💸 Employee Tricked into a Pyramid Scheme: Will They Expose the Scam? 😱

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Imagine working remotely and forming strong friendships with your coworkers, only to be tricked into a pyramid scheme by one of them. That's what happened to our protagonist, who was asked to participate in a $100 'sou-sou' by a coworker. Little did they know, it was actually a pyramid scheme in disguise! 😱💸 Now, they're left wondering whether to expose the coworker to their boss or not. 🤔 Let's dive into this drama-filled story!

A Friendly Invitation 🤝

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

The 'Sou-Sou' Proposal 💸

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

Trust and Transparency 🌐

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

Confusion Sets In 😕

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

The Unpleasant Realization 😡

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Money Trapped 💔

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

The Pyramid Scheme Unveiled 🔺

berkshthouse | berkshthouse

Harassment Begins 😠

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Enough is Enough! ✋

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To Expose or Not to Expose? 🤔

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The Decision 🚪

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A Change of Heart 💔

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Confrontation and Resolution 🤝

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The Aftermath 🌪

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The End of the Saga 🎬

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The Pyramid Scheme Rollercoaster: A Wild Ride! 🎢

Our protagonist was lured into a pyramid scheme by a coworker under the guise of a 'sou-sou.' After realizing the truth, they were harassed daily to recruit more people. Torn between exposing the coworker to their boss or not, they eventually confronted the coworker directly, leading to an apology and an end to the harassment. 😌🙌 Now, let's see what the internet thinks of this wild ride! 💭

Expose the scam! Make a written statement & report to ethics.

RVFullTime | RVFullTime

Illegal pyramid scheme exposed in the US 🇺🇸

SauteedRedOnions | SauteedRedOnions

Employee suspects pyramid scheme and warns colleagues. 🚨

Adigitalhedgehog | Adigitalhedgehog

Pyramid scheme at work? NTA coworker called out for scamming.

thundersass | thundersass

Employee tricked into illegal pyramid scheme seeks legal advice. 🤔

Bugaby_Hamy | Bugaby_Hamy

Expose the scam! NTA commenter gets support to confront boss 💪

gonnabefitmom | gonnabefitmom

Confused about sou-sou? Learn how it works here! 🤔💰

Throwaway1262020 | Throwaway1262020

Colleague's pyramid scheme at work? NTA for shutting it down 👍

unsaferaisin | unsaferaisin

Avoid the 2020 version of sou-sou, it's a pyramid scheme 🚨

SweetandUnsweet | SweetandUnsweet

Commenter sympathizes with victim of pyramid scheme. 😢

Bbygirlbigboot | Bbygirlbigboot

Report the pyramid scheme recruiter for harassment and protect coworkers! 👍

KatTheKonqueror | KatTheKonqueror

Expose entitled scammer to HR/management. NTA. 💪

HotConfusion | HotConfusion

Commenter exposes illegal pyramid scheme with no winners 👏

lemminfucker | lemminfucker

Colleague's scam exposed, commenter says they should be fired. 👍

DetectiVentriloquist | DetectiVentriloquist

Exposing illegal pyramid schemes 👌

omgitskristinlol | omgitskristinlol

Red flag raised by employee tricked into pyramid scheme. 🚨

Thediciplematt | Thediciplematt

Avoid falling for pyramid schemes! This commenter says NTA.

Silver_Shards | Silver_Shards

Avoid pyramid schemes 💰 and keep your friends and family happy 😊

mercedes_lakitu | mercedes_lakitu

Avoid pyramid schemes! This commenter exposes a Ponzi-like scheme. 💪

BulldogMama2 | BulldogMama2

Uncovering the truth behind pyramid schemes 🤔

sfwjaxdaws | sfwjaxdaws

Report the pyramid scheme to police to prevent further scams. 🚨

ChaoticOwls | ChaoticOwls

Don't let pyramid schemes fool you! NTA shuts down harasser.

BJntheRV | BJntheRV

Coworker tries to scam, gets caught. NTA prevails. 👏

nova9001 | nova9001

Stay tuned for an update on the NTA's conversation with their boss! 😊

generic_bitch | generic_bitch

🤔 Beware of pyramid schemes, they're everywhere!

GreyerGrey | GreyerGrey

Discover how this commenter relates sou sou to pyramid schemes! 🤔

Usernameisnowthis | Usernameisnowthis

Commenter calls for justice in a harsh but humorous way.

Once-and-Future | Once-and-Future

Expose the pyramid scheme to your boss or the police! 👮🚨

D4M1 | D4M1

This comment contains inappropriate language and cannot be captioned.

THEchancellorMDS | THEchancellorMDS

Confusion about pyramid scheme mechanics. How does it work? 🤔

Knightowle | Knightowle

Excited for update on pyramid scheme and boss's reaction! NTA 😊

CyberWolfWrites | CyberWolfWrites

Speak up and protect others from the pyramid scheme! 💪

SCVDemon | SCVDemon

Sou-sou schemes illegal in some places, NTA for exposing scammer.

HellcatPaz | HellcatPaz

Employee's pyramid scheme panic raises suspicions. NTA seeks advice.

jrp55262 | jrp55262

Employee seeks advice on exposing pyramid scheme to boss. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Exposing a coworker's scam: NTA and the right thing to do! 💪

slothsandunicorns | slothsandunicorns

Employee's pyramid scheme leads to NTA termination and harassment.

Middle-Witch | Middle-Witch

Avoid pyramid schemes at all costs! 🚫

llorandosefue1 | llorandosefue1

Expose the scammer and protect your team! NTA 💪

FloofySkuntank | FloofySkuntank

Commenter seeks justice and revenge for pyramid scheme victim. 👊

SatanGhostXXI | SatanGhostXXI

🚨 Don't fall for it! This commenter sees through the pyramid scheme 🧐

juanredshirt | juanredshirt

Expose the pyramid scheme! 🚨 NTA coworker must face consequences.

Kempeth | Kempeth

NTA comment receives no replies. Nothing to see here.

likeilovethatforyou | likeilovethatforyou

Excited to hear updates on exposing pyramid scheme! 🤩

REidson89 | REidson89

Exposing a pyramid scheme and not the a**hole for doing so! 👏

BisquickNinja | BisquickNinja

Commenter expresses anger towards pyramid scheme with humor 🤬🤣

you-dumb-baby | you-dumb-baby

Netizens agree: Scammers deserve to lose their jobs 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Expose the pyramid scheme! NTA for reporting to HR/police 👏

As_It_Was_Foretold | As_It_Was_Foretold

grandoldtimes | grandoldtimes

Report the scammer! Protect your colleagues from pyramid schemes! 👍

mpurdey12 | mpurdey12

Expose the scammer! 👊

AmazingAd2765 | AmazingAd2765

🚨 Scammed employee seeks justice after being stolen from. 🕵️

Victorrhea | Victorrhea

Reporting pyramid schemes is the right thing to do 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤔 Refusing a pyramid scheme: reasonable or missed opportunity?

dude-of-earth | dude-of-earth

Beware of pyramid schemes and scammers at work 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends OP's decision to not take extreme actions 👍

tikanique | tikanique

Choosing not to report a scam, but informing others. 😊

uSusanrabbit | uSusanrabbit

Always read the contract before investing in any financial group! 💰

VortexMagus | VortexMagus

Expose the truth! 👀 Call the police and your boss 📞

bdsanta2001 | bdsanta2001

Don't fall for pyramid schemes! Report to HR. NTA 🚫

mother_of_guineapigs | mother_of_guineapigs

👏 Courageous confrontation leads to positive outcome in pyramid scheme situation

Light_Ntail | Light_Ntail

Expose the pyramid scheme and get your money back! 👏

BaffledMum | BaffledMum

Not the a**hole, but what's the story behind it?

WhySoManyOstriches | WhySoManyOstriches

Don't fall for it! Pyramid schemes never pay off 💰

Tenk40 | Tenk40

Don't fall for pyramid schemes, but this person is NTA 🙌

iaminabox | iaminabox

Exposing pyramid schemes: the struggle of convincing victims 🤔

iamkogl | iamkogl

When your boss is at the top of a pyramid scheme 🤯

Deepdishultra | Deepdishultra

Haitians unite! A discussion on 'Sou Sou' savings scheme.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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