Birthday Boy Leaves Crying Girlfriend for Poker Night 🎂😢🃏

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We all know that birthdays can be a big deal, but what happens when your significant other's plans don't align with your idea of a perfect day? One guy found himself in a tough spot when his girlfriend tried to outdo his birthday celebration for her, but her plans didn't quite hit the mark. After a fun escape room experience, things took a turn for the worse, leaving the birthday boy with a choice: comfort his crying girlfriend or join his friends for a poker night. 🎂🃏

The Girlfriend's Birthday Plan 🎉

itsyaboisbday | itsyaboisbday

Birthday Boy's Preferences 🍻

itsyaboisbday | itsyaboisbday

Escape Room Fun 🗝️

itsyaboisbday | itsyaboisbday

Girlfriend's Disappointment 😢

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Winter Rafting? ❄️

itsyaboisbday | itsyaboisbday

Poker Night Surprise 🃏

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Girlfriend vs. Friends 🥊

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Comfort and Poker 🤗🃏

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Angry Girlfriend and Friends 😠

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Edit: Clearing Things Up 📝

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Poker Night Details 🕙

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Birthday Plans Discussed 🗣️

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A Birthday Dilemma: Girlfriend or Poker Night? 🤷

So, our birthday boy found himself torn between his girlfriend's well-intentioned but flawed plans and his friends' poker night surprise. After comforting his crying girlfriend, he ultimately chose to join his friends for some poker fun, leaving her and her friends less than pleased. Was he in the wrong for wanting to enjoy his birthday his way, or should he have stuck by his girlfriend's side? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

NTA. Hilarious and relatable comment section with 'Kentucky Fried F**k'.

egmono | egmono

Birthday boy's girlfriend tries to control his day, NTA.

teke367 | teke367

Missing context? Commenters question girlfriend's perspective and missing information.

Confident_Quantity | Confident_Quantity

OP leaves crying girlfriend for poker night, labeled YTA by commenters 😢

qshl3y | qshl3y

Boyfriend prioritizes poker night over girlfriend's birthday, both at fault 🙅🏼🎂

cbseda | cbseda

Validating the girlfriend's feelings and suggesting communication for resolution 😊

notrachelgreen | notrachelgreen

Curious about conflicting plans, but friends kept poker secret.

blaubox | blaubox

OP is the a**hole for bailing on upset girlfriend's bday.

KittenCrusades | KittenCrusades

Birthday boy prioritizes poker night over crying girlfriend's birthday plans 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's girlfriend not getting along with his friends? 🤔

nkbee | nkbee

In a mess of colliding plans, NAH. Best intentions gone wrong.

hamillhair | hamillhair

No party invites for this group 🤷🏻‍♂️

efnfen4 | efnfen4

Putting the 'I' in 'birthday', NTA comment gets support 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for leaving crying girlfriend after her effort 😢

richardjai | richardjai

OP brags about his planning skills, belittles girlfriend's effort. YTA.

Puzzleheaded_Jicama | Puzzleheaded_Jicama

Birthday boy's lack of communication causes girlfriend to plan surprise.

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP receives harsh criticism for leaving girlfriend on birthday.

babamum | babamum

Girlfriend tries to make birthday special, goes too far. OP leaves for poker night, leaving her upset. YTA.

hyena_cub | hyena_cub

Commenter questions relationship after birthday snub. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Celebrate your birthday with friends. NTA for choosing poker night.

Thrwforksandknives | Thrwforksandknives

Gratefulness matters, don't leave your girlfriend crying 🚫

MasterHavik | MasterHavik

Communication is key 📱, but YTA for leaving crying girlfriend 😢

Lilyjoch123 | Lilyjoch123

Priorities questioned. Girlfriend feels unimportant on birthday. 😔

reddirtanddiamonds | reddirtanddiamonds

Reciprocation in relationships is important, YTA for ditching her 🤦‍♂️

Caste_ | Caste_

Inclusive gaming or selfish boyfriend? The debate continues.

edogfu | edogfu

Communication is key! Did he express his birthday preferences?

BigRedKetoGirl | BigRedKetoGirl

YTA for not appreciating her efforts and leaving her crying 😢

privlaged-and-white | privlaged-and-white

Birthday boy leaves crying girlfriend for poker night 🎂😢🃏. YTA for bailing on her.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Age is just a number, but maturity is priceless 👍

imitationslimshady | imitationslimshady

Unanswered questions leave us wondering about this confusing situation 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prioritize your relationship over poker night, YTA 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choose love over cards on your special day, YTA.

hawkxp71 | hawkxp71

User calls out birthday boy for leaving crying girlfriend. 😢

Ponchovilla18 | Ponchovilla18

NAH, but communication and compromise are key 👍

Rowdy_Tardigrade | Rowdy_Tardigrade

Insecure girlfriend plans birthday, backfires, boyfriend bails for poker night 😢 YTA

CommonRead | CommonRead

Respect your friend's relationship or you're the a**hole 👎

BrendonBootyUrie | BrendonBootyUrie

Friends ruin birthday surprise, leave girlfriend in tears 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Girlfriend prioritizes her own validation over boyfriend's happiness. NTA.

slymrf | slymrf

OP is called out for being heartless and insensitive 😢

JoeBieAwesome | JoeBieAwesome

Birthday boy prioritizes poker night over upset girlfriend 😢

lokisHelFenrir | lokisHelFenrir

YTA for not appreciating your girlfriend's effort 😕

scubadev | scubadev

Don't be a self-entitled, arrogant a**. Learn from it.

rebeliance | rebeliance

Be there for your partner, even on your birthday 🎂❤️

CoatedWinner | CoatedWinner

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