Snooping Family Stumbles Upon a Secret Hobby 😲💔

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We all have our secrets, right? 😏 But what happens when your family decides to snoop around and ends up getting their feelings hurt? One girl's hobby of creating scrapbooks has caused a massive rift in her family, and it's all because they couldn't respect her privacy. 🚪🔑 Let's dive into this dramatic tale...

The Lock on the Door 🔐

comfortable_emu_6000 | comfortable_emu_6000

The Reason for the Lock 🚪

comfortable_emu_6000 | comfortable_emu_6000

A Late Arrival 🏫

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Confrontation in the Kitchen 🗣️

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The Scrapbook Discovery 📚

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Hurt Feelings 💔

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A Heated Argument 🔥

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Not Really Siblings? 🤔

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Broken Hearts 💔

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Deserving Hurt Feelings? 😢

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Sent to Her Room 😡

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Blame Game 🎯

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Feelings and Fault 🤷

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A Family Divided by Scrapbooks 📚💔

So, the girl's secret hobby of creating scrapbooks featuring her friends and family (excluding her dad's new family) has caused quite the emotional uproar. 😱 Her dad and stepmom, Sandra, are furious and hurt, while she maintains they had no right to snoop in the first place. 😤 But who's really at fault here? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐🔥

Lock on door broken by snooping step-siblings, NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Escape plan needed for secret hobby at 16 😲

Fine_Prune_743 | Fine_Prune_743

Family snoops, finds out about secret hobby. Commenter supports OP.

Guy1124 | Guy1124

NTA. Lack of privacy is toxic. Get a lock.

dap00man | dap00man

Curious about the backstory, but NTA for setting boundaries 👍

Special_Koala_1093 | Special_Koala_1093

Respectful boundaries set, but family drama still ensues 🤷‍♂️

Legal-Criminal11111 | Legal-Criminal11111

Stepmother punishing OP for something out of their control. 👏

Affectionate_Ice_658 | Affectionate_Ice_658

Scrapbooks are like diaries, they snooped and found out. 😲

errerrr | errerrr

Scrapbooking is therapeutic. It's like reading someone's diary 💔

Specific-Succotash-8 | Specific-Succotash-8

OP is NTA but needs to tell family about secret hobby 😊

ComprehensiveBet1256 | ComprehensiveBet1256

Respect boundaries! NTA for being upset with snooping family 🙌

ProfessionalCar6255 | ProfessionalCar6255

Protect your scrapbook with a locking chest and safe 🔒. Sandra's invasion of privacy is unacceptable 👎

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Standing up to entitled behavior 💪

Ok_Muffin6500 | Ok_Muffin6500

Privacy is a right, and boundaries must be respected. 👍

MeykaMermaid | MeykaMermaid

Family drama and moving out 😔

wisebirdcaseycasey | wisebirdcaseycasey

Privacy invasion by family, NTA. Dad needs to step up.

BabyFace2020 | BabyFace2020

Empathizing with NTA's situation and waiting for freedom 🙏

Temporary-Tie-233 | Temporary-Tie-233

Invasion of privacy! NTA for keeping harmless secret 😡

alextr8005 | alextr8005

Setting boundaries with snooping family members 👍

Swampman5000 | Swampman5000

Commenter suggests getting a locking footlocker to keep things safe. NTA 😲

WA_State_Buckeye | WA_State_Buckeye

Family invades personal space, OP not the problem. 👍

Fire_or_water_kai | Fire_or_water_kai

NTA- Change the locks and teach Sandra about boundaries 👪

lostalldoubt86 | lostalldoubt86

Protect your privacy! NTA. Request the key or change locks 👍

Popular-Emu7380 | Popular-Emu7380

Get revenge on stepmothers with a Disney scrapbook 💔

sisterchromatid | sisterchromatid

Respect privacy! NTA for keeping your hobby to yourself 😎

elizabethjanet | elizabethjanet

Encouraging revenge is not the solution 😔

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Keep your scrapbooks safe and hide things they like. NTA.

Krozay420 | Krozay420

NTA OP should protect privacy and cats need better care 😲💔

Bibliovoria | Bibliovoria

Protect your privacy with a lock box 👖 and keep your hobbies safe! 😉

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

Invasion of privacy by family, seeking advice and support 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😔

none_of_this_is_ok | none_of_this_is_ok

Respect privacy! NTA comment shuts down snooping family 👏

SEV-N29 | SEV-N29

Protect your privacy with a second lock on your door 🔒

MagnificentMegan | MagnificentMegan

NTA. Privacy is important, even from family members. 🙏

Gullible-String-4616 | Gullible-String-4616

Protect your secrets! 👍 Get a new lock and hide your spare key.

ResponseMountain6580 | ResponseMountain6580

Secret hobby mistaken for satanic memorabilia, but NTA.

softcactus2 | softcactus2

Respect boundaries and privacy. Locks exist for a reason 🔒

Morrighu87 | Morrighu87

Protect your scrapbooks from snooping family members! NTA

Job_Moist | Job_Moist

Stepmom violates privacy, father oblivious. Commenter suggests role reversal.

frangipanihawaii | frangipanihawaii

Wise beyond their years 🤓

adorable__elephant | adorable__elephant

Standing up for oneself and setting boundaries. NTA 👏

12Youknowthatsright | 12Youknowthatsright

Family snoops, gets called out in scrapbook 📖🕵️‍♂️

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

A surprising and impressive hobby earns a NTA judgement.

Ladykaesong | Ladykaesong

Respect privacy, earn trust. NTA handled it like an adult 👍

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Respect privacy. NTA for having a secret hobby 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepmom gets called out for unrealistic expectations. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

No a**holes here! Share your own secret hobby 😊

GloomyPreparation831 | GloomyPreparation831

No a-hole here, but what was the hobby? 🤔

Senior-Lawfulness520 | Senior-Lawfulness520

Respect your boundaries! Keep doing your art 👏

whollyoats | whollyoats

Toxic parenting and invasion of privacy. NTA for setting boundaries.

Utopian_Idealist | Utopian_Idealist

Protect your privacy and hobbies from intrusive family members 👍

Ancient-Transition-4 | Ancient-Transition-4

Lock it up! NTA takes no blame for snooping family 🚨

Sel-Reddit | Sel-Reddit

Respect privacy, NTA. Stepsiblings snooped, got hurt, not your fault 🙏

NimueCarra | NimueCarra

Supportive comment urges OP to leave toxic household. 👏

Bruiscear | Bruiscear

Keep your hobbies private and secure 👍

fuzzy3158 | fuzzy3158

Respect boundaries and privacy, NTA for keeping secrets 👍

River_Song47 | River_Song47

A shocking comment receives no replies. 🤷‍♂️

Leannabananax3 | Leannabananax3

Scrapbook reveals family drama. NTA stands up to stepmom.

Tsushui | Tsushui

Don't snoop around if you don't want to find out 🙄

dublos | dublos

Empathetic response to invasive family situation 😞

adoglovingartteacher | adoglovingartteacher

Setting boundaries is important. Respect and privacy should be valued.

smooth_relation_744 | smooth_relation_744

Secure your secrets with a coded lock 🐚

Sea-Tea-4130 | Sea-Tea-4130

Enlist siblings to help with snooping family, NTA 👍

MiaOh | MiaOh

Deserve privacy & respect! Hope you find a better place 🙏

Complex_Couple6616 | Complex_Couple6616

Family support against secret hobbyist 👍

Miserable-Living9569 | Miserable-Living9569

Respect boundaries and privacy. Keeping scrapbooks is normal 👍

Glittering_Piano_633 | Glittering_Piano_633

Respect privacy and scrapbook with whoever you choose 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

A snooping stepmom and a messy room, but scrapbooks? 📚🤔

Shoddy_Lifeguard_852 | Shoddy_Lifeguard_852

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