Home Baker Refuses to Go Nut-Free 🍰🥜: A Birthday Cake Dilemma

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Baking enthusiasts, we've got a story for you! 🎂 Imagine being a talented home baker who loves sharing your creations with friends and family. You're known for your delicious nut-based recipes, and your cakes are a hit at birthday parties. But what happens when a not-so-close friend requests a nut-free cake for her child's party, and you're just not feeling it? 🤔 Well, that's exactly the situation one baker found themselves in, and it sparked quite the debate. Let's dive into the original story...

A Baker's Passion 🍰

gloru189 | gloru189

Nutty Creations 🥜

gloru189 | gloru189

Birthday Cake Success 🎂

gloru189 | gloru189

Another Cake Request 🙏

gloru189 | gloru189

The Nut-Free Dilemma 🚫🥜

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Flavor Compromise? 😕

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Nut Alternatives ❓

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Chocolate Cake Instead? 🍫

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Sticking to the Original 🥜

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The Argument Heats Up 🔥

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Baker's Stand 🚫

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Comparing Requests 🧐

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The Final Word 📞

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Feeling Bad 😔

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The Baker's Thoughts 💭

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The Great Nut-Free Cake Debate: Who's Right? 🤷

So there you have it, folks! A home baker who loves their nutty creations is faced with a request for a nut-free cake, and they're just not feeling it. 🥜🚫 The not-so-close friend isn't happy when the baker refuses, and tensions rise. The baker feels bad for the child who loved their cake, but they're standing their ground. Who do you think is in the right here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this cake conundrum... 🍰💬

Lost_Manner8942 | Lost_Manner8942

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

GlaxenFlux | GlaxenFlux

Baker refuses nut-free request, commenters support decision 🍰🚫🥜

bubbalooski | bubbalooski

Debate on whether OP is the a**hole for refusing nut-free cake

Imaginary-Aioli | Imaginary-Aioli

ForeverNugu | ForeverNugu

Baking for the whole neighborhood? NTA, set boundaries 👐

00Lisa00 | 00Lisa00

OP offered to make a cake, not free catering 😒

acidicjew_ | acidicjew_

Baking a signature cake for a friend's daughter: act of love or cake vending machine? NTA

capmanor1755 | capmanor1755

Baker refuses to go nut-free, sparks ESH debate 🍰🥜

seahawk1977 | seahawk1977

Baker refuses nut-free cake, commenters debate entitlement 🎂🥜

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

Baking boundaries: Home bakers vs. cake stores 🥜

iprobablywonttbh | iprobablywonttbh

Home baker stands firm on nut policy 🍰🥜

APawneeInstitution | APawneeInstitution

Baker refuses to go nut-free, sparks debate on allergies 🤔

rattpack18 | rattpack18

Baking is a passion, not an obligation. NTA 👐

FatalExceptionError | FatalExceptionError

Baker refuses to go nut-free for unpaid cake, NTA.

Kagato_NZ | Kagato_NZ

Getting paid or not, it's your call to go nut-free 👍

Allmyownviews1 | Allmyownviews1

NTA! OP has no obligation to make any cake requested.

lily23222 | lily23222

Commenter defends baker's choice, calls out entitled behavior 🍰

DaffodilsAndRain | DaffodilsAndRain

Baker refuses to go nut-free for free cake. NTA.

TravelBeneficial2424 | TravelBeneficial2424

Friend demands nut-free cake, internet says NTA 🤩

dirtylarry08 | dirtylarry08

Baker chooses not to go nut-free, avoids cross-contamination risk. NTA.

Plenty_Metal_1304 | Plenty_Metal_1304

Allergic to coconut but still NTA? Let's discuss 🤔

hibiskus42 | hibiskus42

Home baker stands up for their rights amidst nut allergy drama 🍰🥜

Canevar | Canevar

Saying no is always an option 👍

beetree23 | beetree23

Baker defends love for nuts and hobby against entitled acquaintance.

glindathewoodglitch | glindathewoodglitch

Baker stands up for herself, NTA for not going nut-free 👍

RipleyB | RipleyB

Baking for acquaintances: obligation or choice? NTA says no.

An-Empty-Road | An-Empty-Road

Baker stands their ground, comment section finds humor in situation 🍰🥜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Baker stands up for herself against unreasonable nut-free request 🥜

AKA_June_Monroe | AKA_June_Monroe

Friendship on the line over nut-free cake. YTA verdict.

Lennylove1993 | Lennylove1993

Baker stands their ground, but is called a 'bit of a dick' for not going nut-free 🤪

Danish_Sissy_Use_me | Danish_Sissy_Use_me

Home baker declines nut-free request due to cross-contamination risk 🤷‍♂️

Ok-Meaning-1307 | Ok-Meaning-1307

Home baker and mom both have valid points. ESH.

Embarrassed-Storm-25 | Embarrassed-Storm-25

Home baker defends right to bake what she wants. NTA 👍

Ksjonesy2418 | Ksjonesy2418

Miscommunication leads to NAH verdict in nut-free cake debate 🥜

Spongebosch | Spongebosch

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