👶 Babysitter's Thanksgiving Nightmare: Parents Ditch Dinner and Leave Kids Behind! 😱

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We've all heard of babysitting horror stories, but this one takes the cake! An 18-year-old guy, known for his excellent babysitting skills, was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by a family he had previously helped. Little did he know, they had a sneaky plan up their sleeves. 😏🦃

Babysitting Prodigy 🌟

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Small Town Fame 🏘️

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Affordable and Enjoyable 💸

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Thanksgiving Invitation 🦃

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Accepting the Offer 🍽️

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

The Sneaky Escape 😲

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Ruined Thanksgiving Plans 😠

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Calling the Police 🚓

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Parents' Excuse 🤥

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Standing Up for Himself 💪

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No More Babysitting 🙅‍♂️

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Parents' Reaction 🤔

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Clarifying Thanksgiving 🍂

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Rethinking Rates 💰

aitaforgettingmad | aitaforgettingmad

Babysitter Fights Back: No More Freebies! 🚫

After being tricked into an impromptu babysitting gig during Thanksgiving dinner, our young hero decided enough was enough. He called the police on the sneaky parents and put his foot down, refusing to babysit for them ever again. His parents thought he was being a bit harsh, but the internet seems to have his back! 💪🌐 Let's see what people have to say about this wild situation...

Babysitter left with kids on Thanksgiving. Commenter advises to charge more.

cool-bird | cool-bird

Parents ditch Thanksgiving dinner, leave kids behind. Commenters suspect foul play. NTA

clauclauclaudia | clauclauclaudia

Commenter and reply suspect parents' excuse for leaving kids behind.

Catspaw129 | Catspaw129

👏 Babysitter stands up for herself after being abandoned on Thanksgiving

henchwench89 | henchwench89

NTA. Babysitting ≠ abandonment. They took advantage of your kindness. 😡

Thrwforksandknives | Thrwforksandknives

👏 You did the right thing reporting child abandonment. Hopefully CPS follows up and the kids find a better home.

IMadeChicken | IMadeChicken

Charging for babysitting is important for setting boundaries and value 💰

erleichda29 | erleichda29

🤬 NTA! Parents took advantage of babysitter, trapping them with kids.

SuperFreakingTired | SuperFreakingTired

NTA saves the day! Parents ditch kids on Thanksgiving 🦃

eneroth3 | eneroth3

Engaging discussion on communication and conflicting messages in comment and replies.

Habanero_Eyeball | Habanero_Eyeball

Commenter calls out the obvious YTA with a touch of sarcasm 😒

zandytreats | zandytreats

Babysitter's accommodating behavior may have led to parents taking advantage. ESH.

GroundhogNight | GroundhogNight

Babysitter left alone with kids after parents ditch Thanksgiving dinner. NTA.

ShoelessBoJackson | ShoelessBoJackson

👏 Standing up for yourself and the children. #NotYourResponsibility

VenkoEspresso | VenkoEspresso

Parenting responsibility highlighted in Thanksgiving babysitter nightmare 👶

EyMyGuy | EyMyGuy

Comment section is not helpful or informative 🤷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls parents 'opportunistic scumbags' for leaving kids behind. 🤪

nanimal77 | nanimal77

Exploring Thanksgiving traditions beyond North America 🌎

Retlifon | Retlifon

Commenter expresses shock and disbelief at parents' behavior. 🤯

n30t3h1 | n30t3h1

Commenter and replies call out fake Thanksgiving babysitting story 🤔

BigCannedTuna | BigCannedTuna

NTA! 😤 You go, babysitter! Don't let them get away with it.

sunnysunnysunbear | sunnysunnysunbear

Comment section derails into meta discussion. 🤔

An_Anonymous_Acc | An_Anonymous_Acc

Babysitter's extra work goes unappreciated by ungrateful parents. 😠

lightgreenspirits | lightgreenspirits

This babysitter is in the clear! 👍

flora_pompeii | flora_pompeii

Doubts arise on the authenticity of the story. 🤔

MonstrousGiggling | MonstrousGiggling

This babysitter is definitely not the a**hole in this situation! 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

No drama here, just a calm and rational response 🙌

JustMeHere8888 | JustMeHere8888

Red-handed YTA caught by username police! 😈

YTAForMakingThisPost | YTAForMakingThisPost

Charge what you're worth! 💰 Don't let them undervalue you. NTA.

Monalisa9298 | Monalisa9298

Stand your ground! 💪 NTA comment sets boundaries for babysitting.

Akell2d | Akell2d

Babysitter saves Thanksgiving after parents abandon their kids! 🍗

HapaMari | HapaMari

👍 Standing up to irresponsible parents, NTA wins the day

katieeec567 | katieeec567

Confused guest's ruined holiday plans after rude Thanksgiving invitation.

Preesi | Preesi

Parents ditch Thanksgiving dinner and kids, commenter says NTA 🙅

ChimoEngr | ChimoEngr

Community meetings on Thanksgiving? Bullshit story. NTA's pub visit wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself! 💪 Raise your prices and set boundaries.

livinlikeriley | livinlikeriley

Babysitter charged high rates and got called out for it. YTA.

Samsamsamadam | Samsamsamadam

60-year-old commenter questions babysitting rates. 🤔

nicehuman16 | nicehuman16

Babysitter not at fault for parents' Thanksgiving abandonment! 🙌

totesnotanalien | totesnotanalien

Commenter questions low babysitting rates from 50 years ago.

Videoboysayscube | Videoboysayscube

Babysitter unfazed by irresponsible parents, raises rates to $30/hr 🤣

LibraBlu3 | LibraBlu3

Community comes together after Thanksgiving babysitting nightmare 👏

daydaywang | daydaywang

A heartwarming story of redemption and second chances 😍

MorganaDaSquid | MorganaDaSquid

Commenter finds story suspicious and declares NTA judgement.

ScreamingAloe | ScreamingAloe

Don't undervalue your work! Charge more for your services 💰

sprazcrumbler | sprazcrumbler

Abandoned kids during Thanksgiving dinner? Unbelievable! 😱

sehrimirza | sehrimirza

Stand your ground and don't let them take advantage! 💪

theiakalos | theiakalos

Charge more! 💰 Being NTA doesn't mean undervaluing your work.

infodawg | infodawg

Generous offer for free classroom decor sparks interest.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitter calls out parents for leaving kids behind on Thanksgiving. ESH.

program_guide19 | program_guide19

Supportive comment defends babysitter, asks about Thanksgiving traditions.

pcnauta | pcnauta

Babysitter risks parents losing kids by involving cops. Accept apology, raise rates.

oddpatternhere | oddpatternhere

Commenter questions babysitter's intentions with sarcastic tone 😒

FetusSouffIe | FetusSouffIe

Abandoned kids? 😱 Unbelievable! Who would do such a thing?

WankYourHairyCrotch | WankYourHairyCrotch

Babysitter stands up for herself and is not the a**hole 🙌

Order66-Cody | Order66-Cody

Parents abandon kids on Thanksgiving, NTA babysitter won't tolerate it 😱

Elfich47 | Elfich47

Confused commenter demands context for article's timing 🤔

Mildcorma | Mildcorma

Misunderstood commenter clarifies Thanksgiving plans, avoids YTA judgement

jackssweetheart | jackssweetheart

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