Mom Leaves Fainting Husband on Lawn to Tend to Injured Toddler 😲

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A mother found herself in a difficult situation when her toddler fell and scraped his knee while playing on the lawn. As her husband, who was closer to their son, rushed to help, he fainted due to his squeamishness around blood. The mother had to make a quick decision: tend to her unconscious husband or her crying child. She chose to help her son, leaving her husband on the lawn, which led to a heated argument later.

A Peaceful Day Takes a Turn 🌞

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Toddler's Fall and Husband's Faint 😱

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Husband's Squeamish History 🩸

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A Difficult Decision 🤔

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The Argument Begins 🗣️

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Husband's Point of View 🤨

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Alternative Solutions? 🔄

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Mom's Perspective 🤱

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A Tough Choice for a Worried Mom 🥺

This mother faced a difficult decision when her husband fainted while trying to help their injured toddler. She chose to prioritize her child's needs, leaving her husband on the lawn. This led to an argument about whether she should have left him unattended or found another solution. What do you think? Share your thoughts and reactions. 👇

Leaving an unconscious person alone is never okay. YTA x10 😱

moondoggie1960 | moondoggie1960

YTA for leaving an unconscious person unattended, but understandable panic.

Sk111W | Sk111W

Commenter calls out parent's poor triage skills in emergency situation.

BaconEggAndCheeseSPK | BaconEggAndCheeseSPK

Leaving a fainting husband to tend to a toddler's skinned knee? YTA.

smalltowncountrylady | smalltowncountrylady

Commenter calls out mom's negligence, hilarious replies follow 😂

Tegeus-Cromis-Rais | Tegeus-Cromis-Rais

Commenter calls out parent for prioritizing injured toddler over husband 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parenting priorities debated: injured toddler vs. fainting husband 😲

eaca02124 | eaca02124

Commenter calls out mom for leaving husband, gets sassy reply 😂

AppalachianEnvy | AppalachianEnvy

Commenter and replies criticize leaving drunk or injured people unattended.

cinnamon_everything | cinnamon_everything

Commenter calls out parent's misplaced priorities during emergency situation.

MummyAnsem | MummyAnsem

Leaving an unconscious person unattended is dangerous. YTA.

suprswimmer | suprswimmer

Toddler's scraped knee vs husband's fainting - who needs attention more? 🤔

csharpwarrior | csharpwarrior

Red flag raised on wife's response to husband's fainting 🚨

Representative_Ask10 | Representative_Ask10

Leaving an unconscious person is dangerous. YTA for prioritizing the scraped knee.

jana_kane | jana_kane

Leaving unconscious husband to kiss toddler's booboo? Hard YTA. 😲

NotCloudy_ | NotCloudy_

NAH. Husband likely fainted due to Vasovagal syncope. OP prioritized child. 💪

malachite_animus | malachite_animus

Debate over emergency priorities: YTA or NAH? 🤔

ZookeepergameCheap89 | ZookeepergameCheap89

Commenter calls out OP for neglecting fainting husband 😕

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

NAH. Basic medical training could have helped avoid the situation 😲

Emergency_Ad_5935 | Emergency_Ad_5935

Check on your spouse's health before leaving them alone. YTA 😔

madoosles | madoosles

Commenter calls out OP for leaving unconscious husband unattended 😲

Financial_Resort6631 | Financial_Resort6631

Commenter criticizes mom for prioritizing scraped knee over unconscious husband 😬

lildragon474 | lildragon474

Quick decision-making leads to husband being left unconscious. NAH.

MindDeep2823 | MindDeep2823

OP is criticized for not calling an ambulance. YTA 😕

parishilton2 | parishilton2

Leaving an unconscious person unattended is a huge risk 😲

strandroad | strandroad

Commenter calls out mom for neglecting husband's health emergency. 😱

Cute-Shine-1701 | Cute-Shine-1701

Mom prioritizes scraped knee over husband's potential head injury. YTA 😲

TweedleBeetleBattle2 | TweedleBeetleBattle2

Parenting debate: Is leaving an unconscious spouse justified? 🤔

ShimmerBreadwinner | ShimmerBreadwinner

Leaving an unconscious person alone? YTA, not cool 😑

Loze28 | Loze28

Leaving an unconscious person alone is never a good idea 😕

Astarkraven | Astarkraven

Commenter calls out parent for prioritizing toddler over fainted spouse 😱

NotHisRealName | NotHisRealName

Commenter calls out parent's priorities in a heated exchange 😠

Few-Perception9731 | Few-Perception9731

Mother leaves unconscious husband to tend to injured toddler. YTA.

Grannywine | Grannywine

Debating the seriousness of fainting with a touch of humor 😂

BuggleBug10 | BuggleBug10

Mom prioritizes toddler over unconscious husband, called out for negligence 😬

RandomSleepyPanda | RandomSleepyPanda

Debate on OP's medical training and instincts sparks sarcasm and serious inquiry.

RealTexasJake | RealTexasJake

Prioritizing a scraped knee over a potential medical emergency? YTA.

snewton_8 | snewton_8

Prioritizing a scraped knee over a fainting spouse? YTA 😕

Wide_Razzmatazz_8697 | Wide_Razzmatazz_8697

Commenter calls out mom's negligence towards husband's health. 😕

orangestar17 | orangestar17

Learning from a scary situation 👍

Zeditha | Zeditha

Parenting priorities questioned in comment section. 🤔

Otherwise_Window | Otherwise_Window

Commenter criticizes mother for prioritizing scraped knee over unconscious husband

ApprehensivePaint657 | ApprehensivePaint657

EMT calls out OP for leaving unconscious husband. YTA 😕

wolfy321 | wolfy321

Commenter calls out parent for prioritizing toddler over injured husband 😲

angel2hi | angel2hi

Parenting instincts vs. spouse's safety 🤔 Soft YTA

kriskrisbangbangx | kriskrisbangbangx

Leaving a fainting husband for a toddler's scraped knee? YTA 🤪

RealTexasJake | RealTexasJake

Mama bear admits fault, husband's health questioned. YTA verdict.

irishgirl1981 | irishgirl1981

Commenter calls out neglectful behavior in a humorous way 😂

RoastBeefIsGood | RoastBeefIsGood

Commenter thinks mom is the a**hole for leaving husband

TheLavenderAuthor | TheLavenderAuthor

Redditor calls out mom for leaving husband passed out on lawn

irritante_koter | irritante_koter

Commenter calls out parent for prioritizing minor injury over unconsciousness.

theviolethour3 | theviolethour3

Parenting mishap: Commenter suggests better handling of injured toddler and fainting husband.

Fantastic-Region7772 | Fantastic-Region7772

Ignoring a potentially serious situation for a minor injury? YTA 🤷‍♀️

FoolMe1nceShameOnU | FoolMe1nceShameOnU

Redditors outraged at OP's actions, question humanity's morality 🤯

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

Commenter suggests first aid kit for future emergencies. 🙌

fridayisblackforme | fridayisblackforme

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