Father Tells Girl She Must Move Out if She Keeps Her Baby 🤰🏻🏠

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In a household already filled with tension, a father finds himself at odds with his daughter's friend, Emma, who is living with them. Emma recently announced her pregnancy and has since been unable to help with household chores, citing her condition as the reason. Matters escalate when Emma suggests her unemployed boyfriend, Clint, move in to help, leading the father to give her an ultimatum.

Emma's Living Situation 🏠

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Emma's Struggles 😕

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Rent and Responsibilities 💰

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Emma's Boyfriend Clint 🙄

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Pregnancy Announcement 🤰🏻

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Household Chores 🧹

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Pregnancy Excuses 🚫

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Tension in the House 😤

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Clint's Proposed Solution 🤔

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Father's Disapproval ❌

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Emma's Plea for Clint 🥺

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Father's Ultimatum ⚠️

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Accusations and Tears 😭

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Emma's Dilemma 🆘

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Father's Tough Love? 💔

After Emma's pregnancy announcement, her inability to help with household chores and her suggestion to have her unemployed boyfriend move in, the father reaches his breaking point. He gives Emma an ultimatum: if she plans on keeping the baby, she must move out within 60 days. This leads to accusations of forcing her into termination and tears from both Emma and the daughter. With emotions running high, the situation remains unresolved. Share your thoughts and reactions below. 👇

NTA for asking daughter's friend to move out with her baby 👶🏻

Lunar-tic18 | Lunar-tic18

Charge market rate and start eviction process to avoid future issues 🙌

mdflmn | mdflmn

NTA provides reality check for daughter's unrealistic expectations 👍

whitedumpling | whitedumpling

Father gives daughter ultimatum to move out after pregnancy announcement 🤰🏻🏠

No_Beautiful2873 | No_Beautiful2873

Father regrets letting daughter and her friend move in 😢

realstareyes | realstareyes

Engaging debate on the risks of cleaning a litter box while pregnant 👀

ThePhonyKing | ThePhonyKing

Daughter's pregnancy causes family feud. NTA commenters side with daughter.

allmyplantsaredeadX | allmyplantsaredeadX

NTA. Emma's situation is likely to worsen with a newborn. It's time for her to go and figure things out with the father. 👏

ABeerAndABook | ABeerAndABook

Father gives daughter 60 days to move out after pregnancy announcement 👶🏻

Live_Power_2843 | Live_Power_2843

NTA for kicking out pregnant daughter. Mishugas ensues.

VerendusAudeo | VerendusAudeo

Father wants daughter to move out if she keeps baby. Commenters agree NTA.

beavis90909 | beavis90909

Supportive commenters agree that the girl is NTA 👍

Purple_Bowling_Shoes | Purple_Bowling_Shoes

NTA, but put 60 day notice in writing 👍

loudent2 | loudent2

NTA dad refuses to let 21yo daughter's freeloading boyfriend move in 👏

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

NTA dad wants daughter to move out before baby complicates things 🤰🏻🏠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Op is not obligated to let her move in with a baby. 👍

Chance-Zone | Chance-Zone

Commenter finds humor in situation, agrees with OP's judgement.

magicalseer | magicalseer

Supportive comment suggests daughter and friend find their own place 👍

Fancy_Screen_1749 | Fancy_Screen_1749

Pregnancy is not a disability. NTA for holding her accountable.

Kattiaria | Kattiaria

Commenters speculate on the mother's motives for kicking out daughter.

soneg | soneg

NTA. Advice on how to legally evict family members.

wontyield | wontyield

Father threatens daughter to move out for having a baby 😱

jennyfromtheeblock | jennyfromtheeblock

Supportive comment: Choosing to avoid unnecessary drama 👏

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

Pregnant girl taking advantage of father, NTA for setting boundaries. 🙌

jen7850 | jen7850

Supportive commenters agree: Father is the a**hole 👎

HeavyMetalChick19 | HeavyMetalChick19

Father gives adult daughter ultimatum to move out with baby 👶🏻

Annabelle-Sunshine | Annabelle-Sunshine

NTA, but should've thought twice before letting her move in 😕

Badmeestert | Badmeestert

Father threatens daughter for having baby. Commenters agree NTA.

JustFuckingExhausted | JustFuckingExhausted

Supportive comment shows empathy for pregnant girl's situation. ❤

NGDGUnpunished | NGDGUnpunished

Father gives daughter 60 days to move out after pregnancy. NTA.

bokatan778 | bokatan778

Commenter calls out entitled mom-to-be in NTA judgement 👏

sosweet68 | sosweet68

NTA, Emma needs to grow up and leave. Protect yourself 👏

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Stand up for yourself and document everything 👏

Forsaken_Hedgehog690 | Forsaken_Hedgehog690

NTA, but could have phrased it better. Emma needs reality check 👍

NotShockedFruitWeird | NotShockedFruitWeird

Father not the a**hole for asking daughter to move out 🚪

CraigBybee | CraigBybee

Unpopular opinion: terminating the pregnancy may be the best option.

iwantanapppp | iwantanapppp

Encouraging response to young mother's situation 👏

claireclairey | claireclairey

Misleading title, but commenter agrees with father's actions. NTA.

always-indifferent | always-indifferent

Generous father reaches his limit with entitled pregnant daughter. NTA 👏

LetsGetsThisPartyOn | LetsGetsThisPartyOn

Legal action may be necessary to evict manipulative daughter.

Tyberious_ | Tyberious_

Harsh judgement. Is kicking her out really the best solution?

AITA-TA-unwanted | AITA-TA-unwanted

Supportive comment section agrees: Not the a**hole for setting boundaries.

Chicken_Lady_Om | Chicken_Lady_Om

Father supports daughter's decision to keep baby 👨🏻‍🎤

Total-Hour-4445 | Total-Hour-4445

NTA. Commenter calls out entitled daughter, questions living situation.

livelaughween | livelaughween

Father gives ultimatum to pregnant daughter. NTA seeks advice.

Flat_Contribution707 | Flat_Contribution707

Father seeks legal advice on evicting pregnant daughter. 👨‍👩‍👧👶

spectaphile | spectaphile

Parental responsibility questioned by NTA comment.

laeti_helianthus | laeti_helianthus

Supportive comment suggests girl should move back with parents 👍

Consistent_Patient88 | Consistent_Patient88

Not the a**hole for refusing responsibility for someone else's mistake 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father supports daughter's decision to keep baby 👨🏻👩🏻

DudeWTude | DudeWTude

Insensitive comment shames pregnant girl for being lazy 😢

JustReadingAlong70 | JustReadingAlong70

Father threatens daughter for keeping baby 😱

Legal-Goat8110 | Legal-Goat8110

Father's ultimatum to pregnant daughter receives NTA judgement.

Initial-Muscle-628 | Initial-Muscle-628

NTA father stands his ground against entitled daughter. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

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