Couple's Disagreement Over Moving In Together Sparks Debate 😲

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A couple has found themselves in a disagreement about moving in together after marriage and how to handle the financial aspects of their new life. The partner, who already owns a place, expects the other to contribute to the monthly repayments, while the other partner disagrees. This dilemma has led to a heated debate, with both sides presenting their arguments.

The Logical Choice 🏠

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The Disagreement Begins 💥

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A Fair Contribution? 💸

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Initial Plan vs. Reality 🔄

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Now She Expects Contribution? 🤨

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Feeling Pressured 😣

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Splitting Utilities and Groceries 🍽️

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Role Reversal ⚖️

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A Couple's Financial Feud 🥊

This couple's disagreement about moving in together and sharing expenses after marriage has sparked a debate. The partner who already owns a place expects the other to contribute to the monthly repayments, while the other partner disagrees. Both sides present their arguments, with one feeling pressured and resentful, and the other believing it's only fair to contribute. What do you think? Share your thoughts and reactions!

YTA for expecting free rent in girlfriend's house. Get counseling.

Tangerine_Bouquet | Tangerine_Bouquet

Debate over moving in together - YTA won't pay partner rent. 🤷‍♀️

shepassedthebeautyon | shepassedthebeautyon

Commenter calls out OP for not contributing and being immature 🤨

Cats_Cherry | Cats_Cherry

OP is called out for immaturity and lack of compromise 😱

PokeTheKoala | PokeTheKoala

User called out for wanting to live for free. YTA 😡

beebsaleebs | beebsaleebs

Debate on being your partner's landlord sparks controversy 🤔

Left-Car6520 | Left-Car6520

Moving in rent-free? YTA. Evaluate expectations before commitment. 🤔

Anna_Phoksa | Anna_Phoksa

Commenter calls out freeloading behavior in relationship, sparks debate.

Gubblers | Gubblers

OP gets called out for being spiteful and immature YTA 🙄

unfortunatemm | unfortunatemm

OP is called out for being TA and not wanting to pay rent. 😑

cassidy11111111 | cassidy11111111

Debate over paying rent to girlfriend sparks YTA judgement 😲

zZombi__ | zZombi__

Partner's financial independence causing disagreement. YTA or NAH?

DrunkOnRedCordial | DrunkOnRedCordial

Don't be a**hole, listen to her and communicate better 🙏

alien_crystal | alien_crystal

Is moving in together a bad idea? 🤔

Norah69 | Norah69

Splitting the rent equally is fair, YTA. 🤔

couldbeyouornot | couldbeyouornot

Split the bills equally, YTA. Don't be a freeloader. 😒

QPaup | QPaup

Potential groom criticized for not wanting to split rent. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner accused of being insufferable and a hobosexual. 😱

Consistent_Sock7037 | Consistent_Sock7037

Commenter deemed YTA for petty and spiteful reasoning 🤬

willfauxreal | willfauxreal

Commenter calls out OP for being TA over moving in 🤔

gillygal | gillygal

Split finances and stubbornness threaten relationship. 🤔💰

FriendlyMum | FriendlyMum

Commenter calls out freeloader in fiery response 🔥

lxdks | lxdks

Don't be a freeloader! 🤑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man refuses to pay for house after girlfriend commits. YTA 🤪

folkystudent | folkystudent

Commenter suggests girlfriend should read thread and run away 😱

elsie223 | elsie223

YTA for not wanting to pay rent even with a discount 🙄

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Friend wants to live in her house for free, YTA.

Night___Fairy | Night___Fairy

Partner wants to freeload off perceived slight. YTA. 😒

scarletteapot | scarletteapot

Harsh criticism for a partner who won't contribute equally. 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Moving in together? Better split the rent and responsibilities fairly 👍

Interesting-Fill-575 | Interesting-Fill-575

Commenter calls out OP for not updating, adds emoji humor

Mama_Odie | Mama_Odie

Commenter calls out entitlement in moving in disagreement 😱

smarthagirl | smarthagirl

User calls out free-loading behavior in moving-in disagreement 😑

Thats_So_Ravenous | Thats_So_Ravenous

Don't be calculative and grow up. YTA 🤨

bigmamma0 | bigmamma0

A blunt comment calling out a hobosexual sparks controversy.

Rizember | Rizember

Contributing is key. YTA for not wanting to share expenses. 🚫

MaggieLuisa | MaggieLuisa

Partner accused of not giving input, but he did: 'Don't talk to me about this.' YTA 😠

Shannibu | Shannibu

Commenter calls out insufferable behavior with YTA verdict 🤨

Obvious_Cookie_3000 | Obvious_Cookie_3000

Is it fair to expect your partner to support you financially?

FizzyYuzu | FizzyYuzu

User calls out YTA for not contributing to mortgage 😱

Bird_Brain4101112 | Bird_Brain4101112

User calls out selfish behavior in relationship. YTA confirmed 😔

PracticalToAFault | PracticalToAFault

Commenter calls out manipulative behavior in moving in disagreement 😱

Viva_Veracity1906 | Viva_Veracity1906

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole in disagreement.

heyyahri | heyyahri

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole in disagreement.

searedwscars | searedwscars

Disagreement over moving in sparks debate. YTA wants to live rent-free.

fwork_ | fwork_

Commenter suggests breakup, sparks heated discussion. 😱

soul_reddish | soul_reddish

Commenter criticized for immaturity 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls someone a fragile mooch, YTA confirmed 🤨

MissionRevolution306 | MissionRevolution306

Commenter calls out OP for being a bad partner 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner buys dream home, but OP wants to live rent-free? YTA

kupo_kupo_wark | kupo_kupo_wark

Don't be a commitment-phobe! YTA for not meeting her halfway 🙄

Capturedbk1 | Capturedbk1

Savage reply shuts down inappropriate comment about moving in together 😍

FileDoesntExist | FileDoesntExist

Harsh reply suggests the commenter thinks the poster is wrong.

Soft_Ad472 | Soft_Ad472

User accuses OP of being spiteful and gives marriage advice 😔

Adept_Push3172 | Adept_Push3172

Commenter calls out OP for being an idiot and YTA.

SaltySiren87 | SaltySiren87

Commenter calls out OP for being a bad partner 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP for being childish and petty 😱

roxannefromarkansas | roxannefromarkansas

Commenter advises to let go, use of 'adult' implies immaturity 🤷‍♂️

Snoofly61 | Snoofly61

Commenter receives tough love for entitled behavior 👍

Gem-red1234 | Gem-red1234

Commenter receives harsh judgement for their actions 🤨

IntelligentMistake35 | IntelligentMistake35

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