Bride-to-Be Battles Ghost of Fiancé's Past: Wedding Hijacked by Late Ex-Girlfriend? 😱💔

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Wedding planning should be a time of joy and excitement, but for one bride-to-be, it's become a haunting experience. Her fiancé's high school sweetheart tragically passed away six years ago, and now it seems her memory is overshadowing their big day. From family members constantly bringing up the late ex-girlfriend, Mandy, to her fiancé wanting to include a tribute to her in their wedding, this bride is struggling to keep her cool. 😰💔

The Tragic Backstory

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The Haunting Begins

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Dress Shopping Disaster

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Mandy's Memory Takes Over

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A Tribute to Mandy?

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The Bride's Breaking Point

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Not Enough?

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A Surprise for Mandy's Parents

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Losing Her Cool

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A Plea to the Family

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Time Apart

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Update: Wedding Postponed

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Couples Therapy

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Family Apologies

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Moving Forward

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Wedding on Hold: Can Love Conquer Ghosts of the Past? 👻💔

After reaching her breaking point, our bride-to-be has decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely. She and her fiancé are now seeking couples therapy to work through the issues surrounding Mandy's memory. His family has apologized for their part in the situation, but the relationship with her future mother-in-law may have been strained. Will love conquer all, or will the ghost of Mandy's memory continue to haunt this couple's future? 💔👰🤵‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotional rollercoaster...

Bride-to-be refuses to commemorate fiancé's late ex-girlfriend at wedding 💍

Hoodratshit1212 | Hoodratshit1212

Bride-to-be devastated over fiancé's late ex-girlfriend's presence at wedding 😢

Jentardis | Jentardis

Escape while you still can! 😱

deegameg000 | deegameg000

Bride-to-be competes with late ex-girlfriend for wedding spotlight. NTA.

succuw1tch | succuw1tch

Bride-to-be feels like a replacement for fiancé's late girlfriend. Reconsidering wedding.

woahysenia | woahysenia

Competing with a saint. Fiancé needs to understand boundaries. 🙏

pgbaby08 | pgbaby08

Don't let the ghost of his past haunt your future 💔

berrypoof | berrypoof

Support for widowed commenter, condemnation for fiancée's behavior. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Put the wedding on hold, SO needs therapy to heal 🙏

HughJefincock | HughJefincock

Red flag alert! 🚩 NTA commenter expresses concern over fiancé's past.

theangryprof | theangryprof

Moving on from the past: NTA comment encourages bride-to-be

antney0615 | antney0615

Bride-to-be's wedding hijacked by late ex-girlfriend? Red flags abound. 😱

BluebellRails | BluebellRails

SirCoalBear | SirCoalBear

Bride-to-be's wedding hijacked by late ex-girlfriend's ghost? NTA suggests counseling

dog_star_ | dog_star_

Wizdom_108 | Wizdom_108

Wedding drama over memorial table and deceased ex-girlfriend. 😬

DubsAnd49ers | DubsAnd49ers

Dramatic advice: ditch the fiancé and avoid wedding drama. 😱

dbhalberg | dbhalberg

Honesty is the best policy. NTA, talk it out 👍

Wardog008 | Wardog008

Fiancé's unresolved past causing trouble for bride-to-be. 😱

PettyCrocker_ | PettyCrocker_

A haunting comment with no replies.

0squatNcough0 | 0squatNcough0

Fiancé's family keeps bringing up his late ex-girlfriend. 🙄

almostdonestudent | almostdonestudent

Heartbreaking truth: You're a replacement. Take a break. 😢

PebelZe | PebelZe

Fiancé's obsession with late ex-girlfriend: NTA for feeling uncomfortable. 😱

goldenopal42 | goldenopal42

Couples counseling recommended for bride-to-be and fiancé. 👨👩💔

Most_Goat | Most_Goat

Not the a**hole, but what's the story behind the ex-girlfriend?

i-like-reddit12 | i-like-reddit12

Wedding may not be right if groom's family still attached to ex.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a permanent placeholder for someone's ex. #NTA 👍

OGGeekin | OGGeekin

Supportive comment urges therapy for fiancé's unresolved past trauma. 👍

momosams2020 | momosams2020

Bottling up emotions is never a good idea 🤐

So--It--Goes | So--It--Goes

Commenter advises to run from potential wedding disaster 🚩

PuffyPinkCow1 | PuffyPinkCow1

Commenter takes neutral stance on bride-to-be's situation.

germophobe123 | germophobe123

Supportive comment advises bride-to-be to have a calm conversation with fiancé.

social_sloot | social_sloot

Wedding drama: Ex-SO invited to wedding? NTA stands up.

CommunistBeaner | CommunistBeaner

Fiancé's late ex-girlfriend hijacks wedding? You're not overreacting. 😱

somebasicho | somebasicho

Empathize with family, but bride deserves her own dream wedding. 👰🏻👰🏻

Street-Pepper-1406 | Street-Pepper-1406

Supportive comment applauds bride-to-be for standing up for herself 👏

poppunk_andpizza | poppunk_andpizza

Family's grief over late ex-girlfriend causing wedding drama. NTA bride-to-be.

pugfacekillaaa | pugfacekillaaa

Partner's past causing wedding drama - commenter advises setting boundaries.

tidbitsofblah | tidbitsofblah

Set boundaries before marriage. Will he name your daughter Mandy? 😱

711sucksass | 711sucksass

Wedding plans on hold. 🛑 Counselor needed to move on.

InactiveJumper | InactiveJumper

Empathetic comment supports bride-to-be struggling with past relationship.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding should celebrate love, not mourn exes. Put planning on hold.

veggiezombie1 | veggiezombie1

Competing with a ghost? Not a fair fight. 👻

GoodLyfe42 | GoodLyfe42

Encouraging suggestion for troubled relationship. 💑

cpx284 | cpx284

Bride-to-be stands up for herself against fiancé's ex-girlfriend 👏

Aeon1508 | Aeon1508

Compassionate comment suggests postponing wedding due to fiancé's grief.

ElizabethIsabelle | ElizabethIsabelle

A tasteless comment about a bride-to-be's late fiancé's ex-girlfriend.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride-to-be's wedding hijacked by late ex-girlfriend's memory. Commenter advises to put the wedding on hold.

cautiousoptimzm | cautiousoptimzm

Commenter is NTA, but what about the ghostly ex-girlfriend? 👻

eleanor_savage | eleanor_savage

KittyKiitos | KittyKiitos

Animeandkpop4life | Animeandkpop4life

blargnblah | blargnblah

Third person's ghost in relationship, postpone marriage for therapy. 🙏

IriaOfMice | IriaOfMice

Take control of your big day! You're not the a**hole.

wacko-warlock | wacko-warlock

Wedding hijacked by late ex-girlfriend? NTA suggests counseling and boundaries.

MissLyss12 | MissLyss12

Commenter shocked by bride-to-be's situation, no further discussion.

xaqss | xaqss

Supportive commenters side with bride-to-be against ex-girlfriend's ghost.

accarms | accarms

Fiancé's unresolved past with ex-girlfriend causing wedding drama. NTA advice.

ILoatheCailou | ILoatheCailou

Supportive comment defends bride-to-be's dream wedding. 🙌

SisterWicked | SisterWicked

Wedding in jeopardy? NTA advises bride-to-be to call it off 😱

chelsearar | chelsearar

Fiancé struggling with loss of ex-girlfriend, therapy could help 💔

The_Techie_Chef | The_Techie_Chef

Navigating grief and wedding planning. Communication is key 💬❤️

A_Daft_Giraffe | A_Daft_Giraffe

Wedding or memorial? Commenter questions bride-to-be's motives. 😕

666POD | 666POD

Honoring the memory of a deceased ex-SO: NTA

k_princess | k_princess

Bride-to-be struggles with fiancé's past. NTA comment offers advice.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding is about you and him, not his late ex-girlfriend. NTA 👍

dh55055 | dh55055

Leave now! 🚫 It's an unhealthy situation. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let the ghost of his ex ruin your wedding day. 👰🏻🎓

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suspects groom-to-be is not over ex-girlfriend. 🤔

TheFatSlobWally570 | TheFatSlobWally570

Moving on from a late partner is difficult, NTA.

perditatops | perditatops

Fiancé's unresolved grief hijacks wedding plans. NTA for concern. 😟

mortuarybarbue | mortuarybarbue

Fiancé's lingering attachment to deceased ex-girlfriend causing wedding distress 😔

Medium_Person | Medium_Person

neener691 | neener691

Fiancé's unresolved past jeopardizes wedding and future together. 💔

throwaway858374 | throwaway858374

Don't let the ghost of the past hijack your wedding day 💔

Nucks1994 | Nucks1994

Set boundaries with fiance's family before wedding planning. 👍

nippitybibble | nippitybibble

Fiancé's past causing trouble. NTA suggests putting wedding on hold.

vlsewell | vlsewell

Wedding on hold? Counseling needed. Obsession is not love. 💔

dormdorm | dormdorm

Wedding hijacked by late ex-girlfriend? NTA takes a stand. 🙌

randomnurse | randomnurse

Wedding drama with a 'Rebecca' twist. Not the a**hole.

CherryAlmondGirl | CherryAlmondGirl

Forsake all others, even the ghost of fiancé's past. 💔

llorandosefue1 | llorandosefue1

Let him go, it's your wedding day! 👰🏻👰🏻

ShamyJane | ShamyJane

Bride-to-be struggles with late fiancé's ex-girlfriend hijacking wedding day. 💔

spotted_dragon | spotted_dragon

Fiancé's family sees ex-girlfriend in bride-to-be. NTA stands up.

Mkg102216 | Mkg102216

Commenter suggests bride-to-be is a second choice for fiancé 🤔

willaminat | willaminat

A simple message of hope and luck for the bride-to-be.

HeadBonk | HeadBonk

Respectful NTA comment declines involvement with haunted love triangle. 🚫

Quetzacoatyl77 | Quetzacoatyl77

You're a placeholder for his ex-girlfriend. Don't marry him. 💔

Savingskitty | Savingskitty

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