Woman Returns All Gifts and Buys Her Own: Spoiled or Just Fed Up? 😲

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We all know the feeling of receiving a gift that doesn't quite hit the mark, but what if it happens year after year, from the people closest to you? One woman has had enough of the thoughtless gifts she's been receiving from friends and family. She's decided to take matters into her own hands, returning all the presents she's been given and buying her own instead. Is she being spoiled and entitled, or is she just tired of feeling unappreciated? Let's dive into her story. 🤔

A Lifetime of Disappointment

nogifts28 | nogifts28

Giving Thoughtful Gifts

nogifts28 | nogifts28

The Joy of Giving

nogifts28 | nogifts28

Her Own Gifts: A Letdown

nogifts28 | nogifts28

Feeling Like a Secret Santa

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No Effort from Loved Ones

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Hoping for Change

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Finding the Stash

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Feeling Deflated

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Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

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Returning and Buying Her Own Gifts

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The Fallout

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Feeling Guilty

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Keeping Gifts Secret

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Still Giving to Her Husband

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A Bold Move or Justified Frustration? 🤷

After years of receiving thoughtless gifts, this woman has had enough. She returns all the presents she's been given, buys her own, and wraps them up for herself. While her husband is hurt and her friends are disappointed, she's finally getting what she wants. Is she being selfish, or is it time for her loved ones to step up their gift-giving game? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Fed up with bad gifts? NTA, you deserve better 😊

hydrox51 | hydrox51

Woman is fed up with generic gifts, wants something thoughtful 💚

Thia_M | Thia_M

When gifts are not thoughtful, they just say, 'I am fulfilling my gift giving obligation' 🤔

NoGifts28 | NoGifts28

Feeling unappreciated for gift giving? NTA for returning gifts.

dizmalette | dizmalette

Heartwarming story of daughter's thoughtful gifts 😍

amateurRN | amateurRN

Feeling unappreciated for gift giving efforts during Christmas 😢

distracted_x | distracted_x

Feeling unappreciated by family, woman buys own gifts. NTA 💯

missadechoco | missadechoco

Navigating different love languages in gift-giving can be challenging. Some people may not understand the significance of gifts to others, but it's important to communicate your needs without expecting them to change. Asking for gift receipts and being thankful for what you receive can also help.

ScammerC | ScammerC

Fed up with generic gifts, allergic to polyester, and loves buttons 💎

Woodpecker9001 | Woodpecker9001

Thoughtful gift-giving is a basic courtesy 🙏

ShotBarracuda6 | ShotBarracuda6

OP's gift expectations are reasonable, but reaction is extreme. ESH.

WritPositWrit | WritPositWrit

Gifts are personalized, but OP feels left out. 😔

Herefiraita | Herefiraita

NTA suggests giving dollar store puzzles as revenge. 😂

getjicky | getjicky

Commenter sympathizes with OP's gift struggles, shares their own experiences. 😊

Bryek | Bryek

Setting boundaries is not being spoiled, it's self-care. 🙌

PurpleDot0 | PurpleDot0

Receiving gifts doesn't mean you owe them anything 🙄

throwaway15081979 | throwaway15081979

Discussing gift preferences with your spouse can lead to compromise. 👍

Flashthenthundr | Flashthenthundr

Choosing self-care over guilt: relatable and empowering 🙌

princesszelda_29 | princesszelda_29

Navigating gift-giving can be tricky, but communication is key 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman returns gifts and receives support from SIL 👍

Continuity-whore13 | Continuity-whore13

Gift-giving woes: Practical gifts or thoughtful tokens? 🤔

Cuss10 | Cuss10

NTA. Relatable gift-giving struggles and helpful suggestions. 💡

wichtwood | wichtwood

Struggling to receive thoughtful gifts? You're not alone! 😍

TealHousewife | TealHousewife

Don't let bad gift-givers ruin gift-giving for everyone. 🎁

jenonandon | jenonandon

Is it okay to send a Christmas list as an adult? 🤔

ladycousland | ladycousland

One person's NTA Christmas revenge with cheap gifts 🎁

DubiousPeoplePleaser | DubiousPeoplePleaser

Gifts from 2009? 🤢 OP is NTA for returning them.

moxymoxalone | moxymoxalone

Fed up with terrible gifts, woman takes matters into own hands 🙌

Ophyria | Ophyria

NTA! Commenter shares their relatable experience with gift giving.

Natinxa | Natinxa

Communication is key! 🗣️ Let them know how you feel.

ladyk1487 | ladyk1487

When gift-giving goes wrong 😕 NTA returns all gifts

thekrodinator | thekrodinator

Gifts are my love language! 🎁 NTA, I feel you.

SweetSue67 | SweetSue67

Gift giving gone wrong: A relatable struggle for hobbyists 😢

Ars_Are_Beast | Ars_Are_Beast

Woman shares her experience with gift-giving and recommends a book.

Ok_Ad_6626 | Ok_Ad_6626

Receiving impersonal gifts is disheartening, NTA for buying own gifts 😔

roachsgirl | roachsgirl

Gifts that don't match your personality? Relatable AF 😂

Kaedenyo | Kaedenyo

Unfair treatment from MIL at Christmas, NTA for stopping gifts 🙏

Chowderhead1 | Chowderhead1

Fed up with bad gifts, NTA opts out of gift-giving.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fed up with thoughtless gifts, woman buys her own. 🙌

StarQueen420 | StarQueen420

Gift-giving trauma: NTA for buying own gifts. 😢

vereynaace | vereynaace

Relatable NTA comment about gift giving struggles. 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Treat yourself this Christmas! 🎄😍


Standing up for yourself is hard, but necessary. 💪

GroovyQueen67 | GroovyQueen67

Fed up with bad gifts, woman returns all and buys own 😎

ImaginaryImagery | ImaginaryImagery

Shared wishlists exist for a reason 🙄 #NTA

Tinawebmom | Tinawebmom

Standing up for herself and getting Bones coffee recommendations ☕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gift-giving struggles: NTA returns gifts for cash and self-care 😍

shades-of-gray312 | shades-of-gray312

Gifted cheap perfume sets despite asthma, NTA returns gifts. 🙏

Gege9000 | Gege9000

Taking control of gift-giving: empowering or ungrateful? 🤔

coypaws | coypaws

Expert gifter supports woman buying her own gifts. Communicate preferences. 👍

UsefulCauliflower3 | UsefulCauliflower3

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