Irish Mom Fights Back: Ex-MIL Refuses to Use Daughter's Real Name 😤🍀

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Meet our Irish protagonist, a mom who's had enough of her ex-mother-in-law's (MIL) anti-Irish attitude. A decade ago, she married her now ex-husband, and they had a beautiful daughter together. She gave her daughter a very Irish name, which we'll call Saoirse for this story. After the divorce, her ex moved back to England, and they set up a video call schedule for their daughter. But as the ex's calls became less frequent, the MIL started using his Skype account to call the little girl, and that's when things took a turn for the worse. 😡🍀

The Irish Name Dilemma 🍀

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Ex-MIL's Anti-Irish Attitude 😠

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The Divorce and Custody Agreement 💔

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Video Calls with Ex-MIL 📹

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Saoirse's 'English Name' 😒

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Mom Confronts Ex-MIL 🍀💪

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Ex-MIL Ignores the Warning ⚠️

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Ex-Husband Demands Apology 😤

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Cousin's Opinion 🤔

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Ex-MIL's Selective Pronunciation 🧐

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Daughter's Real Name and Nickname 🌹

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Will Mom Apologize to Ex-MIL? 😲

Our protagonist is now in a tough spot. Her ex-husband demands an apology for hanging up on his mother, who refuses to use their daughter's real name and corrects her Irish dialect. The cousin agrees that an apology is needed, but only for hanging up. Meanwhile, the ex-MIL seems to have no problem pronouncing other unique names. So, what will our Irish mom do? Will she apologize, or will she stand her ground for her daughter's identity? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💭

NTA! Ex-MIL can pound sand if she doesn't like real name 😤

Jtimenow | Jtimenow

Protecting her daughter's identity, mom stands up to ex-MIL 💪

locomama83 | locomama83

NTA stands up to ex-MIL who refuses to use granddaughter's name 😤

vdrade | vdrade

Irish mom stands up to ex-MIL who refused to use daughter's name 😤🍀

Anon_917748183 | Anon_917748183

Celebrate your heritage! NTA for naming your child Irish name 🍀

kkoreto1991 | kkoreto1991

Co-parenting struggles: Dad's lack of communication causes concern 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defend your daughter's culture with pride! NTA 👏


NTA. MIL's prejudice towards daughter's name and accent is unacceptable 😡

Sweet_Deeznuts | Sweet_Deeznuts

Irish mom stands up to ex-MIL who refused to use daughter's real name. NTA.

loathinginmi | loathinginmi

British stereotypes and banter in the comments section 🎉

DoctorPan | DoctorPan

Irish names aren't that hard, MIL needs to respect granddaughter's wishes 🙌

LittleVeggie77 | LittleVeggie77

Teach your daughter to be proud of her name 👏

Awkward_Un1corn | Awkward_Un1corn

Mom stands up for daughter's name against ex-MIL 💪

nyx71 | nyx71

Ex-MIL refuses to use daughter's real name. NTA, English name to annoy?

StillWaitingToLive | StillWaitingToLive

Get creative with MIL's name and teach daughter some Irish

alan-the-all-seeing | alan-the-all-seeing

Daughter prefers dad, but doesn't want to cut off grandma 😞

The_Real_Scrotus | The_Real_Scrotus

Don't change a child's name just because you can't pronounce it 🙅🏻

henchwench89 | henchwench89

NTA but maintain boundaries with ex-MIL for daughter's sake 👍

Spaceshipjackaloo | Spaceshipjackaloo

Protecting daughter from racism, but is blocking ex-MIL too far? 🤔

AceyAceyAcey | AceyAceyAcey

NTA. Ex-MIL disrespects daughter's name & heritage. Stand your ground 👊

nannylive | nannylive

Respect the daughter or suffer the consequences. 💪

Kodakaidojo | Kodakaidojo

Mom stands up against ex-MIL's disrespectful name change request 🙌

whereugetcottoncandy | whereugetcottoncandy

Irish mom receives support for naming choice 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom stands up for daughter's name and accent, sets boundaries 💪

UrHumbleNarr8or | UrHumbleNarr8or

Respect is a two-way road, cutting contact is sometimes necessary 🙌

_yellowlights | _yellowlights

MIL disrespects daughter's name and accent. NTA, fight back 💪

AdamWestsButtDouble | AdamWestsButtDouble

Fighting xenophobia from in-laws. Empathy and support for OP 👏

LyannaCeltiger88 | LyannaCeltiger88

Irish mom stands her ground on daughter's name usage 💪

PanickedPoodle | PanickedPoodle

Fight back with passive aggression: use nicknames for them 😒

Rhapsody_In_Blue12 | Rhapsody_In_Blue12

Blocking ex-mil: protecting your child's time 🙌

chalkchronicals | chalkchronicals

Commenters spot reference to show Catastrophe 😂

Dermisgermis | Dermisgermis

Stand up for your child's name! NTA claps back 👏

jollyroger27 | jollyroger27

Ex-MIL's toxic behavior towards Irish granddaughter stems from pro-Thatcher beliefs 🤯

jengod05 | jengod05

Celebrate your child's identity, name and heritage! 🎉

krstnl | krstnl

Irish language pride! Support for mom standing up to ex-MIL.

mcull345 | mcull345

Ex-MIL's refusal to use daughter's name called out as imperialist

viriditasignotas | viriditasignotas

Commenter blames English for name dispute, suggests karma for COVID-19.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Irish mom stands up to ex-MIL's disrespect for daughter's name 😎

ms-anthrope | ms-anthrope

Grandmother needs to use child's real name, not force nickname. 🤔

longleggedwader | longleggedwader

Comment calling out racism with a shocked face emoji

Slashscreen | Slashscreen

Irish mom claps back at ex-MIL with a patriotic song 🎶🇮🇪

bigdog16_5 | bigdog16_5

Mom suggests calling ex-MIL and Ex by wrong names 🤪

ValloCatMom | ValloCatMom

Irish mom stands up against ex-MIL's name erasure 🙌

Miscellaniac | Miscellaniac

Preserving cultural identity amidst family disputes 🍀

ElysianEcho | ElysianEcho

Irish mom defends daughter's name against ex-MIL's criticism 🤩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up to family drama and embracing unique names 👍

merpancake | merpancake

Celebrate your heritage! NTA for standing up to xenophobia 🍀


MIL's bigotry towards daughter's name and accent - NTA stands up

mochaluvr1 | mochaluvr1

Playful comment about daughter's name sparks humor in section 😂

Fi72 | Fi72

Irish mom suggests a compromise for ex-MIL's name confusion 🤔

Elpeep | Elpeep

MIL's power play with daughter's name, NTA fights back 😠

jtrex3 | jtrex3

Naming your child after your culture shouldn't be a problem 👏. MIL is a racist.

katthepractical | katthepractical

Protecting your child's mental health is top priority 👏

GlumScientist | GlumScientist

English commenter supports Irish mom against anti-Irish MIL 🙌

Sparkly1982 | Sparkly1982

Commenter agrees with the OP, no drama here 😊

Jin-shei | Jin-shei

Standing up for your child's name? NTA strikes back 💪


Grandma's name game: NTA mom stands up for daughter's identity 👏

atreau369 | atreau369

Sassy reply shuts down MIL's disrespect for baby's name 😎

glynndah | glynndah

Irish mom claps back at ex-MIL's refusal to use daughter's name 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

MIL's bigotry exposed in comment and replies 🤬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for your daughter's name! 💪🏻

livinlikeriley | livinlikeriley

When names matter: A question of identity and respect 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Absentee fathers and English bashing in the comments 🤬

odonnthe | odonnthe

Defending Irish culture and identity. NTA, stand your ground! 🤯

marshimallows | marshimallows

Proud Irish identity defended against English influence 💪

Tigerparrot | Tigerparrot

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