Pregnant Woman Kicks Out Friend's Girlfriend at Dinner Party 😱🍽️

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What happens when a dinner party meant to bring friends together ends up tearing them apart? Our protagonist, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, decided to host a dinner party to introduce her best friend's new girlfriend to the group. Little did she know, the night would take a dramatic turn when the new guest made some controversial comments about her pregnancy. 😳👶

The Unplanned Pregnancy 🤰

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Supportive Best Friend 💕

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Dinner Party Time 🍽️

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First Impressions 🤔

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Awkward Conversations 😬

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Trying to Change the Topic 🔄

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A Sudden Turn 🌪️

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The Controversial Question ❓

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Trying to Defuse the Situation 💣

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Ava's Brutal Honesty 🙄

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Enough is Enough 😤

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The Confrontation 🗣️

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Kicking Ava Out 🚪

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The Aftermath 😔

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Friends' Support 🤗

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A Night to Remember...or Forget? 🎭

As the night unfolded, our pregnant protagonist found herself in an uncomfortable situation when Ava, the new girlfriend, made some pretty insensitive comments about her pregnancy. Despite attempts to change the topic, Ava continued to push the boundaries, leading to a confrontation and ultimately, Ava being kicked out of the party. While the other guests supported the decision, the friendship between the protagonist and Theo has been left in a fragile state. What do you think? Was she right to kick Ava out or did she overreact? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

NTA for kicking out Ava, who used 'brutal honesty' as an excuse to be insulting. Theo's reaction raises red flags for possible abuse.

ImStealingTheTowels | ImStealingTheTowels

NTA defends herself against girlfriend's hostility at dinner party 🙈

Fun_Measurement_5873 | Fun_Measurement_5873

NTA for kicking out friend's girlfriend who was being brutally honest.

FireFurFox | FireFurFox

NTA. Pregnant woman stands up for herself and sets boundaries. 👏

Moggetti | Moggetti

NTA. Honesty doesn't mean sharing every thought and opinion 😑

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

NTA for kicking out friend's girlfriend for rude comments 😱

kittynaed | kittynaed

Supportive commenters defend pregnant woman against inappropriate questioning 👏

trashbbyb | trashbbyb

Supporting a friend who disrespects a pregnant woman? NTA, F**k him! 😡

jtyashiro | jtyashiro

Pregnancy is personal, not her business. You're NTA 👍

papercutsunset | papercutsunset

Pregnancy is a sensitive time. NTA for kicking out disrespectful guest.

GTSE2005 | GTSE2005

Standing up for yourself and your unborn child 💪

girlandagun | girlandagun

NTA for kicking out insensitive friend's GF 👏. Theo's AH.

1800TurdFerguson | 1800TurdFerguson

Setting boundaries with toxic people is important. NTA! 👏

blehberries | blehberries

Commenter and reply agree: honesty doesn't justify being rude 😱

TheSerialHobbyist | TheSerialHobbyist

Childhood sweethearts, now pregnant at 19, kick out guest. NTA

SamSamnarg | SamSamnarg

Friend's girlfriend crosses the line, NTA takes a stand 💪

Chef73 | Chef73

Commenter agrees with pregnant woman's actions, but thinks she's still the a**hole. 🤔

folklore_5847 | folklore_5847

Friend's girlfriend crosses the line, gets kicked out 👏

JustheBean | JustheBean

Choosing honesty over empathy - NTA

Outrageous-Ad-9069 | Outrageous-Ad-9069

Respectful childfree friend supports pregnant woman's decision. 👏

lexkixass | lexkixass

Commenter calls out Ava's hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness.

sympathy4deviledeggs | sympathy4deviledeggs

Supportive commenters agree: NTA for kicking out rude guest 👏

Intelligent_Fold9881 | Intelligent_Fold9881

Opinion-based comment sparks debate, but NTA prevails.

Confident_School2912 | Confident_School2912

Friend's girlfriend crosses the line, pregnant woman takes action. NTA.

Pinkie_Flamingo | Pinkie_Flamingo

Standing up for yourself against unwarranted criticism. 💪

Lucario1209 | Lucario1209

Clear judgement and no regrets. NTA wins the game!

DHAN150 | DHAN150

Setting boundaries: Pregnant woman kicks out rude guest 🙌

CinderDroplet | CinderDroplet

NTA! 👍 Being rude to a pregnant woman is unacceptable.

shoxford | shoxford

Honesty or being an a**hole? The fine line explained 🤔

ThisBringsOutTheBest | ThisBringsOutTheBest

Friend's girlfriend tries to control pregnant woman's life. NTA wins! 👏

aerglo29 | aerglo29

Honesty is the best policy, even if it hurts 😢

_Manimations | _Manimations

Awkward honesty or unnecessary rudeness? 🤷🏻‍♀️

DontF-zoneMeBro | DontF-zoneMeBro

Supportive comment defends friend's decision with pro-choice stance 👏

worldofcloud | worldofcloud

Pregnancy stress + disrespectful guest = justified NTA reaction 😠

Dronechastity | Dronechastity

Ava's comment sparks confusion and curiosity among readers 🤔

prettylittledragon | prettylittledragon

Setting boundaries at a dinner party 🥑. Friend should have had your back.

NefariousnessGlum424 | NefariousnessGlum424

Respectful childfree opinion, but kicking out pregnant friend is unacceptable.

lilithanael | lilithanael

Friend's pregnant kick-out gets NTA approval 👍

Jintess | Jintess

Supportive comment, wishing luck with child and thumbs up emoji

crowqueen | crowqueen

Respect the homeowner's boundaries, NTA 👍

MattyisaLewzr | MattyisaLewzr

27 years later, NTA stands by her choices. You don't have to listen to judgement either 👏

GoingApeCostume | GoingApeCostume

Pro-choice doesn't mean asking people why they didn't abort 🙄

littlepinkpwnie | littlepinkpwnie

Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy 😱🍽️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnancy-shaming at a dinner party? NTA for kicking her out 👏

Normal-Height-8577 | Normal-Height-8577

Friend's girlfriend kicked out of party, commenter calls Theo an a**hole. NTA.

facinationstreet | facinationstreet

Controversial comment on having kids sparks debate 🤔

VaryStaybullGeenyiss | VaryStaybullGeenyiss

Friend's girlfriend is a narcissistic and rude idiot. NTA.

__knowthyself | __knowthyself

Standing up to rude friends and their toxic partners 🙌

notrapunzel | notrapunzel

Friend's support turns sour at dinner party. NTA wins.

drinkgeek | drinkgeek

What did Theo say? The girlfriend's hostility seems suspicious 🤔

pxiboo | pxiboo

Commenter disagrees with Ava's behavior and beliefs on having kids.

The_Annes_Meow | The_Annes_Meow

Could Ava have been parroting what Theo said to her? 🤔

nemaihne | nemaihne

Teenage pregnancy doesn't define your future. NTA wins!

MsFoxxx | MsFoxxx

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