Father Refuses to Help Ex-Wife Discipline Daughter After Shocking Discovery 😲

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A father finds himself in a difficult situation after discovering his ex-wife's attempt to withdraw a large sum of money from their daughter's college fund. As their daughter begins to act out, the mother pleads for a united front in disciplining her. However, the father is hesitant to help his ex-wife after her actions. This story has sparked a heated debate on whether the father is justified in his refusal to cooperate.

A Rocky Relationship 🌩️

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Custody Battles ⚖️

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Financial Struggles 💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suspicion Arises 🕵️‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Caught Red-Handed 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Confrontation Ensues 🗣️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mandy Learns the Truth 🤯

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A Plea for Unity 🙏

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Clarifications and Updates 📝

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Living Arrangements 🏠

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College Fund Contributions 💰

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Jane's Excuses 🚫

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Mandy's Behavior 🌪️

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Acting Out 🚩

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A United Front or Justified Refusal? 🤔

After discovering his ex-wife's attempt to withdraw a large sum from their daughter's college fund, the father refuses to help her discipline their daughter who is now acting out. The mother pleads for a united front, but the father is hesitant to cooperate after her betrayal. As the debate unfolds, many are left questioning if the father's refusal is justified or if they should present a united front for their daughter's sake. Share your thoughts and reactions!

Father receives support for getting alerts on ex-wife's shady behavior.

BabY_pot4to | BabY_pot4to

NTA father seeks therapy for daughter after mother's betrayal 🙏

Dontdrinkthecoffee | Dontdrinkthecoffee

Supportive comment suggests full custody for daughter's well-being 👍

Sad_Sherbet_7411 | Sad_Sherbet_7411

Engaging discussion on parenting and finances, with mixed opinions 🤔

Theunpolitical | Theunpolitical

Toxic family dynamics and manipulation. NTA for not helping discipline.

Excellent_Care1859 | Excellent_Care1859

Fight for custody and protect your daughter's college fund 👏

BlackfyreWraith | BlackfyreWraith

Empower your daughter to make her own decision 💪

BaltimoreBadger23 | BaltimoreBadger23

Co-parenting requires trust and accountability. Honest conversations can help rebuild.

Amiedeslivres | Amiedeslivres

Support daughter and have an honest talk with ex. 👍

Toomanystarfish | Toomanystarfish

Ex-wife stole from your kid, NTA for not helping discipline.

tatasz | tatasz

Commenter shares personal experience of financial manipulation by parents.

CreativePrimary2572 | CreativePrimary2572

Daughter's mistrust of mother after attempted theft. NTA.

IDKareyou77 | IDKareyou77

NTA. Reinforce important rules for daughter's safety and mental health 🙌

photosbeersandteach | photosbeersandteach

Divorced couple at war over coparenting, NTA takes a stand 💪

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

Suggests full custody agreement with ex-wife removed from college fund 👍

Fray_The_Pugilist | Fray_The_Pugilist

Father catches daughter trying to take money from college fund 😲

Kindly_Caregiver_212 | Kindly_Caregiver_212

Fight for your rights! 💪🏻

Pure-Penguin | Pure-Penguin

Supportive comment advises seeking full custody and MIL's help 👍

berlinrain | berlinrain

Father refuses to help ex-wife discipline daughter. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter's trust broken by mother's actions, father supports her emotions. 💔

Defiant-Special-4590 | Defiant-Special-4590

Supportive dad advises daughter to be ethical and moral 👍

Copper__Phoenix | Copper__Phoenix

Father defends himself against ex-wife's unreasonable demands. NTA 👍

bragineptune | bragineptune

Mother steals from daughter's college fund, NTA for refusing discipline. 😱

JaneIre | JaneIre

Commenter defends father's decision, calls out sympathizers with ex-wife.

ImMisterWumbo | ImMisterWumbo

Ex-wife's hypocrisy exposed, daughter knows the truth 😎

Perfect-Resident940 | Perfect-Resident940

Father refuses to help ex-wife discipline daughter. NTA.

BeTheCheeto | BeTheCheeto

Ex-wife prioritizes new relationship over daughter, tries to steal college fund 😲

PD216ohio | PD216ohio

Is the father refusing to help because he thinks the mother is an unsuitable parent or because he's angry over the college fund issue? 🤔

EliannaRys | EliannaRys

Father takes a stand in parenting dispute. NTA.

Strange-Sir5604 | Strange-Sir5604

Setting boundaries with your daughter is important for healthy co-parenting 👍

rovirb | rovirb

Commenter supports father's decision to remain neutral in volatile situation.

No_Committee1127 | No_Committee1127

NTA for not helping ex-wife discipline daughter. Custody battle advised.

AmberWaves80 | AmberWaves80

Co-parenting advice: prioritize daughter's well-being, set clear boundaries, involve courts 👍

Ok_Smell_8260 | Ok_Smell_8260

Mother tries to steal from daughter's college fund. NTA stands firm.

skiing_yo | skiing_yo

Daughter's education fund causes tension between exes and family. 😔

Pfred0 | Pfred0

Divorced dad takes a stand for daughter's trust. #NTA 👏

RevKyriel | RevKyriel

Commenter and reply call out obvious lie with skepticism 🤔

JesterMcPickles | JesterMcPickles

NTA stands up to ex-wife, may seek more custody. 💪

ladylilac | ladylilac

Co-parenting after a shocking discovery, NTA reminds to be civil 👍

Aristillion | Aristillion

Speculation on ex-wife's behavior after divorce, NTA comment.

w3iss | w3iss

Take control and file for custody to end the games 👍

catsareouroverlord | catsareouroverlord

Father receives support for not helping ex-wife discipline daughter.

HippopotamusFart | HippopotamusFart

JANE accused OP of cheating. Commenters agree, NTA 🙌

violetrosesnyc | violetrosesnyc

Daughter's theft exposes family secrets in NTA comment section 🤷‍♂️

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

Protecting your child's future 👍

VixNeko | VixNeko

Ex-wife asks for help, but commenter says NTA and stands firm

SpartanKitty1234 | SpartanKitty1234

Mother caught stealing from daughter, faces consequences. NTA verdict.

NoPersonality276 | NoPersonality276

Communication is key: NTA dad needs to talk to daughter 💬

MsBaseball34 | MsBaseball34

Father refuses to trust ex-wife with daughter's bank account 🤔

Redhead_2022 | Redhead_2022

NTA suggests legal action for custody renegotiation. Lawyer up! 💪

Accomplished_Row6466 | Accomplished_Row6466

Commenter believes father is not the a**hole. 👍

241ShelliPelli | 241ShelliPelli

Supportive comment suggests seeking primary custody for daughter's well-being. 👍

RyzenTide | RyzenTide

Co-parenting struggles and a teenager caught in the middle 😔

joanie-bamboni | joanie-bamboni

Parental responsibility questioned after attempted theft of college fund 😱

HeavyGogs | HeavyGogs

Handling a delicate situation with an ex requires tact 🙌

Remdog58 | Remdog58

Ex-wife gets what she deserves according to commenter 👍

Lorraine221 | Lorraine221

Supportive comment urges parent to protect child from harm 👍

Drytoxiccube | Drytoxiccube

Support daughter, but don't discipline her for exposing ex-wife's extortion 👍

BitterDoGooder | BitterDoGooder

Support your daughter's mental health and remind her she's loved 🙌

iolight | iolight

Advice for healthy coping mechanisms and therapy for daughter.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your daughter from manipulation and theft, seek legal help. 👍

bucktoothedhazelnut | bucktoothedhazelnut

Co-parenting can be tough, but stealing college funds is unacceptable. NTA.

Forseti555666 | Forseti555666

Father stands up for daughter against ex-wife's financial abuse 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad takes high ground in divorce, advises daughter on respect 👍

IllVegetable3 | IllVegetable3

Concerned commenter questions ex-wife's behavior, supports OP's actions. 🙂

chunoodles | chunoodles

Father seeks custody after ex-wife's harmful discipline tactics. 🙌

Miserable_Panda6979 | Miserable_Panda6979

Grammar correction sparks no conflict in comment section 👍

Kevinemmm | Kevinemmm

Protecting your daughter's identity and mental health is crucial 😲

Thamwoofgu | Thamwoofgu

Removing an authorized signer? 👀 Tell me more...

IAmTheLizardQueen666 | IAmTheLizardQueen666

Father refuses to help ex-wife discipline daughter, gets support.

v2den | v2den

Parent shares experience and advises to get daughter out of situation.

mattgaia | mattgaia

Supportive comment applauds father's parenting, criticizes toxic mother behavior 👏

vClimax | vClimax

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