Teen Refuses to Sign Family Holiday Card After Mom 'Erases' Her Disfigurement 😮

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A 16-year-old girl found herself at the center of a family conflict when her mother decided to photoshop her disfigurement out of their annual holiday card. The teenager had been involved in a car accident that left her with noticeable scarring and third-degree burns on her face. Despite her mother's intentions, the girl and her brother refused to sign the cards, leading to a rift in the family and questions from those who received the altered card.

The Car Accident and Disfigurement 🚗

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The Annual Holiday Card Tradition 🎄

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Mom's Photoshop Surprise 📸

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Feeling Hurt and Confused 😢

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Mom's Justification 🗣️

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Standing Up for Herself 💪

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Dad's Response and Brother's Support 🤝

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Refusing to Sign the Cards ✍️

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The Aftermath and Questions 🤔

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Feeling Alone and Seeking Validation 🥺

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Overwhelmed by Support ❤️

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Encouragement from Others 🌟

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Reading Every Comment 💌

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A Family Divided Over Altered Holiday Card 🎁

A 16-year-old girl's disfigurement became the center of a family conflict when her mother decided to photoshop her face in their annual holiday card. The girl and her brother refused to sign the cards, leading to a rift in the family and questions from those who received the altered card. Despite feeling alone, the teenager found overwhelming support and encouragement from others who shared their experiences and offered kind words. 💕

NTA! Mother's shallow behavior and misplaced anger towards daughter.

Cartman55125 | Cartman55125

Teen refuses to sign holiday card after mom photoshops her face. NTA.

kittenoftheeast | kittenoftheeast

Mom's holiday card was for her, not for you. NTA 👏

boxerdogclown | boxerdogclown

NTA. Mom's superficiality and desire for perfect family photo is hurtful.

Ardchasm | Ardchasm

Suggesting a heartwarming alternative to family holiday card 😍

azh88 | azh88

Brother stands up for sister's disfigurement, NTA 👏🏻

WhiskeyCheddar | WhiskeyCheddar

NTA. Commenter praises OP's bravery and self-worth, and applauds supportive sibling 👏

opinionsarelikeahs | opinionsarelikeahs

Accepting one's appearance is a journey. Erasing it is wrong. 🙏

StephieTPG | StephieTPG

Teen stands up to mom's insensitivity. NTA 👏

HoopJeanne | HoopJeanne

Empathetic comment supports teen's self-love and sibling bond 💜

BUTTeredWhiteBread | BUTTeredWhiteBread

Supportive comment encourages setting boundaries with insensitive mother. 👏

IndividualVariation1 | IndividualVariation1

Mom erases daughter's disfigurement from holiday card, family divided 😮

tailofthecrackfox | tailofthecrackfox

Validating and empathizing with a commenter's decision to not sign a family card due to erasing disfigurement 🙏

thewanderingfox | thewanderingfox

Mother prioritizes her comfort over daughter's feelings. NTA.

Maladict33 | Maladict33

Empowering response to mother's insensitivity towards daughter's disfigurement.

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Mom erases daughter's disfigurement from holiday card. Commenter supports daughter.

FrescoInkwash | FrescoInkwash

OP's decision to not sign the family card sparks discussion.

PrehistoricSquirrel | PrehistoricSquirrel

Empathetic comment supporting self-acceptance and honesty. 👍

sorumbatica | sorumbatica

Agreeing with the commenter's NTA sentiment 😍

KnightsSkye | KnightsSkye

Clarification on burn classification leads to helpful discussion 👍

KajinMonkey | KajinMonkey

Embrace your uniqueness! NTA for standing up for yourself 😊

flora_pompeii | flora_pompeii

Heartbreaking story of a mother erasing her daughter's disfigurement 😢

luckycharm_88 | luckycharm_88

Celebrating self-love and acceptance 👏

iamfuegomego | iamfuegomego

Empathetic response to a mother's unacceptable behavior. 😮

AleshiniaLivesStill | AleshiniaLivesStill

Respectful communication is key to avoiding hurtful misunderstandings 👍

Dormouse_in_a_teapot | Dormouse_in_a_teapot

Vashkiri | Vashkiri

Supportive comment acknowledges mother's mistake in disfigurement incident.

konatada | konatada

Not the a**hole. Short and sweet judgement.

RosePGarfield | RosePGarfield

Big brother stands up to insensitive parents, NTA 🙌

YellowStar012 | YellowStar012

Sibling support wins in the face of disfigurement discrimination 👏

Why_Istanbul | Why_Istanbul

Embrace your scars, be yourself. NTA for standing up.

NoLandNomad | NoLandNomad

Self-love and strength in the face of disfigurement. 🙌

Kalamixy | Kalamixy

Validating the commenter's feelings of anger and betrayal 👊

likeahike | likeahike

Empowering response to mom's erasure of daughter's disfigurement 💪

Lurkingentropy | Lurkingentropy

Brother gets praise for supporting NTA with disfigurement. 👏

NotBad_DrawnThatWay | NotBad_DrawnThatWay

Supportive comment and reply, encouraging forgiveness and understanding 🙏

bertiek | bertiek

Supportive comment with personal connection to article's topic 🙌

mnhoser | mnhoser

Mom disapproves of daughter's new face, but she's NTA 😊

verdebot | verdebot

Mom's mishandling of situation pushed her over edge into AH territory 😠

eugenesnewdream | eugenesnewdream

Teen refuses to sign holiday card after mom erases disfigurement 😮

FeztiTheOtter | FeztiTheOtter

Empathetic comment supports teen's decision to stand up for herself.

MuchCry1 | MuchCry1

Sassy reply suggests reversing roles in holiday card dispute 😏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA teen refuses to sign holiday card after mom erases disfigurement 😠

SoManyWhippets | SoManyWhippets

Teen stands up to mom's erasure of disfigurement. #NTA 👏

518cp | 518cp

Suggests sending current picture to family, not boycotting them. 👍

Candid-Ear-4840 | Candid-Ear-4840

Teen with severe skin disease relates to refusing holiday card.

Spinnerofyarn | Spinnerofyarn

Savage reply to mom's erasing disfigurement with cosmetic surgery joke

IsisArtemii | IsisArtemii

Empathetic comment supporting teen's self-worth and condemning mother's actions. 💗😊

Classical-Musician24 | Classical-Musician24

Brother defends teen after mom erases disfigurement from card 🙌

Fabulous_Title | Fabulous_Title

Measuring engagement on holiday cards? NTA for refusing to sign.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom prioritizes performance over daughter's feelings. Not cool 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathize with your mom's perspective, but assert your own identity. 👍

TillyMint54 | TillyMint54

Supportive stranger validates OP's feelings and stands up for them ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathetic comment supporting OP's decision and suggesting a new card.

tallycastle | tallycastle

Mother's denial of daughter's disfigurement is unacceptable. NTA.

cidrapresse | cidrapresse

Empathetic comment applauds strength in self-acceptance despite family pressure 👏

whatever_whatev | whatever_whatev

Mother photoshops daughter's disfigurement without consent, NTA for refusing card.

layla-yuffi | layla-yuffi

Empowering response to support self-love and positivity 👏

cecilpenny | cecilpenny

Supportive commenters rally around OP after mom's hurtful actions 😢

becks2020 | becks2020

Supportive comment suggests addressing issue on Facebook, making own card. 👏

awxor | awxor

Embrace your true self 👍. Don't let anyone hide your story.

Im_not_nice81 | Im_not_nice81

Empathy lacking mom gets called out by NTA daughter.

yougottabekiddingm | yougottabekiddingm

Embrace your true self, family should accept you for you 👍

spaceshipcommander | spaceshipcommander

Mom prioritizes her own feelings over daughter's disfigurement. 😒

SAHDadWithDaughter | SAHDadWithDaughter

Teen stands up for herself after mom erases her disfigurement 👏

PlatypusDream | PlatypusDream

Brotherly love shines through in support of disfigured teen. 😍

jelbeanny | jelbeanny

Sibling support shines through in comment section 👍

Rifter0876 | Rifter0876

Embrace your scars! NTA for not signing the card 👏

Disgruntled_Viking | Disgruntled_Viking

Brother defends against mom's erasure of disfigurement. NTA wins.

jendickers | jendickers

Insensitive comment disregards child's disfigurement and insults generation.

blappyflappy | blappyflappy

Supportive comment applauds brother's actions against insensitive mother. 👏

AclysmicJD | AclysmicJD

"Perfectly" said! 🙌🏼

redandbluecandles | redandbluecandles

Brother supports OP, dad is an enabler, mom is narcissistic. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

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