Wife's Shocking Request for a 'Better' Egg Donor Leaves Husband Questioning Their Agreement 😲

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Imagine going through the emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatments, only to have your partner question the results years later. That's the situation one husband found himself in when his wife expressed dissatisfaction with their daughter, who was conceived via an egg donor. The wife's unexpected request for a 'better' donor for their next child has left the husband questioning their original agreement to keep the donor a secret from their children. 😓

The Struggle to Conceive 🤰

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The Heartbreaking Discovery 💔

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The Emotional Journey 🎢

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Choosing an Egg Donor 🥚

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The Perfect Donor Found 👩

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A Successful Pregnancy 🤱

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Keeping the Secret 🤐

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Three Years Later... ⏰

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The Shocking Request 😲

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A Mother's Unexpected Regret 😢

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A 'Better' Donor? 🤔

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Husband's Ultimatum 🚨

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The Aftermath 😥

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Trying to Make Amends 💔

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Can't Forget the Past 🌪️

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A Family's Future in Question 🧩

This husband's world was turned upside down when his wife, who previously insisted on keeping their egg donor a secret, expressed dissatisfaction with their daughter and requested a 'better' donor for their next child. With their original agreement now in jeopardy, the couple's future hangs in the balance. Will they be able to navigate this emotional minefield and find a solution that works for everyone? Let's dive into the internet's top reactions to this heart-wrenching situation. 💬

Wife's obsession with designing a child's personality raises concerns 😕

Lt-shorts | Lt-shorts

Importance of being honest about donor conception and seeking therapy 👨‍🎓

anathema_deviced | anathema_deviced

Support for husband's decision to prioritize wife's therapy first 🙏

Im_a_surly_duck | Im_a_surly_duck

Wife's desire for a 'better' egg donor raises concerns about her expectations. 🤔

rediitbuju | rediitbuju

Keeping the truth from your child can cause more harm than good 😔

BeepBlipBlapBloop | BeepBlipBlapBloop

Expert explains common insecurities with egg donors, recommends therapy. NTA.

HayWhatsCooking | HayWhatsCooking

Agreeing to lie about daughter's medical history makes everyone suck here.

integranda | integranda

When should parents tell their child about their egg donor? 🤔

Vampire_queen94 | Vampire_queen94

NTA suggests wife needs therapy before having another child 😕

MadQween | MadQween

Wife's request for 'better' egg donor deemed cruel and narcissistic. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Therapy before another child, says commenter. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wife's request for 'better' egg donor sparks outrage and disgust 🤯

Rangeela-re | Rangeela-re

Support and therapy can help your wife cope with infertility.

Keepin2real | Keepin2real

ESH. Wife's obsession with genetics and secrecy may harm future kids. 🤯

uhno28 | uhno28

Couple's decision to lie to daughter about her origins backfires. ESH 😑

lizfour | lizfour

Wife's unrealistic expectations for egg donor leave husband questioning agreement 😕

Hadtosignuptofothis | Hadtosignuptofothis

Confusion over husband's threat to reveal egg donor usage 🤔

Christmas850 | Christmas850

NTA. Wife wants a 'better' egg donor? Child will be unique 👍

Mangekyou- | Mangekyou-

Wife's request for 'better' egg donor sparks concern and therapy suggestion.

Suspicious_Safety_45 | Suspicious_Safety_45

Commenter calls out ESH behavior and suggests therapy for both.

bobledrew | bobledrew

Agreeing to hide donor information from child is wrong, ESH.

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

NTA for wanting to be honest with your kids about donor-conceived.

aspenwrites | aspenwrites

Commenter suggests seeking advice on different subreddit 🤔

CraigBybee | CraigBybee

Couple's disagreement over egg donor leads to need for therapy 😷

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Wife's request for a 'better' egg donor - NTA's advice

Chaij2606 | Chaij2606

NTA. Wife's unrealistic expectations require therapy before considering another child. 🙏

brianjenniplusx3 | brianjenniplusx3

Heartwarming comment about being a great dad 💖

latlonghero | latlonghero

Commenter calls out narcissistic behavior in fertility decision 😱

deskbookcandle | deskbookcandle

Wife's unrealistic expectations jeopardize daughter's happiness and family harmony 😠

AffectionateBite3827 | AffectionateBite3827

Wife's unrealistic expectations about donor material. NTA. 🙄

Veauros | Veauros

Wife's designer baby request raises concerns about favoritism and neglect. 😱

CatnipParade | CatnipParade

Hiding the truth from your daughter is not the solution 🙅️. Therapy first, then more kids. ESH.

SneezlesForNeezles | SneezlesForNeezles

When even Reddit can't handle the drama 🤷‍♂️

roostertab | roostertab

Navigating a delicate situation with a demanding wife 🤷‍♂️

Longjumping_Act6787 | Longjumping_Act6787

Advice on donor egg/sperm and therapy for a healthy family 👍

jlbayer427 | jlbayer427

Commenter questions wife's shallow request for a new egg donor. 🤔

pushingpumpkins | pushingpumpkins

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to family 🙌

ajb950 | ajb950

The importance of being honest with your child about their biological history 👨🏻‍👩🏻 and the potential consequences.

mlh84 | mlh84

Honesty is the best policy. ESH, therapy needed. 🙏

annedroiid | annedroiid

Former egg donor calls out couple for hiding biological origins. ESH.

gleenglass | gleenglass

Discovering biological parentage late in life can be traumatic 😢

disbeezy | disbeezy

NTA OP! 🙌 Don't plan another child EVER. Your wife's not fit for motherhood. 😬

unsleeping-beauty | unsleeping-beauty

Lying to your children? ESH in this complicated egg donor situation 😕

quixxence | quixxence

Supportive comment earns NTA judgement and admiration 👏

Classicfatdab | Classicfatdab

Wife's behavior towards egg donor is 'disgusting', needs therapy 😕

SquilliamFancySon95 | SquilliamFancySon95

Breaking the taboo: Difficulty bonding with a child is common 🙏

Rare_Disaster7353 | Rare_Disaster7353

Don't hide the truth from your daughter about her egg donor 🤷‍♀️

ladaghast | ladaghast

Commenter calls out wife's behavior and raises concern for daughter.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Expectations vs reality: even biological children can surprise us. #NTA

SardonicAtBest | SardonicAtBest

Encourage therapy for wife's delusion about non-biological child. NTA.

RaysUnderwater | RaysUnderwater

Wife's distorted view on children and genetics raises red flags 🚨

frunklegs | frunklegs

Couple receives harsh criticism for lying to their donor-conceived child.

CitronAcademic1859 | CitronAcademic1859

Wife's unrealistic expectations for egg donor and therapy needs addressed 😕

Myaroass | Myaroass

Delay telling daughter about egg donor until she can understand. NTA.

shelby_ck | shelby_ck

Wife's entitled request for 'better' egg donor sparks NTA's therapy suggestion.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spouse demands 'better' egg donor for child, needs therapy 🤯

Tough_Stretch | Tough_Stretch

Wife's narcissistic behavior puts daughter under pressure. Consider therapy or divorce 🤔

throwRA123-456 | throwRA123-456

Having a child is not like building a bear 🙄. Therapy first.

Ok_Clock_8658 | Ok_Clock_8658

Hiding egg donor info from child is irresponsible, please tell her 🙏

greentevil | greentevil

Starting a relationship with a lie about your child's origins 🤯

SugaredZebra | SugaredZebra

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