Dad's College Funding Conditions Spark Family Drama 😲💸

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Picture this: you're a parent, and you want to pay for your kids' college education. But you've got some conditions – no partying, no drugs, and they must maintain good grades. One of your kids accepts the deal, while the other rebels and takes out loans. Fast forward a few years, and the consequences of their choices have come to light. Let's dive into this family drama and see what went down. 😱

Dad's Generous Offer 🎓💵

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The Conditions ⚠️

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Why the Rules? 🤔

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The Partier 🎉

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The Scholar 📚

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Pandemic Living 🏠

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The Results 🎓

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Job Offers 📝

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Celebration Time? 🍾

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E's Frustration 😞

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Dad's Response 🗣️

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Storming Off 😡

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Choices Made, Consequences Faced 😬

So, there you have it – a dad who offered to pay for his twin sons' college education, but with some strict conditions. One son, the partier, refused the deal and ended up in debt with a temp job offer. The other, the scholar, accepted the conditions, got a fancy Ivy League degree, and scored a job at Apple. It's a classic tale of choices and consequences, and it seems like the dad's rules might have been onto something. Let's see what the internet has to say about this family drama... 🍿

NTA, but party restrictions are harsh. Opportunity to teach.

CulturedPhilistine | CulturedPhilistine

Debate over parenting style and college funding sparks drama 🤷🏾‍♀️

Kingalthor | Kingalthor

Parent's unreasonable college funding conditions and the value of planning 🎓

harst035 | harst035

Dad's strict college funding conditions may harm his relationship with his son 😔

Citychic88 | Citychic88

Controlling dad sparks family drama with college funding conditions 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP for being hypocritical and imposing unnecessary restrictions. Replies agree.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father's controlling rules spark family drama, labeled YTA 😠

baymex1 | baymex1

Clear terms were rejected. NTA for not funding education. 💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

College funding comes with conditions, but is it worth it? 🤔

Devourer_of_felines | Devourer_of_felines

Debt-free college with simple rules or partying without? YTA or NTA?

Qu33nAnn3Bol3yn | Qu33nAnn3Bol3yn

Debate over whether mandating a high GPA is enough for college.

StarsAndSnowtracks | StarsAndSnowtracks

Father offers full tuition in exchange for reasonable rules. NTA 👏

etotheipminusoneequa | etotheipminusoneequa

NTA sets strict college funding conditions, sparking debate on college experience.

gimre817 | gimre817

College culture includes partying, but should GPA be enforced? 🤔

cosmiclovecat | cosmiclovecat

Dad's $50k college funding condition sparks family drama 😲💸. Commenter calls OP YTA for imposing self-fulfilling prophecy on son.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Son's honesty in face of dad's strict rules is commendable 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad refuses to fund son's college, but offers adoption? 🤷‍♂️

Dead_Quinn | Dead_Quinn

User doubts authenticity of post, deems OP TA. 🤔

Malacro | Malacro

Sibling rivalry at its finest 😍

HoldenH | HoldenH

A tough but fair lesson for an adult son 👍

never0101 | never0101

Unreasonable college funding conditions lead to family drama 😞

thiccubus8 | thiccubus8

Parent stands firm on college funding, teaches valuable lesson 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Should parents attach conditions to college funding? 🤔

meh_ok | meh_ok

Clear conditions cause family drama 😲💸

FluffyDoodle | FluffyDoodle

👍 Parent defends college funding conditions, offers sympathy and advice.

oodles-motherof | oodles-motherof

Dad's strict college funding rules cause family drama 😲💸

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Father's unreasonable college funding conditions cause family division ⚖️

Citychic88 | Citychic88

A commenter calls out the dad for being the a**hole and suggests finding a way to help E without fully paying off his debt, to avoid resentment and family drama. 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Debate over college funding and partying expectations 🎓🍻

h_witko | h_witko

Parent's hypocritical college funding conditions spark backlash 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

College party culture criticized for reliance on alcohol 😱

Terroa | Terroa

Fair college funding conditions cause family drama 😔💸

Burning_Ranger | Burning_Ranger

NTA dad sparks family drama over college funding conditions 😲💸

SophieHowlSoo | SophieHowlSoo

Setting conditions for college funding causes family drama 😠

Imaginary_Grape_9104 | Imaginary_Grape_9104

One son's poor decisions shouldn't hold back the other. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mixed feelings on dad's college funding restrictions 🤔

fractaldawn | fractaldawn

Controlling father withholds college funding, YTA comment section drama 😲💸

Custaslibrium | Custaslibrium

Dad offers college funding with conditions, sparks family drama. NTA.

dtait15 | dtait15

College funding drama: Dad's strict conditions deemed unreasonable 😕

katt-w | katt-w

Fair funding conditions spark family drama 💪

readical87 | readical87

Father's unfair college funding conditions cause family drama 😭

LoPanDidNothingWrong | LoPanDidNothingWrong

Offered a choice, turned it down. NTA, pretty cut and dry 👍

ViewedFromi3WM | ViewedFromi3WM

Restricting college funding based on grades is not effective. YTA 😕

Yeangster | Yeangster

Offering community college as a backup could've avoided family drama. YTA 😔

sgrpa | sgrpa

Dad sets reasonable college funding conditions, avoids past mistakes 👍

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

Party first, now pay the price? NTA gets family drama

Sad-Entertainment122 | Sad-Entertainment122

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