Cousin Demands Inherited Wedding Dress for Fiancée's Big Day 😱✂️

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Imagine inheriting a beautiful vintage wedding dress from your grandma, only for your cousin to demand it for his fiancée's wedding. And to make matters worse, the fiancée wants to completely alter the dress! That's exactly what happened to one woman who found herself in a family feud over a sentimental heirloom. 😬👰👗

Grandma's Early Inheritance 🎁

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The Vintage Wedding Dress 💍

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Cousin's Sudden Interest 🤨

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The Dress Request 🙏

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Lily's Plans for the Dress 😳

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Standing Her Ground 🚫

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Shocked by Entitlement 😲

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No Chance of Keeping It 🙅‍♀️

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Lily's Tears 😢

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Jake's Anger 😡

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Explaining Her Decision 🗣️

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The Perfect Dress Argument 🤦‍♀️

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Sentimental Value 💔

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Grandma's Opinion 👵

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The Aftermath 📱

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Family Feud Over Vintage Dress 🥊👗

Caught in a whirlwind of family drama, our protagonist stood her ground and refused to let her cousin's fiancée wear and alter her grandma's vintage wedding dress. Despite the tears, angry phone calls, and social media harassment, she held firm to the sentimental value of the dress. 😤💪 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA for refusing to give away grandma's vintage dress for free.

ohnosandpeople | ohnosandpeople

Hide the dress ASAP to avoid entitled cousin and in-laws.

Responsible-Stick-50 | Responsible-Stick-50

NTA- Your dress, weird that Jake wants it altered completely 🤔

ShallWeStartThen | ShallWeStartThen

Commenter agrees with NTA verdict and calls out Lily's parents

jules79 | jules79

Cousin's fiancée demands inherited wedding dress, gets shut down. 😱

MarshmellowCrumpet | MarshmellowCrumpet

Block them both and rent a dress. NTA 😱

Inside_Major_8078 | Inside_Major_8078

Thrifty solution to entitled cousin's wedding dress demands 👏

Morrighu87 | Morrighu87

Bride wants to cut up inherited wedding dress, OP suggests buying new. NTA

2xth | 2xth

Cousin's fiancée demands free dress, NTA refuses. Drama ensues. 😱

bria19 | bria19

Grandma's dress isn't their perfect dress, they just want it free. 😒

lizfour | lizfour

Doubts on the veracity of a cousin's plan to destroy a family heirloom for her wedding dress 🤔

lilmsbalindabuffant | lilmsbalindabuffant

Don't let entitled family members ruin your wedding day. NTA 👏

atx2004 | atx2004

Frugal bridezilla demands inherited wedding dress. Commenter calls NTA.

Dry-Spring5230 | Dry-Spring5230

Block the cousin and keep the dress for yourself 👟

Cookiekeks74 | Cookiekeks74

Protecting family heirlooms from entitled thieves 😡

pyromanthes1 | pyromanthes1

Suggests trolling cousin with thrifted dress as grandma's heirloom 😂

NonaYerBidness | NonaYerBidness

Cousin demands inherited wedding dress, but wants to alter it? NTA 😱

Background-Lab-4896 | Background-Lab-4896

Cousin demands inherited wedding dress for fiancée, but NTA holds firm 💪

Big__Bang | Big__Bang

Cousin's entitlement to inherited wedding dress sparks NTA response 😱

Lined_the_Street | Lined_the_Street

Setting boundaries with family can be tough, but NTA! 👏

Talyax | Talyax

Inherited dress drama: NTA for keeping grandma's wishes.

mitch3498 | mitch3498

Cousin wants free dress for fiancée's big day 😱✂️

heatherlincoln | heatherlincoln

Stand your ground and expose their entitlement on social media 🚨

Li_Mu_Bizzy | Li_Mu_Bizzy

Inherited dresses are for women in the family, not in-laws 👟

QutieLuvsQuails | QutieLuvsQuails

Cousin wants free dress, not sentimental value. NTA 👍

Coldcoffeehotmess | Coldcoffeehotmess

Protect the dress from alteration and dyeing. NTA.

PrizeCrew994 | PrizeCrew994

Commenter thinks cousin is crazy, asks about drug use 😳

No-Appointment5651 | No-Appointment5651

Politely decline self-centered requests. NTA 😊

tinaciv | tinaciv

Commenter believes the cousin is not the a**hole.

way_too_much_time27 | way_too_much_time27

Cousin demands wedding dress, but NTA has a long list of reasons why not 😱

Pale_Cranberry1502 | Pale_Cranberry1502

Cousin wants to cut up inherited wedding dress for free. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Block and forget: NTA shuts down entitled cousin's request 😱

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Grandma's wedding dress should only be worn by you or children 👝

ImaginaryStandard293 | ImaginaryStandard293

Block and report harassing cousin demanding wedding dress. NTA.

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

No drama needed. NTA has it covered. 😎

tszczotka71 | tszczotka71

Fierce response to accusations of being selfish and entitled.

marahute85 | marahute85

Cousin wants freebie wedding dress, NTA for keeping grandma's heirloom 👟

Professional_Ruin953 | Professional_Ruin953

Block the entitled cousin and fiancée. NTA 🙌

Deucalion666 | Deucalion666

Protecting family heirlooms from entitled relatives 👌

Samoyedfun | Samoyedfun

Don't let your cousin ruin your grandma's wedding dress! 😱

son-of-a-mother | son-of-a-mother

NTA. Cousin demands inherited wedding dress for fiancée's big day 😱✂️

jackb6ii | jackb6ii

Inherited wedding dress sparks family drama. NTA holds her ground.

SuperHuckleberry125 | SuperHuckleberry125

Inheriting a wedding dress doesn't mean you owe it to anyone. 🙌

Desperate-Switch7891 | Desperate-Switch7891

Entitled cousin demands wedding dress, but OP stands her ground. 💪

Dongusamericanus | Dongusamericanus

Not the a**hole for keeping the dress in the family 👝

NetOdd8878 | NetOdd8878

Inheriting a wedding dress can be tricky 😕, but this NTA has a point 👍

kimmie1223 | kimmie1223

Commenter stands up for OP, suggests blocking family members 💪

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Grandma said no, OP said no. NTA for keeping dress.

massivevoltage | massivevoltage

Vintage wedding dress drama: NTA suggests thrift store alternative.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Predicting a spiral from past AITA posts 🤔

dogfishfrostbite | dogfishfrostbite

Cousin demands free wedding dress, OP NTA but drama ensues 😱

Mindless-Locksmith76 | Mindless-Locksmith76

Grandma's inheritance drama solved with a cuckoo clock. NTA 😎

w0-lf | w0-lf

OP stands up to entitled cousin demanding inherited wedding dress 😱

Smooth_Ad2778 | Smooth_Ad2778

Bride-to-be wants to alter inherited dress without returning it. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cousin's fiancée demands inherited wedding dress for free. NTA.

eavesdrew | eavesdrew

Defend the dress! NTA's stronger argument against cousin's plans 👏

RAthowaway | RAthowaway

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