Pregnant Woman Refuses to Pay for DNA Test: Selfish or Standing Her Ground? 😲

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A 23-year-old woman finds herself in a tricky situation. She's 36 weeks pregnant, and her ex-boyfriend, who initially didn't want the baby, now wants to be involved. But there's a catch: he demands a DNA test to prove he's the father. The woman is certain he's the father, but he refuses to pay for the test or take any responsibility until the results come in. She's left wondering if she's being selfish or simply standing her ground. Let's dive into the story and see what's really going on. 😕

Pregnancy Journey Begins 🤰

mariahhsolstice | mariahhsolstice

Ex Wants Involvement... Sort Of 😒

mariahhsolstice | mariahhsolstice

No Child Support, Limited Visits 🚫💸

mariahhsolstice | mariahhsolstice

Seeking Stability for the Baby 🏡

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Ignored and Frustrated 😤

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DNA Test Demands 🧬

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Last Name Negotiations 📝

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Ex's Counteroffer: Pay Half 💰

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Standing Her Ground ✊

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Tired and Conflicted 😔

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Selfish or Justified? 🤷

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Edit: Gratitude and Reframing 🙏

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Protecting Her Baby 🛡️

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Claiming Her Last Name 💪

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A Mother's Struggle: DNA Test Dilemma 🤯

This 23-year-old mother-to-be is caught in a whirlwind of emotions as she navigates her pregnancy and her ex-boyfriend's inconsistent involvement. He demands a DNA test to prove paternity, but refuses to pay for it or take responsibility until the results come in. She's left questioning if she's being selfish or simply standing her ground. The internet's response has helped her reframe her approach, vowing to protect her baby and fight for her rights. But the question remains: is she justified in her refusal to pay for the DNA test? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Getting child support is important, but DNA test payment is debatable. 🤔

poeadam | poeadam

Protect yourself and your child with a formal agreement 👍

mybloodyballentine | mybloodyballentine

NTA. Woman refuses DNA test for child support. Replies suggest not giving baby father's last name.

Sea_Experience_7218 | Sea_Experience_7218

Give the child your last name! NTA 👏

sapphicsapphires | sapphicsapphires

Setting boundaries is important, but don't sacrifice your child's well-being. 🚡

goodnightmoon0100 | goodnightmoon0100

Legal obligation for child support, not a favor. NTA.

grandoledog | grandoledog

Commenter calls out OP for being a doormat and setting up her child for attachment disorder. Replies agree and urge her to be assertive and cut the father out of their lives.

DecentPear2496 | DecentPear2496

Pregnant woman refuses DNA test and child support. ESH.

MissAnth | MissAnth

Fair or selfish? Commenter defends pregnant woman's stance on DNA test.

BeepBlipBlapBloop | BeepBlipBlapBloop

Protect your child and yourself, gather evidence and know your rights. 👍

funnyflowers1321 | funnyflowers1321

Choosing a father figure for your child: to involve or not?

Foreverforgettable | Foreverforgettable

Religious background causing self-sacrifice: mom needs backbone for daughter 🙌

SourNotesRockHardAbs | SourNotesRockHardAbs

Empowered mother stands her ground against irresponsible father. 💪

theatrewhore | theatrewhore

Confused commenter questions why baby would get father's last name.

a_person1852 | a_person1852

NTA stands her ground on DNA test payment. Fair enough.

thirdtryisthecharm | thirdtryisthecharm

Empowering response to absent father's financial irresponsibility 💪

PeteyPorkchops | PeteyPorkchops

Single mom deserves child support. NTA for refusing DNA test 👏

accountforquickans | accountforquickans

Parenting on extreme difficulty level. 🤯

moonshinetemp093 | moonshinetemp093

Military ally for NTA comment sparks confusion 🤔

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

Parenting is tough, but standing up for your child is crucial 💪

icedvio | icedvio

Father's absence, mother's decision: A last name dilemma 🤷🏻‍♀️

Accomplished_Cup900 | Accomplished_Cup900

NTA stands her ground on DNA test for child support 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter shares personal experience with absent father, seeks advice.

StanLee151115 | StanLee151115

Get the DNA test, get child support, and save for college! 👨🏻‍🎢

rexconroy | rexconroy

Fair or selfish? Pregnant woman refuses to pay for DNA test

attabe123 | attabe123

NTA stands her ground on DNA test and child support 💪

bawbness | bawbness

NTA commenter advises pregnant woman to cut her losses and focus on the baby. 😍

gabbydearest91 | gabbydearest91

Get a lawyer involved for child support payments. Don't wait! 💪

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

Encouraging words for a single mother-to-be. 👏

imlitdyingshit | imlitdyingshit

Planning for child support is important, YTA for neglecting it 😔

xparapluiex | xparapluiex

Ex demands DNA test, but OP won't pay. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter advises against DNA test, questions man's character. 😐

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting a child is important. NTA for standing your ground. 👏

LilKGettinIt | LilKGettinIt

Commenter advises pregnant woman to use her power and go after child support 💪

dancingpianofairy | dancingpianofairy

Father wants paternity test, but woman refuses. NTA?

RoxyRockSee | RoxyRockSee

Don't let your beliefs be a free pass for abuse. Get legal advice 👨‍👩‍👤

Forteanforever | Forteanforever

Single mom shares advice on dealing with a flaky father 👥

AriGryphon | AriGryphon

NTA but still responsible for child support 👨🏻‍👤

[deleted] | [deleted]

Consider legal protection and custody before giving child a last name 🙌

sonzpf | sonzpf

File for child support to establish boundaries and secure child's future 👨🏻‍👦👽

Jameson18dude | Jameson18dude

Fight for your child's future, but don't forget to protect yourself! 💪

kwinConflo | kwinConflo

Pregnant woman stands her ground on DNA test. NTA.

Ruckus_Riot | Ruckus_Riot

Taking legal action against a deadbeat dad 💪

glasswoodrock | glasswoodrock

Choosing your own last name for your child? NTA 🤔

JohnCleesesMustache | JohnCleesesMustache

Man wants fatherhood option without responsibility. You're NTAH 👍

Both-Echo-7401 | Both-Echo-7401

Expecting mother sets clear terms for partner's involvement 👍

AmberinAZ | AmberinAZ

Legal responsibility ensures financial support and benefits for child 👨🏻👦🏻

dtat720 | dtat720

Father's involvement is crucial for child's emotional well-being. NTA.

Responsible_Candle86 | Responsible_Candle86

Father's lack of involvement in child's life is unfair 😢

LostSweatshirt | LostSweatshirt

Don't let him off the hook, make child support official. NTA 👍

ARbldr | ARbldr

A fair compromise: offer to cover DNA test costs 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unmarried mother shares fair approach to father's involvement and responsibility.

jacqwelk | jacqwelk

Protect your child and yourself. Stand your ground! 💪

mini_tonys | mini_tonys

When legal advice is the only advice 😜

NightsofWren | NightsofWren

Protect yourself and your child from deadbeat dads 👍

Holiday-Strategy-643 | Holiday-Strategy-643

Pregnant woman stands her ground against DNA test demand 🙌

Remindme2000 | Remindme2000

Protecting her future: Woman refuses DNA test and takes control

pansypig | pansypig

Put his name on the birth certificate and make him pay 💰

24272 | 24272

Future child should be the priority. Get the DNA test. 🙌

NonSupportiveCup | NonSupportiveCup

Protect yourself and your child. Go through the courts. 👍

mamadgaf | mamadgaf

Debating financial responsibility when a father wants no involvement 🤔

tinacica | tinacica

Commenter calls out selfishness in pregnancy, sparks discussion. 🤔

tezzmosis | tezzmosis

Harsh comment on parenting skills receives no replies. 😕

HenricusKunraht | HenricusKunraht

NTA refuses DNA test, sparks debate on paternity uncertainty. 🤔

janocare | janocare

Stand your ground: Pregnant woman won't pay for DNA test 🤪

wetchoder | wetchoder

Single mother advises pregnant woman to demand child support.

Dankhorse19 | Dankhorse19

NTA stands her ground on DNA test, but legal consequences?

Pikaus | Pikaus

Protecting yourself and your child is more important than proving paternity. 👍

AriGryphon | AriGryphon

Pregnant woman stands her ground on DNA test. #NTA 👏

dellaevaine | dellaevaine

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