp to the Rescue? 📱

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Crying Continues... 😭

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Working from Home Woes 🏠💼

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Messaging Mom 📨

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Complaint to the Manager 🚪

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Suspicion of Neglect 😟

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Cops Arrive 🚔

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Social Worker Visit 📋

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Confrontation and Accusations 😠

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Boyfriend Overhears and Reacts 😲

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The Breakup 💔

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Heartless or Just Fed Up? 🤷

So, our protagonist tried to handle the noise problem by talking to the mom, complaining to the apartment manager, and even calling the cops and CPS. But instead of solving the issue, her boyfriend overheard the confrontation, called her heartless, and broke up with her! 💔 Was she really being malicious, or was she just trying to protect the child and her own sanity? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

OP gets called out for being a heartless and irresponsible jerk 😒

TriZARAtops | TriZARAtops

Parent of a child on the spectrum calls out YTA for not understanding the challenges they face. Other commenters share their own experiences and criticize OP for trying to evict their neighbor over noise.

Corporate_M0nster | Corporate_M0nster

Commenters defend mother and criticize OP for calling crying 2-year-old a disturbance. YTA.

plantking9001 | plantking9001

Toddler tantrums: a relatable struggle for parents everywhere! 😜

yamzadebayo | yamzadebayo

Commenter suggests better ways to cope with noise and child neglect

BananicattheDisco | BananicattheDisco

Parent defends child's tantrums, calls out YTA for lack of empathy 😱

Obvious_Dot_4234 | Obvious_Dot_4234

👶 YTA for filing a CPS report over a crying baby?!

Dylans116thDream | Dylans116thDream

The struggles of dealing with toddlers 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

CPS worker calls out person's false report, defends toddler tantrums 😍

mimi6778 | mimi6778

Calling CPS over a tantrum? YTA according to commenters 🤦‍♀️

SnooSuggestions2797 | SnooSuggestions2797

Neighbor warned, took child out, YTA, ex-boyfriend agrees 😒

GroundbreakingPhoto4 | GroundbreakingPhoto4

Commenter questions OP's experience with children. 🤔

hashtag_ashtag95 | hashtag_ashtag95

Commenter calls out OP for calling CPS over noise. Boyfriend breaks up. YTA

TahiniInMyVeins | TahiniInMyVeins

Commenter accuses OP of not caring about the child's well-being.

J0sey_W4les_23 | J0sey_W4les_23

Reporting a mother to CPS for a tantrum-throwing child? YTA! 😱

WillLoveCoffee4Ever1 | WillLoveCoffee4Ever1

Commenter calls out YTA for calling CPS over a tantrum 😱

FrederickChase | FrederickChase

Toddler tantrums escalate to world destruction, CPS called. YTA.

GingerSnapNV | GingerSnapNV

Commenter calls out OP for abhorrent behavior. 🤨

ninjabunny999 | ninjabunny999

Commenter calls out YTA for calling CPS on noisy kids.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor tries to get family evicted and calls CPS. YTA.

Crafty_Engineer_ | Crafty_Engineer_

Parenting advice gone wrong: YTA for calling CPS on neighbor.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't mess with mama bear! YTA gets called out 💪

CapybaraOhara | CapybaraOhara

Commenter calls out YTA for lack of empathy towards child with Autism.

randomgaldem | randomgaldem

Commenter calls out OP for wasting social worker's time.

Aristotelian | Aristotelian

Neighbor reports struggling mom to police and CPS. YTA.

PresenceReasonable31 | PresenceReasonable31

Commenter calls out OP for calling CPS on child's mom. 😬

CoastalCerulean | CoastalCerulean

Parenting is tough! Don't blame the mom for a tantrum.

Outrageous-Yogurt-80 | Outrageous-Yogurt-80

Commenter calls out parent-shaming and tantrum expectations. 🚫

sleeplesschimp | sleeplesschimp

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole in noise complaint.

Nagem_Lacree4 | Nagem_Lacree4

Don't judge a toddler for being a toddler 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Angry neighbor receives YTA judgement for noise complaint. 😠

strawberrymamas | strawberrymamas

Neighbor calls out OP for calling authorities on toddler tantrums 🤷‍♂️

TinyRascalSaurus | TinyRascalSaurus

Commenter faces backlash for calling CPS. 😱

KittyValkyrie500 | KittyValkyrie500

Think before calling DCS: Tantrums are normal for kids.

Natz2103 | Natz2103

Commenter accuses OP of being ignorant about kids. 🤔

Monstiemama | Monstiemama

Commenter thinks the person is a huge a**hole! 🤬

DryadsAndSeaNymphs | DryadsAndSeaNymphs

Commenter called out for reporting noise to CPS. 🤷‍♂️

International-Win989 | International-Win989

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole in breakup.

Amethyst-talon91 | Amethyst-talon91

Neighbor faces consequences for noise complaint, becomes YTA.

NotThatChar | NotThatChar

Insensitive neighbor disregards child's needs, receives YTA judgement. 😠

mdthomas | mdthomas

User called out as YTA multiple times for noise complaint.

MontanaRogues | MontanaRogues

Parenting is tough, let's not judge too harshly 🙏

Age_of_Asylum | Age_of_Asylum

Reporting a mother to CPS over tantrums? Soft YTA.

Smooth_Rick | Smooth_Rick

Parent defends noisy child, advises neighbor to show grace 🙏

Rambling-and-Raving | Rambling-and-Raving

Commenter defends parent against unreasonable noise complaint, gets dumped.

Duvoziir | Duvoziir

Commenter called out for being TA in noisy neighbor dispute 🚨

hearts4marvel | hearts4marvel

Commenter calls out OP for being heartless towards possible autistic child.

Nay_nay267 | Nay_nay267

Neighbor kindly gave contact info, but OP called cops over tantrum 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP for terrible behavior towards children.

RemarkableLow6689 | RemarkableLow6689

Commenter calls out OP for being an a**hole to parent.

lucy_wickedwitch | lucy_wickedwitch

Parent defends CPS and calls out cruel behavior towards child.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent defends child's behavior, argues noise is expected in apartments.

AntiqueWishbone2362 | AntiqueWishbone2362

Commenter calls out YTA for wasting resources on false complaint.

Strong_Arm8734 | Strong_Arm8734

Think twice before involving CPS in a noise complaint 🚨

Many_Fix3167 | Many_Fix3167

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