Dad Feeds Son Curry Rice, Sparks Family Drama 😲🍛

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A father found himself in the middle of a family drama after his wife left him in charge of their 3-year-old son for a day. The wife, who had to visit her injured mother, prepared food for their son and strictly instructed her husband not to cook for the child. However, when the child refused to eat the salty porridge, the father decided to feed him curry rice instead. This seemingly innocent decision led to a heated argument and unexpected revelations.

Wife's Trust Issues 😕

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Father's Cooking Skills 🍳

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Salty Porridge Dilemma 🥣

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Dad's Curry Rice Solution 🍛

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Wife's Furious Reaction 😡

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Father's Defense 🛡️

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Wife's Silent Treatment 🤐

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Father's Refusal 🚫

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Unexpected Discoveries 🕵️‍♂️

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Hidden Medical History 🏥

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Mysterious Hospitalization 🤔

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Secret Bank Account? 💰

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Pediatrician Visit 🩺

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Unnecessary Medication 💊

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Wife's Defiance 🚩

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Dietary Changes 🥦

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Curry Rice Chaos: A Family Unraveled 🍛🌪️

A father's simple decision to feed his son curry rice instead of salty porridge led to a heated argument with his wife, who accused him of being irresponsible. The situation escalated when the wife tried to have a friend take their son away, prompting the father to stand his ground. As the conflict unfolded, the father discovered hidden medical records and a possible secret bank account, raising questions about his wife's actions. With the family's trust shaken, the father now faces difficult decisions about their future. Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below. 👇

NTA. Dad faces antiquated gender roles and feeding issues with wife.

readshannontierney | readshannontierney

Concerned commenters suggest speaking to a pediatrician, as a 3-year-old should be eating normal foods and a lack of variety can lead to issues later on. OP may need to take action and address potential medical or control issues. NTA

redcookiestar | redcookiestar

Sparks fly as dad feeds son curry rice. NTA vs wife

Equivalent-Echidna71 | Equivalent-Echidna71

Concerned comment and replies highlight developmental issues with 3-year-old's diet.

WitheredFlowers | WitheredFlowers

Encouraging support for feeding children what parents eat. 😍

pittsburgpam | pittsburgpam

Parenting advice shared on feeding son curry rice 🍛

MummyPanda | MummyPanda

Dad defends feeding son curry rice, explains wife's feeding habits 😊

Odd-Ad-9472 | Odd-Ad-9472

Parenting advice turns into suspicion of fake story. ESH.

Proud_World_6241 | Proud_World_6241

Dad stands up for himself, but family drama ensues 😕

MrsGlock21 | MrsGlock21

Concerns raised about mother's behavior and son's safety 😲

Daveii_captain | Daveii_captain

Dad defends feeding 3-year-old son curry rice, wife disagrees 😐

ItsAllMo-Thug | ItsAllMo-Thug

Dad's wife doesn't trust him with son's allergies and medical history 😕👨‍🍳, NTA and needs to talk to her seriously 👍

Turtledonuts | Turtledonuts

Commenter suggests divorce over curry rice dispute. 🤷🏼‍♂️

brightlittleshadow | brightlittleshadow

Stand up for your right as a parent! 💪🏻

ArchipelagoGirl | ArchipelagoGirl

Take control of your son's health, NTA! 💪🏻

Agreeable-Grand4710 | Agreeable-Grand4710

Dad stands up for his parenting choices, sparks family drama 😲

moondoggie1960 | moondoggie1960

Dad defends feeding son curry rice, wife disagrees 🤔

Laramila | Laramila

Parent seeks advice on controlling babysitter's behavior towards child's diet 🤔

CasperGGGD | CasperGGGD

Father struggles with wife's controlling behavior over feeding their son.

Regular_dude_35 | Regular_dude_35

Engaging with the commenter's perspective on parenting and health.

kayd1509 | kayd1509

Breaking gender stereotypes in parenting. NTA, be proud!

ScorchieSong | ScorchieSong

Comment accuses someone of sexism. Drama ensues 🤔

Background-Throat-88 | Background-Throat-88

Engaging comment defending father's parenting, suggests therapy for wife's controlling behavior.

InsomniacEnglish | InsomniacEnglish

Doctor expresses concern over child's limited and unhealthy diet 😱

DazzleLove | DazzleLove

Dad defends feeding son curry rice, wife criticized. 😠

Zibellina | Zibellina

Protect your custody rights with medical records. NTA.

Veilchengerd | Veilchengerd

Dad defends feeding 3yo curry rice, wife's reaction is controlling 😠

fawnsonline | fawnsonline

NTA. 3-year-old can eat curry. Wife babying him with porridge.

shawshawthepanda | shawshawthepanda

Concerned commenter advises parent on son's jaw development and diet.

zupancia | zupancia

Commenter suspects wife is psycho, updates from pediatrician revealed.

Adept_Dark6576 | Adept_Dark6576

Empathetic comment supports father's parenting, questions wife's behavior.

Hungry_Pup | Hungry_Pup

Support for dad's parenting, concern for wife's control issues 🙏

SarahSeabass | SarahSeabass

Father confronts wife after 3 years over son's diet. ESH 😑

Chemical_Relation008 | Chemical_Relation008

Protect your son and seek legal advice immediately 🙌

Beachgrrl7 | Beachgrrl7

Commenter expresses concern for child's safety, suggests seeking professional help. ⚠️

bananna102 | bananna102

Concerned commenter suspects Munchausen's by proxy in family drama 🤯

Notnerdyned | Notnerdyned

Commenter accuses OP's wife of being anti-vaxxer. Drama ensues.

LittleGravitasIndeed | LittleGravitasIndeed

Concerned commenter questions possible Munchausen's by proxy situation.

fizz1620 | fizz1620

Parenting advice sparks ESH judgement and defensive replies 😡

Ziggywife1990 | Ziggywife1990

Supporting mental health is important. Encourage therapy for anxiety.

ActualChildTherapist | ActualChildTherapist

Redditor advises OP to get a lawyer and look out for Munchausen By Proxy. 😲

MuffinMa_am | MuffinMa_am

Mystery OP disappearance leaves comment section hanging 🤷

LordOfTheBees69 | LordOfTheBees69

Supportive comment advises therapy or leaving for unresolved trauma.

moonlitfallacies | moonlitfallacies

Redditor advises dad to seek legal help for potential child abuse 🚨

daisymk | daisymk

Curious commenter seeks updates on spicy family drama 🤔

nlladybug | nlladybug

NTA dad needs to take charge of son's nutrition and well-being 🙌

Organic_Flamingo_606 | Organic_Flamingo_606

Concerned commenter suggests Munchausen by Proxy, advises psychiatric evaluation 🚨

deformedbutterfly29 | deformedbutterfly29

Defending father's feeding choices for son, criticizing wife's behavior 😠

tiredandstressed92 | tiredandstressed92

Spicy baby food debate ignites family feud 🍛

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment shuts down unfounded criticism from spouse. 👏

junkiecreppermint | junkiecreppermint

Expand your child's palate early on! 🍛🍚

natefury81 | natefury81

Let the kid eat rice! NTA, but chill on mollycoddling 😊

Tams_G | Tams_G

Protect your son's health and safety first. NTA 👍

YesNoMaybe_IMO | YesNoMaybe_IMO

Cooking for your own child? NTA, tell the friend off! 😍

HeavyGogs | HeavyGogs

Documenting strange food habits and asserting parental rights. 👍

iamthenewt | iamthenewt

Concerned commenter suggests possible poisoning of child with salty porridge 🤷🏻‍♂️

Icy-Mongoose0811 | Icy-Mongoose0811

Creative solution to family drama involving babysitting and communication. 🤔

frank_kaffkar | frank_kaffkar

Dad feeds son curry rice, wife overreacts. Trust issues?

eaticx | eaticx

Parent suggests baby-led weaning for dad's picky eater son 😊

Low-Opinion147 | Low-Opinion147

Feeding a 3-year-old curry rice: NTA or YTA? Commenters weigh in 🤔

AgoraiosBum | AgoraiosBum

Parenting concerns raised over salty food and medical neglect 🚨

Desert_Sea_4998 | Desert_Sea_4998

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