Man Blamed for Addict's Disappearance After Pain Meds Found in Cabinet 😱

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A couple finds themselves in the middle of a family conflict after their sister-in-law's boyfriend, Bob, steals narcotic pain medication from their medicine cabinet and disappears. The wife had been prescribed the medication after a C-section but never used it, and the couple had forgotten about it. Now, half the family is blaming them for the incident, causing a rift among the relatives.

Prescribed Pain Meds 💊

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Forgotten Pills 🤔

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Christmas Day Visitors 🎄

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Sister-in-law and Boyfriend Arrive 🚗

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A Good Time Had by All 🎁

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The Irate Phone Call ☎️

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Bob Vanishes 🚶‍♂️

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Empty Pill Bottle Found 🕵️‍♀️

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Family Blames the Couple 😡

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Accusations of Irresponsibility 🤦‍♂️

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Family Rift Deepens 🌪️

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Trying to Be Empathetic 😔

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Bob's Actions 🤷‍♂️

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Medicine in Their Own House 🏠

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Responsibility Questioned 🎭

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Family Torn Apart Over Pain Meds 💔

A family is divided after a man is blamed for his sister-in-law's boyfriend's disappearance, following the theft of narcotic pain medication from his medicine cabinet. The couple had forgotten about the prescribed pills, and now half the family is accusing them of being irresponsible. The situation has caused a rift among the relatives, with some supporting the couple and others blaming them for the boyfriend's actions. 😢👨‍👩‍👧

NTA - SIL should have disclosed recovering addict status beforehand 🙄

eye-nein | eye-nein

NTA for not knowing ex-junkie was a thief. Sister blaming wrong person 😱

MisterNoisy | MisterNoisy

NTA! Commenter defends OP for not disposing of prescription meds.

_baddad | _baddad

NTA. Commenter defends OP's actions and calls out sister's deflection.

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA for storing medication in medicine cabinet. SIL is TA for not warning about Bob's addiction and exposing him to an unsecured environment. Bob is a thief and a liar.

BriBriKinz | BriBriKinz

NTA for having pain meds in your cabinet. Guest is responsible.

CheyBridgeMan | CheyBridgeMan

Stand up for yourself and report the theft to the police 🚨

Notreallypolitical | Notreallypolitical

Recovered addict defends OP, receives encouragement from commenter 💪

Shadow-of-Calus | Shadow-of-Calus

Don't blame yourself for someone else's relapse 🙏

rubixd | rubixd

It's not your responsibility to dispose of unused medication. NTA 👍

stewbugx | stewbugx

Invading privacy for drugs? NTA, Bob's responsibility, not yours 😒

wickedkittylitter | wickedkittylitter

Friend steals pain meds, apologizes to get back in house 🤯

upmylady_ | upmylady_

Standing up against victim blaming. Not the a**hole. 💪

McFeely_Smackup | McFeely_Smackup

Properly dispose of unused medication to prevent misuse 🚨

onomastics88 | onomastics88

No ESH here, only NTA and giant A-holes 😱

davidjung03 | davidjung03

Don't blame yourself for an addict's actions 🙏

broccoli65 | broccoli65

Protect yourself and file a police report ASAP 🚨

jeremycb29 | jeremycb29

Junkie BF steals painkillers from you, goes missing. NTA.

TheCharismaticWeasel | TheCharismaticWeasel

Bob stole your meds and they blame you? NTA, man 😎

Langstarr | Langstarr

Debate on the effectiveness of *A programs and sponsorship.

MzTerri | MzTerri

Legit reason for pills, blame is unreasonable 😒

Allaboutbird | Allaboutbird

Bob's relapse not OP's fault, NTA. Congrats on new baby! 👏

littlesilverspud | littlesilverspud

Stealing pain meds from girlfriend's family? Definitely not okay 😱

imjustlurkinghere244 | imjustlurkinghere244

Validation received for not being the a**hole 👏

GimmeYourGoldz | GimmeYourGoldz

Don't blame the victim for an addict's behavior. NTA 🙏

AliceInWeirdoland | AliceInWeirdoland

NTA defends their mom's practice of keeping family pain meds.

G_Merls | G_Merls

Protecting addicts is not your responsibility. NTA 👍

barrymckokinar | barrymckokinar

Commenter defends man blamed for addict's disappearance, calls out girlfriend. NTA 😊

indianblanket | indianblanket

User calls out OP's misuse of throwaway account 🙄

DontWeDoItInTheRoad | DontWeDoItInTheRoad

Dealing with a newborn and an addict boyfriend, NTA.

CookingwithHafsa | CookingwithHafsa

Addict steals meds, blames owner. NTA not responsible for addiction.

CarterCage | CarterCage

Unused prescription drugs can be dangerous and should be disposed of.

Trenin23 | Trenin23

Former addict defends OP and SIL, urges compassion for Bob 🙏

dizzle_izzle | dizzle_izzle

Don't take the blame for someone else's addiction 🙏

ChemicalParfait | ChemicalParfait

Family blamed for addict's theft of pain meds. NTA.

djternan | djternan

NTA for having pain meds, not responsible for addict's actions 🙏

pianocat1 | pianocat1

Bob's addiction is not your fault. NTA 👍

Bella697 | Bella697

Prescription meds in own home, NTA for not enabling addiction 👍

MsBlondeViking | MsBlondeViking

Keep calm and block the haters. You're NTA 👏

HellaHighAtHogwarts | HellaHighAtHogwarts

Keeping strong meds in the cabinet: NTA or risky behavior?

1_Justbreakup | 1_Justbreakup

Defending your home doesn't make you the a**hole 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't blame yourself for someone else's addiction 🙏. Stand your ground and stay NTA.

sk313t0n | sk313t0n

Addiction blame game: Commenter holds addicts accountable for their actions.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sneaky finger thief with addiction problem blamed for disappearance 🤷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report stolen pills to avoid false charges if OD occurs 🚨

Taddare | Taddare

Blamed for addict's disappearance for not securing pain meds 😱

Sugar_13 | Sugar_13

Defending your home and boundaries is not a**hole behavior 😎

ambertonicate | ambertonicate

Defending against blame for addict's disappearance after theft accusation 😕

Pottermaniac2019 | Pottermaniac2019

NTA- Man defends himself against blame for addict's disappearance 😊

Ritehandwingman | Ritehandwingman

Recovering addict blames OP for his relapse over Norco 😱

Atmos5177 | Atmos5177

Blaming someone for an addict's actions is unfair 😒

nomnommish | nomnommish

Family member steals prescription, blames man for addict's disappearance 😱

soup-monger | soup-monger

SIL and addict are AH, commenter is NTA 👍

Freeiheit | Freeiheit

Keeping unused meds locked up is a smart move 👍

Gwendolynftw | Gwendolynftw

Lock up pills to prevent future addiction 🚨

whatthehelldude9999 | whatthehelldude9999

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