Fiancé's 'Work Wife' Joke Leaves Bride-to-Be in Tears 😢💔

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A woman's fiancé, Mark, works closely with a female colleague named Megan. They have a professional relationship and don't interact outside of work. However, during a recent Zoom meeting, their coworkers began referring to them as 'work wife' and 'work husband.' When someone suggested they 'renew their vows' upon returning to the office, Mark played along, leaving his fiancée in tears.

Working from Home 🏠

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Office Banter Begins 🗣️

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

'Work Wife' and 'Work Husband' 💼

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Playing Along 😅

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Confrontation 😠

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Just a Joke? 🤔

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Offensive Term 😡

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Demands for Apology 📢

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

No More 'Work Spouses' 🚫

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Embarrassment and Reputation 😳

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Sarcastic Response 💢

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Time to Reflect 🤔

myhusbandsworkwife | myhusbandsworkwife

Did She Overreact? 🤷‍♀️

After a tearful confrontation, the woman demanded her fiancé apologize to his coworkers and put an end to the 'work wife' jokes. He refused, fearing embarrassment and damage to his reputation. Now, she's left wondering if she overreacted. Share your thoughts and reactions below. 👇

Overreaction to 'work wife' joke leads to ridiculous statement release. ESH

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

The 'work wife' thing is weird but demanding a public apology is overkill 🙄

jessica11k | jessica11k

Couple needs to communicate better and work on real issues 👍

thebookthiefstardis | thebookthiefstardis

Suggestive jokes at work? Use humor to diffuse the situation 😊

QuitaQuites | QuitaQuites

Bride-to-be accused of overreacting to 'work wife' joke 😢

Ignithas | Ignithas

When is a joke not just a joke? YTA thinks never.

IrishFlukey | IrishFlukey

Wedding postponed, joke about 'work wife' caused tension, mild YTA.

mynamesnotmolly | mynamesnotmolly

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole fiancé.

Alsacia | Alsacia

Commenter defends 'work wife' joke, but others disagree 😐

IRNobody | IRNobody

Commenter calls out OP for overreacting to 'work wife' joke.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Office joke causes conflict between fiancé and bride-to-be 😢💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter explains why calling someone a "work wife" is common and not romantic. Replies support this and criticize OP's insecurity.

shieldedtoad | shieldedtoad

Commenter calls out OP's insecurity in 'work wife' joke.

PlanetBride | PlanetBride

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke causes tension, but is it worth it? 🤔

RoanDragonKing | RoanDragonKing

Standing up for yourself and your relationship is important 👏

chrysanthemumlife | chrysanthemumlife

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke makes bride-to-be uncomfortable, NTA for feeling disrespected.

Abdullazan | Abdullazan

Why 'work spouse' jokes can be positive and harmless. YTA.

Rumble73 | Rumble73

Calling someone a 'work wife' or 'work husband' is stupid. ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggests couples counseling before wedding due to deeper issues 👨🏻‍👩🏻

dreadedwheat | dreadedwheat

Bride-to-be accused of being controlling over 'work wife' joke 😢

Happy-Judgment | Happy-Judgment

Dealing with a 'work wife' and public humiliation. Navigating tricky waters.

xDubLifex | xDubLifex

NTA, annoying 'work wife' joke. Fiancé could talk to HR.

B4pangea | B4pangea

NTA comment and replies discuss the harm of normalizing unprofessional behavior at work.

lemurslemur | lemurslemur

Fiancé's inappropriate joke causes hurt, needs to apologize privately.

Rivka333 | Rivka333

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke reveals deeper issues in relationship 💔

salemonadetea | salemonadetea

Commenter accuses bride-to-be of overreacting and being demanding.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries in a relationship is important 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke hurts bride-to-be, NTA for feeling disrespected 💔

ademptia | ademptia

Setting boundaries in relationships is important. NTA.


Partner's lack of respect causing discomfort. NTA.

cwillotree | cwillotree

Setting boundaries at work: NTA's perspective on 'work spouse' culture 😎

thwartaway34256 | thwartaway34256

Boundaries crossed, but public apology is too much. NTA 👍

miss_hush | miss_hush

Commenter calls out immaturity in bride-to-be's reaction. ESH.

MadameBurner | MadameBurner

Partner's 'work wife' joke upsets bride-to-be, comment suggests communication.

nerdforest | nerdforest

Commenter calls out bride-to-be as a bridezilla 😡

implodemode | implodemode

Female commenter calls out toxic 'work wife' behavior 👏

FrodoOhNoes_ | FrodoOhNoes_

Lighten up, bride-to-be! 🙄 YTA over-reacted to harmless joke.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke causes tension at work, ESH.

givebusterahand | givebusterahand

Commenter calls out disrespectful behavior and cheating normalization 👏

daisychain2020 | daisychain2020

Bride-to-be feels hurt by fiancé's joke, is she overreacting?

ErakuIeta | ErakuIeta

Commenter calls out bride-to-be for being overly emotional and controlling 😠

calipygean | calipygean

Demanding a public apology for a 'work wife' joke 😡

ensalys | ensalys

Setting boundaries at work is important for a healthy relationship 👍

notenoughsage | notenoughsage

Respect is key 👍. NTA, it's important to communicate boundaries.

HazyMango7 | HazyMango7

Commenter suggests groom-to-be should address 'work wife' joke privately.

idratherbebiking82 | idratherbebiking82

Defending 'work wife' and suggesting a compromise. 👍

goalllllllllourg | goalllllllllourg

Is having a 'work spouse' harmless office culture? 🤔

ConfuzzledDork | ConfuzzledDork

Commenter doubts 'work wife/husband' relationships and supports bride-to-be.

MakeYourOwnLuck | MakeYourOwnLuck

Bride-to-be accused of overreacting to 'work wife' joke. Reasonable compromise suggested.

Mac0491 | Mac0491

Setting boundaries in relationships is important. 🚫🤝💔

outstanding_move_ko | outstanding_move_ko

Don't let a joke ruin your reputation. Let it go 🙌

UploadMeDaddy | UploadMeDaddy

Red flag alert! 🚩 NTA, he's emotionally cheating with her.

BedtimeStalker | BedtimeStalker

Setting boundaries with work spouse to avoid wedding cancellation 😢

Purple__Unicorn | Purple__Unicorn

Bride-to-be demands apology from fiancé's work wife, but is she overreacting?

chonkehmonkeh | chonkehmonkeh

Commenter justifies bride-to-be's reaction to 'work wife' joke 😒

TheEmeraldDoe | TheEmeraldDoe

NTA commenter suggests getting a 'work husband' to prove a point 😎

Galactic_Beans | Galactic_Beans

Fiancé's 'work wife' joke causes tension. OP and fiancé both at fault.

narrauko | narrauko

The infamous 'Megan' strikes again. NTA for overreacting.

Daedriclullabies | Daedriclullabies

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