Sister Refuses to Pay for Brother's Ruined PS5 😱🎮

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Living with siblings can be a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when it comes to sharing responsibilities. In this story, an 18-year-old girl finds herself in a sticky situation after her older brother's PlayStation 5 gets ruined. With her parents siding with her brother, she's left wondering if she's in the wrong for refusing to help pay for a new PS5. Let's dive into the drama and find out what happened. 😬🎢

The Family and Their Chores 🏡

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Older Brother's Messy Ways 😒

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Trash and Dishes Piling Up 🍽️

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Leaving the Mess for Him 🚮

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

The Gross Cup Situation 🥛

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Old Food and Parental Leniency 🍲

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

No More Dish Collecting 🙅‍♀️

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

The PS5 Disaster 🎮💦

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Brother's Furious Reaction 😡

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Standing Her Ground 🚫

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Parents' Opinion and Payment Request 💸

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Offering to Fix, Not Replace 🛠️

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

College Savings at Stake 🎓

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Dad Thinks It's Her Fault 🤦‍♂️

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Twin Brother's Support 🤝

aitathrowawayxx | aitathrowawayxx

Is She Really to Blame? 🤷‍♀️

Caught in a whirlwind of family drama, our protagonist is left questioning her actions. She's tired of her older brother's messy habits and stopped collecting his dishes, leading to the unfortunate PS5 incident. With her parents and brother blaming her, she refuses to pay for a new console, offering to help fix it instead. But with her college savings on the line and her twin brother's support, is she really the one at fault? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭🔥

NTA. Don't pay for your brother's negligence. Your twin has your back 👍

Vavamama | Vavamama

Don't blame the sister for the brother's lack of responsibility 😒

akoudagawaismywaifu | akoudagawaismywaifu

Don't let him bully you into taking the blame. NTA 👏

ImpossibleBop | ImpossibleBop

NTA for not paying for brother's ruined PS5. Commenters blame parents.

Aromatic-Ice-968 | Aromatic-Ice-968

PS5 ruined by water spill, NTA not offering to pay.

Santos_Dude | Santos_Dude

Commenter sympathizes with the poster and criticizes the brother's actions 😒

a-neurotypical | a-neurotypical

Room, responsibility, and ruined PS5. NTA has it covered. 😊

MillieHillie | MillieHillie

Sibling stands up to entitled brother, hopes for his future partner

Jess1eR | Jess1eR

Sibling feud over ruined PS5 leads to NTA judgement.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't enable his entitlement. NTA 👍

Mysterious-System680 | Mysterious-System680

NTA. Refuse to pay for brother's ruined PS5 due to his mess. Swap chores with him and let your parents see how long they last without clean dishes. 🙌

MissDoneWithThisShit | MissDoneWithThisShit

Brother's carelessness leads to ruined PS5, sister not at fault 😞

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Brother's filth, brother's problem. Don't pay for his mistake. 😱

Rtarara | Rtarara

Brother's entitlement and lack of responsibility for PS5 damage.

DinkyDoo531 | DinkyDoo531

Brother's PS5 ruined due to negligence, sister not responsible. NTA.

Throwawayskrskr | Throwawayskrskr

Lazy brother ruins PS5, overpays, and expects sister to pay? NTA

VonAshley | VonAshley

Brother's PS5 ruined by his own stupidity, sister not at fault 🙌

ThatThingInSpace | ThatThingInSpace

Brother's laziness costs him PS5, sister not responsible 😱

headphonetrauma | headphonetrauma

Brother ruins PS5, sister not responsible. NTA wins family feud 💪

Spliffcheeseburger | Spliffcheeseburger

Take control of your money 💰 and stand your ground. NTA

lasenorarivera | lasenorarivera

Stand up to your parents and set boundaries with your brother 💪

Calypte_A | Calypte_A

Brother's entitlement causes family conflict. NTA stands up.

RusevDayToday | RusevDayToday

Who's responsible for the ruined PS5? 🤔

Iron-Blood1300 | Iron-Blood1300

Lazy brother ruins PS5, buys from scalper, sister NTA

djternan | djternan

Commenter argues against unfair household chores division with strong language.

Jaydri | Jaydri

Sibling rivalry at its finest, but justice prevails! 💪

Jamie_inLA | Jamie_inLA

Brother blames sister for ruined PS5, but commenters agree she's NTA 👍

bimblesaurus | bimblesaurus

Sister refuses to pay for brother's PS5 after he learned a costly lesson on cleanliness 🤪

eyespy_01 | eyespy_01

Lunavixen15 | Lunavixen15

Sibling refuses to pay for brother's ruined PS5. NTA stands.

grace_face123 | grace_face123

Don't pay for brother's ruined PS5, keep money for college 💰

_Julanna | _Julanna

Don't be brainwashed into taking care of a grown man 🙅🏼

RushxInfinite | RushxInfinite

Brother ruins PS5, sister refuses to pay. NTA wins.

dragontopia | dragontopia

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be held responsible for someone else's laziness and mess 🙅

Hunnam_shadows15 | Hunnam_shadows15

Harsh criticism towards parents' enabling behavior 😕

Nomegusta111 | Nomegusta111

Stand your ground! Don't pay for his PS5 🙌

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

NTA: Sibling's entitled behavior doesn't warrant paying for PS5 damage 🙌

dellaevaine | dellaevaine

Brother's PS5 ruined by slob, but NTA for refusing payment.

kxaltli | kxaltli

Don't enable him! NTA for not paying for his carelessness 🙌

Michael_Chandra | Michael_Chandra

Toxic family? Move out ASAP! NTA 🙌

poorladlemonadestand | poorladlemonadestand

Cleaning dishes vs. paying for a ruined PS5 🤔

-dolce-zucchero- | -dolce-zucchero-

Sibling favoritism and entitlement. NTA for refusing to clean up.

Shilbilly | Shilbilly

Lesson in cleanliness: Cherish your PS5 or pay the price. 💦🚫

Boss_It_Wasnt_Me | Boss_It_Wasnt_Me

Sibling chore strike as revenge? Not the a**hole! 😎

browsinanon | browsinanon

Clean your room and keep electronics safe. 👍

gringaellie | gringaellie

Sibling refuses to pay for ruined PS5. NTA. Call out parents.

seba_make | seba_make

Don't be a pushover! Stand your ground against entitled siblings 🖕🖕

sleepypandacub | sleepypandacub

Sibling drama over ruined PS5, commenter defends NTA stance 🤷‍♀️

AdderWibble | AdderWibble

Sibling rivalry at its finest. 💦🎮

kdkincaid | kdkincaid

Fair point, sharing responsibilities is key to avoiding conflicts 👍

vrcraftauthor | vrcraftauthor

Sibling entitlement and responsibility debated over ruined PS5 😱🎮

adragon02 | adragon02

Protect your money from entitled family members. 💵

FairieWarrior | FairieWarrior

Focus on your future, not your brother's ruined PS5 👍

markdmac | markdmac

Don't pay for his mistakes! NTA 👏

nicolebackkk | nicolebackkk

Sister refuses to pay for brother's ruined PS5. NTA.

Participant8119 | Participant8119

Lazy brother breaks PS5, sister not responsible. NTA wins!

underscore197 | underscore197

Water and electronics don't mix, folks 😴🌊

JavanNapoli | JavanNapoli

Sibling rivalry over PS5 leads to unfair blame game 😠

skippermarie86 | skippermarie86

Sibling support and standing up against sexism. 👏


Protect your money and stand your ground. 💵💪

aduckwithaleek | aduckwithaleek

Brother's messy room, ruined PS5, and parental blame game. NTA.

metabolics | metabolics

Sibling's entitlement causes PS5 to break, NTA for refusing payment 😱🎮

qupid605 | qupid605

Curious about how water spilled on PS5? Pets involved? 🤔

BrazenRaizen | BrazenRaizen

Commenter calls out the parents for enabling brother's behavior 🤔

Outofworkflygirl | Outofworkflygirl

Brother ruins own PS5, expects sister to pay. NTA.

Inner-Nothing7779 | Inner-Nothing7779

Don't be a sucker, keep your money and PS5 😎

TankGirl1997 | TankGirl1997

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