Man Refuses to Pay for Friend's Wife's Meals Anymore, Sparks Outrage 😲

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We've all been in situations where splitting the bill has caused some tension, but this one takes the cake! 🍰 A man (28M) has been meeting up with his two friends, Dee (27F) and Tommy (29M), for regular meals since middle school. After the pandemic, Dee stopped working, and Tommy began insisting on splitting the bill two ways, essentially making the man pay for half of Dee's meals. But when they went to a fancier restaurant, the man had enough and confronted Tommy. The situation escalated, and now Tommy is accusing him of being embarrassing and not being a 'real man'. 🙄

Longtime Friends' Dinner Tradition 🍽️

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

Post-Pandemic Changes 🦠

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

The Bill Splitting Issue 💸

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

Letting It Slide... For a While 😕

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

A Fancy Restaurant and a Breaking Point 🍷

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

Doing the Math 🧮

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

Tommy's Outrage 😡

jamestheshameless | jamestheshameless

A Snappy Comeback 🤭

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Paying and Leaving 🚶

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Realizing a Pattern 🤔

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Embarrassment or Justified? The Internet Weighs In 🧐

So, our protagonist is left wondering if he was in the wrong for confronting Tommy about the bill-splitting issue in front of Dee. He's open to criticism for his snappy comeback, but is he really the bad guy for wanting to pay his fair share? 🤷 Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 💬

choppyfloppy8 | choppyfloppy8

NTA for not wanting to pay for friend's unemployed wife's meals 👏

ShowUsYaNungas | ShowUsYaNungas

Petty revenge ideas for splitting the bill. NTA approved. 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

madelinegumbo | madelinegumbo

NTA for not paying friend's wife's meals, she's a fully functioning adult.

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

tatersprout | tatersprout

pfashby | pfashby

Vegetarian friend refuses to pay for surf and turf, sparks outrage 😲

Bulldog1836 | Bulldog1836

Splitting the bill with friends? NTA for not paying more.

westerlies_abound | westerlies_abound

Commenter calls out friend's entitlement, sparks agreement and frustration 🤯

dr0gonsB1tch | dr0gonsB1tch

Friend's wife mooching off third party, NTA for speaking up 😊

NeatCasual | NeatCasual

Don't be a mug! NTA for refusing to pay anymore 😊

mygreyangel | mygreyangel

Man refuses to pay for friend's wife's meals. People support him.

RakeishSPV | RakeishSPV

Friend's wife doesn't work, but they expected free meals? NTA 👏

EchoesInTheAbyss | EchoesInTheAbyss

Splitting the bill? NTA for not paying for friend's wife 😏

penguin_squeak | penguin_squeak

Setting boundaries with friends' spouses, NTA 👍

AshlynM2 | AshlynM2

Debate on proper etiquette for paying for meals sparks outrage 😠

Apprehensive_Rich556 | Apprehensive_Rich556

Supportive comment encourages man to stand up for himself and boundaries 💪

Full_Prune7491 | Full_Prune7491

Splitting meals by person is fair and reasonable 👍

nanicklesg | nanicklesg

Pay for your own wife's meals, Tommy. NTA, less conflict.

Willing-Panic1908 | Willing-Panic1908

No more free meals for friend's wife. NTA sparks outrage 😲

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Friend's wife can't pay for meals, NTA for refusing. 😊

B_S_C | B_S_C

Taking care of your spouse's bill is a sign of respect 😍

Deana-Marie | Deana-Marie

Friend refuses to split meals equally, sparks outrage among commenters 😱

Mishy162 | Mishy162

Friend's wife mooching off meals, NTA for cutting them off 😒

molested-by-oprah | molested-by-oprah

Friend's wife's meals causing financial strain, NTA for refusing payment 👍

PhysicsFornicator | PhysicsFornicator

Splitting the bill? 🤔 NTA suggests a simple solution.

Misha220 | Misha220

Friendship and money don't mix, but calling her property was wrong 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend's wife's meals, NTA. But unclear how friends reacted. 😐

maybe2024 | maybe2024

Friend refuses to pay for friend's wife, sparks outrage. NTA.

bunny_cannon | bunny_cannon

Friend's wife takes advantage of him, he stops paying. NTA.

Prize_Fox_9163 | Prize_Fox_9163

User defends not paying for friend's wife's meals, sparks support 👍

Margfarg | Margfarg

Splitting the bill fairly - NTA sparks outrage 😲

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

NTA! Justified to speak up about abuse. Reminder: husband pays wife.

Ok-Yogurtcloset-6955 | Ok-Yogurtcloset-6955

Friend's wife's meals causing rift, commenter supports OP's decision.

JuicyFruuit | JuicyFruuit

Friend's wife shouldn't be your responsibility. NTA 👍

alicethewriter | alicethewriter

IThinkNot87 | IThinkNot87

Setting a precedent, NTA sparks cool reactions 😎

DoesntLikeTurtles | DoesntLikeTurtles

Splitting bills? Not the a**hole, but communication is key 🤔

Sudden_Rooster9609 | Sudden_Rooster9609

Friend's wife shouldn't expect free meals, NTA for setting boundaries 👍

zeeniemeanie | zeeniemeanie

Friend refuses to pay for spouse's meals, sparks debate. NTA.

BandicootFlat5838 | BandicootFlat5838

Empowering response to outdated gender roles 💪

Master_Blaster6331 | Master_Blaster6331

Friend's masculinity fragile, NTA for not paying wife's meals 😎

Jellygnite | Jellygnite

Friend's wife not your responsibility. NTA sparks outrage 😲

Mina_Harker22 | Mina_Harker22

Assertive solution to awkward meal situations 😊

Serious-Falcon-9678 | Serious-Falcon-9678

Dee gets caught in a money feud, but who's right? 🤔

AggravatingReveal397 | AggravatingReveal397

Friend's wife mooching meals? NTA puts his foot down 💪

thebaker53 | thebaker53

Friend's wife eats for free, man stops paying, sparks outrage 😱

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

Friend expects OP to pay for HIS wife's meals? 🤔

Beneficial-Baseball1 | Beneficial-Baseball1

Gender roles and financial responsibility spark debate 🤔

DoraTina626 | DoraTina626

Roommate offers to pay for meals occasionally, but not expected. 🍽️

Dapper_Highlighter7 | Dapper_Highlighter7

Friend's husband tries to guilt him into paying for meals. NTA.

garrettf04 | garrettf04

NTA refuses to pay for friend's wife's meals, sparks outrage 😲

ImaginaryAnts | ImaginaryAnts

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries is NTA 👏

The_Amazing_Username | The_Amazing_Username

Fair to not split bill 50/50 with friend's spouse 👍

Used_Mark_7911 | Used_Mark_7911

Unemployment doesn't entitle anyone to money from your wallet 💸

barefacedblonde | barefacedblonde

Splitting the bill is fair, but respect your friend's wife 👭

candlestick_maker76 | candlestick_maker76

Friend's wife's meals no more: NTA sparks outrage 😲

Not_really1010 | Not_really1010

Friend's entitlement to free meals sparks outrage. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friends expect entitlement; risking friendship to speak up. NTA.

Icy_Curmudgeon | Icy_Curmudgeon

Setting boundaries and sparking outrage? You're not the a**hole! 😎

lh1647 | lh1647

Gender norms questioned in meal payment, sparks outrage

Dry-Spring5230 | Dry-Spring5230

Friend's wife mooching off meals, commenter says NTA 😎

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Friend refuses to pay for wife's meals, commenter shares relatable experience. 😍

Kiwikid14 | Kiwikid14

Friends mooching off you? NTA for cutting them off 👍

RictusDicktus | RictusDicktus

Friend's wife mooching off you? NTA for cutting them off 👍

The_Blue_Adept | The_Blue_Adept

Friend's wife won't be eating for free anymore, NTA 👍

Awks-Flamingo-Jordan | Awks-Flamingo-Jordan

Friend refuses to pay for wife's meals, sparks debate 🤔

VengeanceTheKnight | VengeanceTheKnight

Separate checks avoid awkwardness and misunderstandings 👍

Starlight92_ | Starlight92_

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