Mom Refuses to Cook Vegan for Daughter: Is She in the Wrong? 😱🥦

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Picture this: a busy mom of three, working part-time and pursuing a second bachelor's degree, is suddenly faced with her eldest daughter's decision to go vegan. The rest of the family enjoys their omnivorous lifestyle, and with a tight budget and limited time, the mom is struggling to accommodate her daughter's new dietary choice. She offers a compromise, but her daughter isn't satisfied. Is this mom being unreasonable, or is the daughter asking too much? Let's dive into the story and find out! 😲🌱

A Vegan Daughter in an Omnivore Family 🌱🥩

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Busy Life, Tight Budget 💼💰

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Veganism: A Challenge for Mom 🍽️😰

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Two Meals a Day? Not Happening! 🙅‍♀️

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Mom's Cooking Priorities 🥘📚

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

The Compromise: Vegetarian and Vegan Days 🥗🍲

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

One Vegan Day a Week 📅🌱

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Daughter's Angry Response 😡💢

vegandaughteraita | vegandaughteraita

Mom's Perspective: Fair or Unfair? 🤔⚖️

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Caught in the Crossfire: Mom vs. Vegan Daughter 🥊🌱

So, we have a mom trying to juggle work, school, and family life while dealing with her daughter's newfound veganism. She offers a compromise: a vegetarian option for every meal and a weekly vegan day. But her daughter isn't satisfied, arguing that her parents should fully support her ethical choice. Is the mom being unfair, or is the daughter's demand too much for this already-busy family? Let's check out what the internet has to say about this heated situation... 🔥💬

Teen daughter wants vegan diet but should consider budget and cooking.

Romdowa | Romdowa

Vegan commenter offers tips for cooking vegan meals, but some commenters argue it's not feasible for all households.

Dangerous_Plate8614 | Dangerous_Plate8614

Encourage your daughter to cook vegan meals for herself with support.

bisexual_fool | bisexual_fool

Vegan daughter and non-vegan mom reach a compromise. 🌱

MyAskRedditAcct | MyAskRedditAcct

Reasonable compromise offered, daughter should respect her mother's limitations. 👍

SonuvaGunderson | SonuvaGunderson

Supportive advice for accommodating daughter's vegan diet, with empathy.

dumbbitchenergy247 | dumbbitchenergy247

Engage your daughter in finding well-rounded vegan meals together 💜

sycarte | sycarte

Vegan daughter wants vegan meals, but mom refuses. YTA?

yagurllll | yagurllll

NTA. Providing nutritious vegan meals is not hard or expensive. 🌱

heart_over_board | heart_over_board

Tips for cooking vegan and finding middle ground with family. 🌱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teens going vegan need to compromise and cook their own protein 🥦

PbandJessie_ | PbandJessie_

Cooking vegan is easy and cheaper, daughter can cook for herself.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prior_Lobster_5240 | Prior_Lobster_5240

Encourage daughter's autonomy and cooking skills with vegan meals. 🌱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let her cook her own vegan meals! 😊

bisexual_fool | bisexual_fool

Engaging solution proposed for vegan meal prep with daughter 👍

SeaPen333 | SeaPen333

Tired3520 | Tired3520

Let her cook her own vegan meals, teach her life skills 🙌

Ananzithespider | Ananzithespider

Encouraging personal responsibility in meal prep. 👨‍🍳

The-Highway-Rat | The-Highway-Rat

Going vegan can be cheap, but not if you opt for substitutes 🤔

BabyDollUni | BabyDollUni

Vegan food is cheaper to make, but should mom cook it?

IHeartDay9 | IHeartDay9

Easy vegan meals for daughter, NAH, compromise is key.

fragilemagnoliax | fragilemagnoliax

Parenting tip: Respect your child's beliefs and incorporate them into meals 👨🏻‍🍳

Canotic | Canotic

Empathetic commenter advises parent to have respectful conversation with daughter.

mothboyexe | mothboyexe

Cooking vegan meals for the family can be easy 😊

ktc653 | ktc653

Sharing cooking responsibilities with partner and kids, but struggling with vegan meals.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromise for the planet: cook vegan with meat on the side 🌱

Farahild | Farahild

Compromises are fair, daughter can learn to cook vegan meals 👩‍🍳

Current_Can8134 | Current_Can8134

Debate over veganism within family sparks ethical and financial concerns 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive family is key, let her cook or share meals. 🌱

Generic_dragracefan | Generic_dragracefan

Commenter questions why vegan cooking seems difficult. 🤔

Sassenak666 | Sassenak666

Daughter wants vegan food, but can she get a job?

cutefuzzyspiderstump | cutefuzzyspiderstump

NAH or ESH? Daughter wants vegan food, mom won't cook. Compromise?

arsenal_kate | arsenal_kate

Veganism isn't expensive or difficult to cook. YTA for not accommodating.

cervlean | cervlean

User questions why daughter must wait until 18 to cook.

MelisandreStokes | MelisandreStokes

Encouraging suggestion for vegan chicken substitute. Not the a**hole.

the_tank22 | the_tank22

NTA for not cooking vegan. Providing alternatives but daughter refuses.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect your daughter's choices and teach her to cook. 🙌

downlbsbydw | downlbsbydw

NAH. Daughter shouldn't compromise morals, but should cook and research.

Hlc1991 | Hlc1991

Let her cook her own food and avoid resentment. 🙌

anakinkskywalker | anakinkskywalker

Encouraging independence: Let her make her own meals 🍟

DystopianEye | DystopianEye

Encouraging self-sufficiency and compromise with easy noodle soup recipe 🥩

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

Going vegan without proper knowledge can be harmful to health 😱

Young-yoda444 | Young-yoda444

Bond with your daughter by cooking vegan meals together 😍

Aryraven | Aryraven

Vegan-friendly protein sides can be a compromise. 🌱

DrKomeil | DrKomeil

Daughter wants vegan, mom won't cook. Commenter says NTA.

jyugo-chan | jyugo-chan

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