Waitress Drops Bombshell on Co-worker's Crush 😲💔

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Picture this: you're a waitress at a hotel, and you've been secretly dating the barman for a month. Most of your colleagues know about it, but one girl, who has a crush on the same guy, is in the dark. One night, after a few drinks, she starts throwing shade at you, and you decide to finally spill the beans. 💥🍷 Was it the right thing to do? Let's dive into this juicy love triangle and find out!

Meet the Characters 🎭

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

The Unofficial Romance 💏

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

Olivia's Unrequited Love 💔

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

The Awkward Secret 🙊

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

A Night Out with the Crew 🍻

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

The Drunken Confrontation 🍷😠

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

Olivia Doubles Down 🎯

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

The Ultimate Reveal 🤯

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

Olivia's Exit 🚪

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

The Guilty Conscience 😔

aita-staffnight | aita-staffnight

Love, Drama, and Second-Hand Embarrassment 😳

So, our protagonist found herself in a sticky situation when she revealed her secret romance with Eric in front of everyone, including Olivia, who had a crush on him. While she tried to play off Olivia's drunken jabs, she eventually snapped and dropped the bombshell. Now, Olivia is left embarrassed and distant from the group. Was it justified or did our waitress cross a line? Let's see what the internet thinks of this messy love triangle... 💬💔

NTA, the 'pick me' girl got a taste of her own medicine 😏

Sufficient_Cat | Sufficient_Cat

NTA. Commenters question Eric's silence and motives in the situation.

Realistic-Choice-677 | Realistic-Choice-677

Setting boundaries with co-workers and seeking partner's support 👍

Major-Masterpiece921 | Major-Masterpiece921

Standing up to workplace bullies 💪🏻


Curiosity about co-worker's crush and possible history 🤔

Help24-7 | Help24-7

Standing up to a mean co-worker, NTA 💯

shy1273 | shy1273

Olivia got what she deserved 😂

RainierCherree | RainierCherree

Being drunk doesn't excuse AH behavior 😒💔

AkiliosTheWolf | AkiliosTheWolf

Don't associate with those who punch down to look better 👍

A1askaKnight | A1askaKnight

Trying to avoid drama, but co-worker wouldn't let it go. NTA 👍

brokeanail | brokeanail

Impressive_Fall_8043 | Impressive_Fall_8043

Olivia's embarrassment deemed justified by commenters. 👍

addisonavenue | addisonavenue

Is it really dating if Eric didn't confirm it? 🤔 NTA.

ccl-now | ccl-now

Standing up to workplace bullies like a boss! 🤘

Afraid_Sense5363 | Afraid_Sense5363

Standing up for oneself is important! 💪

kimariesingsMD | kimariesingsMD

Standing up to brutal words: NTA corrects co-worker's crush.

SpecialistAfter511 | SpecialistAfter511

Standing up to a mean co-worker, NTA 💯

AdventurousDoubt1115 | AdventurousDoubt1115

The confusion around 'unofficially dating' sparks curiosity 🤔

Snuffleupagus27 | Snuffleupagus27

Trying to move on but crush won't let go 🤷🏼‍♀️

ESuffering | ESuffering

Navigating workplace crushes and drama - NTA or ESH?

shontsu | shontsu

Not the a**hole, but what's the bombshell? 🤔

RLuna911 | RLuna911

NTA. Shut down the pick-me coworker like a boss 🤘

Historical_Froyo_646 | Historical_Froyo_646

NTA tried to set a trap but it snapped on her 😎

Travelgal96 | Travelgal96

Eric's silence speaks volumes. Is he really worth it? 😕

JenninMiami | JenninMiami

An older and wiser commenter advises NTA to apologize privately 👍

Juuni_13 | Juuni_13

Commenter defends waitress and slams rude co-worker with passion 💪

TallyHoBabe | TallyHoBabe

Navigating crush drama at any age is tough. NTA.

GrandeJoe | GrandeJoe

Truth hurts 💔 but sometimes it's necessary 👍

ObviousToe1636 | ObviousToe1636

Rant against 'pick me' culture and double standards. 🤯

dilbosbildo | dilbosbildo

Eric's lack of action questioned in NTA comment thread 🤔

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Doubts arise about Eric's loyalty 😕🤔

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

A plot twist that will make you laugh out loud 😂

Quiet_Progress_355 | Quiet_Progress_355

Standing up for yourself and your relationship 👏

dwotw | dwotw

Is Eric really into OP or just leading her on? 🤔

Boredread | Boredread

Not the a**hole, but what's the bombshell? 🤔

livin4fun78 | livin4fun78

Standing up for yourself with grace and dignity 👏

No_Mail5195 | No_Mail5195

Did this comment reveal some hidden feelings? 🤔

Shrek_Does_Anal | Shrek_Does_Anal

Is 'unofficially dating' a thing or just friends with benefits? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Not the a**hole, but what's the bombshell? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up to harassment, but is the crush really interested? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Jealous co-worker gets called out for bad-mouthing, NTA 🙌

xHillaryPaige | xHillaryPaige

Toxic co-worker causing drama. Transfer or quit? 🤔

rizuliz | rizuliz

Shoot your shot! Don't let anyone dim your light 👏

Wang_Tsung | Wang_Tsung

Standing up to a rude co-worker 👏

Flat_Librarian_1724 | Flat_Librarian_1724

Quiet co-worker turns into huge AH according to NTA comment.

maypopfop | maypopfop

Impressed commenter applauds OP's patience in tough situation 📲

Different-Papaya-698 | Different-Papaya-698

Commenter defends themselves against co-worker's jealousy. 👏

Interesting_Bake3824 | Interesting_Bake3824

Co-worker's crush backfires, waitress not at fault. Apology owed. 😊

happytobeherethnx | happytobeherethnx

Crush confession leads to jealousy and a NTA judgement.

PandoraClove | PandoraClove

Standing up for oneself against a nosy co-worker 👏

PhantomStrangeSolitu | PhantomStrangeSolitu

Standing your ground and being nice. 👍

FesteringMask | FesteringMask

Sometimes you can't save everyone 😞 NTA

RaysUnderwater | RaysUnderwater

Not the a**hole, but what's the bombshell? 🤔

DecayingFruit | DecayingFruit

Olivia's behavior is invasive and pushy 😒

M1lli333 | M1lli333

Guy should have spoken up earlier, NTA for telling truth 👍

witnessofnone | witnessofnone

Standing up for yourself in the workplace 💪

sharri70 | sharri70

Unofficially dating or just hooking up? Time for some clarification 👀

absaoke | absaoke

Commenter calls out co-worker's foolishness with a NTA verdict 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Make it official before dropping bombshells 😲

melympia | melympia

Giving outs, no takers. She embarrassed herself. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Projection is a hell of a drug 😂

borisslovechild | borisslovechild

Friend jealous of relationship? You're NTA! 😊

Potential-Store-7122 | Potential-Store-7122

NTA. OP's empathy and accountability make them a likeable person 👍

ang_Z900 | ang_Z900

Setting the record straight with grace and class 👏

Obsidian-Winter | Obsidian-Winter

Eric should have spoken up! NTA for telling the truth 👍

nonames90987 | nonames90987

Eric's crush causes chaos at work and home 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lion-Competitive | Lion-Competitive

Honesty is the best policy 😌 NTA

soriadot | soriadot

NTA defends co-worker's relationship, shuts down jealous waitress 💪

EndKarensNOW | EndKarensNOW

Standing up to workplace bullies 💪🏻

SarahEatYourVeggies | SarahEatYourVeggies

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