Dream House Turns into Nightmare: Family Fraud Shatters Couple's Plans 😱

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Imagine saving up for years to buy your dream house with your partner, only to have your plans shattered by a shocking discovery. That's exactly what happened to this couple when they found out that a family member had been secretly using the boyfriend's credit card, causing his credit score to plummet. Now, they're faced with a difficult decision: pursue fraud charges against the family member or delay their dreams for years. 😔💔

Dream House in Sight 🏠

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Mortgage Troubles 😨

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Mysterious Credit Card Activity 🕵️‍♀️

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Family Fraud Uncovered 😱

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Debt and Default 💸

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Sneaky Spending 🛍️

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Diverting the Blame 📬

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Two Tough Choices 🤔

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Dreams Delayed ⏳

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Devastating Impact 😢

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Silent Suffering 🤐

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Pushing for Justice ⚖️

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The Moral Dilemma 🔄

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Justice or Family Loyalty: What Would You Choose? 🤔

This couple's dream of owning a house and starting a family has been derailed by a family member's fraudulent actions. With their future plans hanging in the balance, they must decide whether to pursue fraud charges or silently pay off the debt and delay their dreams for years. The boyfriend prefers to avoid conflict, but the girlfriend is pushing for justice. What would you do in their shoes? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭

Partner willing to pay debt, but is it worth the risk? 🤔

dauphineep | dauphineep

Victim of family fraud shares experience and advises to report fraud. 🚨

zadidoll | zadidoll

Partner's spinelessness jeopardizes relationship. NTA for considering leaving.

4thxtofollowtherules | 4thxtofollowtherules

Heartless thief ruins couple's dream home and future together 😢

RhubarbDiva | RhubarbDiva

NTA but it's time to prioritize your future together 👍

uhno28 | uhno28

Family member stole credit card, NTA for suing and moving on 💯

Silly_philosopher_ | Silly_philosopher_

Doubts arise about the boyfriend's spending habits 🤔

sra8682 | sra8682

Expert warns of long-term consequences of paying off debt 💸

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

Betrayed by family: NTA's relationship in jeopardy 😢

believingunbeliever | believingunbeliever

Credit card companies are masters at tracking people down when they get behind on payments. And they use any phone number/address attributed past and present to you to try and find you to collect if this was in BF name then I think he may have had a small inkling of something amiss before. Something is hinkey here and not just the relative. 🤔 Also, NTA.

corgilover32000 | corgilover32000

Encouraging response to NTA comment about standing up for oneself. 💪

lincmidd | lincmidd

Fraud investigation may not be fast but can help secure loan 💰

Stoat__King | Stoat__King

Fraud not only affects BF, but couple's future. NTA

Old_Blue_Haired_Lady | Old_Blue_Haired_Lady

Partner's identity stolen and he won't confront the thief. NTA 👎

lkbird8 | lkbird8

Supportive reply warns of relationship impact. 😔

jammy913 | jammy913

Stay organized and protect yourself from fraud with these tips! 👍

embracedthegrey | embracedthegrey

BF's loyalty to criminal family member jeopardizes couple's future 😱

EvieJC | EvieJC

Fraudulent couple deserves to be charged. Credit score affected for years 😱

ThelmaHorse | ThelmaHorse

NTA charges family member with fraud, worries about mom's health 😔

HousingAggressive752 | HousingAggressive752

Commenter warns against buying a house with non-spouse partner. Replies disagree.

No-Reply7070 | No-Reply7070

Family fraud shatters couple's dream house plans. NTA takes charge 💪

RamenNoodles620 | RamenNoodles620

Partner avoiding tough conversations and responsibilities. 🤔

theycallhertammi | theycallhertammi

Protect your future: leave if he won't take action 🚨

Outsidedave123 | Outsidedave123

Family steals money meant for dream house? NTA fights back 💪

batman3212009 | batman3212009

Navigating power dynamics in relationships: YTA or NAH?

IntrospectiveIso | IntrospectiveIso

Don't let a thief ruin your dreams. See your boyfriend clearly 👀

flashesOfQuincee | flashesOfQuincee

Encourage him to file a police report for identity theft 🚨

valathel | valathel

Consider applying alone if possible, or discuss options with partner 🙂

Swimming-Comfort6704 | Swimming-Comfort6704

Stand up for yourself and your partner against family fraud 💪

Electrical_Visual_68 | Electrical_Visual_68

Supportive comment defends standing up for oneself and beliefs 👏

Bloubloum | Bloubloum

Betraying family trust is worse than fraud against strangers. NTA 👍

soap---poisoning | soap---poisoning

Take control of your dream house with option 3 💪

MazeeMoo | MazeeMoo

Consider the long-term impact of your partner's family dynamics 🤔

TonarinoTotoro1719 | TonarinoTotoro1719

Commenter advises finding a stronger partner. 👨‍👩‍👦 But is that enough for happiness?

tessafer55 | tessafer55

Encouraging support for victim to take legal action against family member.

mental_out | mental_out

Partner's inaction on fraud may harm relationship and finances 🤔

DeshaMustFly | DeshaMustFly

Stand up for yourself and your future 💪

laughingsbetter | laughingsbetter

Taking a loan for a business dream is a dicey proposition 🤔

Relevant-Position-43 | Relevant-Position-43

Standing up to fraud is tough, but losing a spineless partner? NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your credit score from family fraud 💳

darklinghate | darklinghate

Buying a house with someone you're not married to: foolish?

AccioHermionesIUD | AccioHermionesIUD

Stay vigilant: Check your credit report regularly 🛡

stevenpdx66 | stevenpdx66

Standing up for yourself is important in any relationship 💪

moriquendi37 | moriquendi37

NTA suggests a fair option 3 for confronting family fraudster 👍

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

Think twice before building a future with someone who prioritizes thieves.

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Partner's betrayal leads to dream house becoming a nightmare 😱

sassymammas | sassymammas

NTA, but partner needs therapy to address conflict avoidance 🤔

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

Is it wise to buy a house with someone who tolerates fraud? 🤔

SmileyFaceLols | SmileyFaceLols

Think twice before committing to a spineless partner 🤔

PollyPocket3985 | PollyPocket3985

Fraudulent family member used boyfriend's card. NTA for pressing charges. 🙅

Seabastial | Seabastial

Boyfriend's family fraud ruins dream house plans. NTA, but leave?

RadientCrone | RadientCrone

NTA. Partner's conflict avoidance puts future plans at risk 😱

pokethejellyfish | pokethejellyfish

Partner's lack of action on fraud: potential deal breaker 😕

M3g4d37h | M3g4d37h

🤔 Is it worth being with someone who avoids conflict entirely?

sevenumbrellas | sevenumbrellas

Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. Lock down your credit 🔒

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Take control of your life plans! You're NTA 👍

tramc31 | tramc31

Stand up for yourself and your future family. 💪🏼

Maggaggie | Maggaggie

Commenter is not the a**hole in this situation 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself and your future. You deserve better! 💪

pdhot65ton | pdhot65ton

Protect your future: Confronting fraud is crucial for financial stability 💰

Suckerforcats | Suckerforcats

When family becomes the enemy 😡

SodaJefe | SodaJefe

Struggling with debt, can't get loan in own name 😢

AuntyErrma | AuntyErrma

Credit fraud delays dream home. Partner's loyalty in question 😕

dasbarr | dasbarr

Don't let conflict avoidance ruin your dream home 😱

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

👍 Standing up against fraud: NTA comment calls for justice.

jengle1970 | jengle1970

Couple's account frozen due to fraud, debt still unpaid 🤷

puddlejumper | puddlejumper

Don't rush to leave him, talk to him first 👍

whereismosfw | whereismosfw

Don't rush to judgement, have an honest conversation with your partner 👨‍👩‍👤 and consider all options 🤔

whereismosfw | whereismosfw

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