Kitten Insulted by Mom: Daughter Kicks Her Out! 😾🚪

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We all know that pets can quickly become family members, and sometimes, we feel the need to protect them just like we would our own children. That's what happened when a daughter had to stand up to her own mother after she insulted her newly adopted kitten. The kitten, named Steve, was born without a tail, and the mom just couldn't help but make rude comments about his appearance. But when things escalated, the daughter had to make a tough decision. 🐾💔

The Loss of Eddie Cat 😿

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Adopting Bucky and Steve 🐱🐱

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Steve's Unique Feature 🚫🐾

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Mom's Rude Comments 😤

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Steve's Attempt to Cuddle 🥺

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Mom's Rough Treatment 😠

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Daughter's Ultimatum ✋

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Mom's Reaction 😡

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Clarifying the Situation 📝

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No Playing Favorites 🚫❤️

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Daughter Defends Tailless Kitten 🐈‍⬛💪

In a heated exchange, a daughter kicks her own mother out of her home after she insults her newly adopted kitten, Steve. Born without a tail, Steve was the target of the mom's rude comments and rough treatment. The daughter felt that her mom was being unnecessarily mean to an innocent animal and decided to stand up for her fur baby. She believes that just like with children, you can't favor one pet over another, and sticking up for yourself and your loved ones is important. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💬

NTA. Manx cats are adorable, and kicking out your mom was necessary.

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Pets are family too! NTA for standing up for them 🐶

Frosted_Flakes-0 | Frosted_Flakes-0

Cat lovers unite! Heartwarming photos of Bucky, Stevie, and Eddie 😺

auntysos | auntysos

Kitten insulted by mom, daughter kicks her out! NTA strikes back 😾🚪

SonofApollo1984 | SonofApollo1984

Reddit users accuse OP of overreacting to insulted cat incident.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom insults kitten's tail, daughter kicks her out - YTA or NTA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat lovers unite! Standing up against animal cruelty 🐱

PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt | PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt

A disagreement on handling animals leads to an overreaction. 😕

Noe_33 | Noe_33

ESH. Girl overreacted, but mom disrespected a sensitive part of OP.

kinlowd | kinlowd

Kitten insulted? ESH, but kitties don't understand English 🙄

reyelle1977 | reyelle1977

Defending a kitten leads to heated debate over animal emotions.

DarkEyedSaint | DarkEyedSaint

Standing up to disrespectful family members, even for our pets! NTA 👍

Sydneyfire | Sydneyfire

Defending a unique kitten against cruel treatment. #NotTheAsshole 🙌

GenjisWife | GenjisWife

Pet tax requested, but no furry friend to be seen.

angel37455 | angel37455

possiblycrazy79 | possiblycrazy79


Commenter calls out YTA for overreacting to rude comments.

thegreatmizzle7 | thegreatmizzle7

DormantDormaus | DormantDormaus

Empathetic response to kitten mistreatment. NTA for reacting.

daliaasteria | daliaasteria

Respectful daughter defends her kitten against disrespectful mom. NTA 🙌

silvyrphoenix | silvyrphoenix

nixon469 | nixon469

Cat lover defends pet against mom's insults and negativity 😾

The-spellmonger | The-spellmonger

OP faces criticism for extreme overreaction to insult. 🙄

riavon | riavon

Cat lover defends kitten tossing, calls OP YTA. 😾🚫

JacobMaverick | JacobMaverick

Commenter receives backlash for dismissing cat's worth. 🐱

ChewyRib | ChewyRib

Respectful NTA commenter defends insulted kitten. Where's the cat tax?

Catatomical | Catatomical

User sympathizes with OP's loss and defends her new cats 🐱

FamousOrphan | FamousOrphan

Defending a cat against mom's insults, with a wild twist 🐱

Tossit4work | Tossit4work

mrsmoose123 | mrsmoose123

Daughter kicks mom out over cat insult - ESH.

SoloBurger13 | SoloBurger13

Celebrate your manx's bunny-butt tail! NTA, mom's whack.

CADreamn | CADreamn

Heartwarming exchange about a beloved Manx cat. 😊

Mominatordebbie | Mominatordebbie

Cat's tail as a fake mustache? NTA has a backup plan! 😂

Quarkly95 | Quarkly95

Possible reasons for mom's aversion to kitten's short tail 🤔

Bumbling-Bluebird-90 | Bumbling-Bluebird-90

Respect the pets! NTA removes rude guest 😾🚪

astral_fae | astral_fae

Insulting a cat? 😱 YTA gets what they deserve.

Kiss_the_Girl | Kiss_the_Girl

Misleading title overshadows the real topic of the post

infiniteyeet | infiniteyeet

Respect animals and their trust, even in someone else's home. 🐱

Whysocomplicat3d | Whysocomplicat3d

Heartwarming comment about a cat's unique tail. 😍

bucus | bucus

Cat lover receives cuddles from furry friend, shares cute photo.

Snehaslurp | Snehaslurp

Cat lovers unite! Check out this adorable feline photo 😍

Sunnyyy27 | Sunnyyy27

Socializing kittens is important for their future, NTA for kicking out.

lovable_cube | lovable_cube

Aggressive cat behavior sparks concern and speculation among commenters.

AlternativeAd3652 | AlternativeAd3652

Daughter stands up for kitten against insulting mom. #NTA 😊

camirethh | camirethh

A heartwarming story of love and care for cats 😾🚩

Traumatized-Trashbag | Traumatized-Trashbag

Commenter suggests OP's mom may be YTA for mistreating kitten, but advises against throwing her out and instead encourages positive communication.

mariahblob | mariahblob

Setting boundaries with family over pets. NTA wins.

Malkom1366 | Malkom1366

Management_sucks | Management_sucks

Mom's rude behavior towards kitten justified daughter's decision. NTA.

Kirdei | Kirdei

Cat lovers unite! Support for a cuddly Manx kitten 😾🚩

ItLou | ItLou

NTA defends cat with no tail, questions mom's reaction 😾🐱

Alternative-Ask2335 | Alternative-Ask2335

A comment about sneaking a kitten into high school gets support.

Soggy_Sando | Soggy_Sando

Take control of your space and set boundaries. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect is key, even for cats. But kicking out family? 🤔

Prosado22 | Prosado22

Defend your furry friend! NTA for kicking her out.

The-Moocat | The-Moocat

Cats are friends, not fashion accessories. 🐈🙌

Etrixik | Etrixik

Supportive comment defends daughter against insulting mom 👏

lavenderkajukatli | lavenderkajukatli

Cat lover defends daughter who named cats after Marvel heroes.

OliviaElevenDunham | OliviaElevenDunham

Tailless cats are adorable and should never be mistreated 😾

Green_Ouroborus | Green_Ouroborus

Respect boundaries and NTA, even if cat is adorable 😾

purpleprose78 | purpleprose78

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