Bride-to-Be Wants to Cancel Wedding Over Groom's Refusal to Pay for Extra Guests 😱💔

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Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love, but sometimes, they can turn into a battleground. 😬💔 Meet our groom (27M) and his fiancée (25F), who have spent 7 beautiful years together and are now planning their big day. They've been splitting expenses based on their salaries, with the groom covering 67% and the bride 33%. But when it comes to the wedding budget, things get a little more complicated... 🎩👰

The Couple's Financial Arrangement 🤑

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Wedding Planning Begins 📝

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The Guest List Dilemma 📋

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Parents' Friends and Work Colleagues 🤷

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Groom's Financial Stance 💸

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Wedding Presents and Love 💝

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Bride's Reaction 😡

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Clarifications 📚

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Appreciation and Financial Details 🙏

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Wedding Plans on the Rocks 🌩️

So, our groom is standing firm on not paying for the extra guests his bride-to-be wants to invite, and she's not happy about it. In fact, she's so upset that she wants to cancel the wedding altogether! 😱 With emotions running high, it's unclear how this wedding drama will unfold. Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 🍿👀

NTA. It's their wedding, her parents should pay for extra guests 👍

Relevant-Position-43 | Relevant-Position-43

Being too strict with money can harm relationships in the long run 😬

OutlandishnessOk2552 | OutlandishnessOk2552

Engaged couple struggles with wedding budget and guest list 💔

Kind-Philosopher1 | Kind-Philosopher1

User suggests YTA for drawing a financial line and proposes a love party as a backup plan. Replies agree and find compromise reasonable.

SunnyRose57 | SunnyRose57

Bridezilla wants to split wedding costs, but is it really about family and friends?

FunOnAita | FunOnAita

Financially divided marriages are never a good sign 😔

Wooden_Area_3393 | Wooden_Area_3393

Bride wants extra guests, groom refuses. Commenter says YTA for being transactional.

amazonstar | amazonstar

Bride-to-be wants to cancel wedding over groom's refusal to pay for extra guests 😬. Commenters debate who's the a**hole (YTA vs NTA)

Bluefrenchy | Bluefrenchy

Bride wants extra guests, but is YTA? Commenter offers insight 😊

big_bob_c | big_bob_c

Wedding expenses causing a rift? 💔 NTA, but compromising is key.

Free_Ad_7708 | Free_Ad_7708

Bride's parents want extra guests, groom refuses. NTA stands firm.

Scarlettohara1605 | Scarlettohara1605

Bridezilla wants extra guests, groom refuses. Commenter advises equality.

Mysterious_Bridge_61 | Mysterious_Bridge_61

Couple needs to address real issue instead of fighting over money 💰

rosered936 | rosered936

Compromise is key in wedding planning 👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻

fromhelley | fromhelley

Bride wants to invite distant relatives, parents want coworkers. Awkward. YTA for relatives, NTA for parents' guests. 💍

pinkpuffballs | pinkpuffballs

Bride stands up for herself, demands fairness from in-laws 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Math and money don't always mix, even in relationships 💰

myraleemyrtlewood | myraleemyrtlewood

Don't be like OP, weddings are not transactions 🚫

Mental-Ocelot5466 | Mental-Ocelot5466

Commenter hilariously calls out groom's control issues. YTA. 😂

3username20charactrz | 3username20charactrz

Commenter calls out OP's unhealthy obsession with money and advises to prioritize relationship over finances. 👍

Justpassingthru63 | Justpassingthru63

Bride's pride is getting in the way of a solution 🙅

ElectroStaticSpeaker | ElectroStaticSpeaker

Bride-to-be wants strangers at wedding, groom disagrees over money 💰

Andie787 | Andie787

Weddings are about love, not showing off. NTA for reasonable approach 👍

danniDaAce | danniDaAce

Groom lays down the law, commenters call him YTA 😱

Bae_Mes | Bae_Mes

Suggests a compromise for bride-to-be's wedding dilemma 👯🏻🎉

mak-ina-myn | mak-ina-myn

Bridezilla wants to exclude groom's family, gets called out. 🤯

amphibbian | amphibbian

Money matters in a marriage. 💰 But it's a team effort. 👪

thisisstupid98765 | thisisstupid98765

Commenter warns groom-to-be of financial ruin and advises therapy.

KittiesLove1 | KittiesLove1

Wedding planning or contract negotiation? Split guest list evenly. 💍

stroppo | stroppo

Commenter calls out OP for being petty and transactional. 🤷🏻‍♀️

AdEmpty4390 | AdEmpty4390

Compromise is key for wedding planning. Don't nickel and dime. 💔

Impressive_Cat_530 | Impressive_Cat_530

Don't let a guest list ruin your wedding day 💔

HappySleepy2121 | HappySleepy2121

Commenter calls out OP's inconsistency in wedding planning finances 👏

lestrangerface | lestrangerface

Wedding guest list drama: bridezilla or reasonable request? 😱

RetroKida | RetroKida

Is the groom being stingy or practical? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Starting a marriage by nickel and diming? 💍💰 Practice generosity instead.

RumoredOf | RumoredOf

Balancing practicality and sympathy in wedding planning, NTA but reconsider.

hanbnanAU | hanbnanAU

Wedding guests can make or break your special day 💔

FirstSpace4560 | FirstSpace4560

Bride-to-be wants bigger wedding, but is OP the a**hole for refusing?

llama_problems | llama_problems

Don't let money dictate your wedding, compromise and show love 💕

Confident_Storm_4884 | Confident_Storm_4884

Bridezilla sets guest limit based on her own selfishness. YTA.

lifetooshort4bs | lifetooshort4bs

Groom's financial concerns and contradictions about wedding expenses 🤔

Europeangirl101 | Europeangirl101

Bride's request for extra guests: cultural tradition or showing off? 🤔

AliMcGraw | AliMcGraw

Compromise is key! 🤝 Don't let money ruin your love 💕

750more | 750more

Bride threatens to cancel wedding over extra guests. NTA offers advice.

ReluctantVegetarian | ReluctantVegetarian

Save the money, skip the extras, and don't invite acquaintances. NTA 👍

Tasty-Work | Tasty-Work

Commenter questions frugality in light of wedding drama 😕

Velvis | Velvis

Bridezilla? Commenter calls out bride-to-be for canceling wedding over extra guests

bbcanadalover | bbcanadalover

Communication is key in marriage 💋👨‍👩‍👦👄

bmidontcare | bmidontcare

Commenter suggests prenup to protect groom's assets. 👍

cal_nevari | cal_nevari

Communicate and negotiate until you find a middle ground 👍

Cherry_clafoutis | Cherry_clafoutis

Commenter calls out groom's behavior, doubts wedding will happen. 🤔

Guess_What_I_Think | Guess_What_I_Think

Understand the reason behind her guest list and find alternatives. 🙏🏻

BiofilmWarrior | BiofilmWarrior

Compromise is key 👍. Split costs for mutual guests, pay separately for others.

MaddogOfLesbos | MaddogOfLesbos

Is it just about the cost or being a supportive partner? 🙂

Right-Row6744 | Right-Row6744

Suggests a compromise for bride and groom's wedding guest list 👍

Hinnanymous | Hinnanymous

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