Landlord Refuses to Give Neutral Reference for Nightmare Tenant 😱

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A landlord found himself in a moral dilemma after a former tenant, Jamie, turned out to be a nightmare. With late payments, property damage, and multiple rule violations, the landlord had no choice but to evict her. When prospective renters began calling for references, he gave brutally honest feedback, making it difficult for Jamie to find a new place. Now, facing potential homelessness, she begs for a neutral reference, but the landlord stands firm.

The Nightmare Tenant 🏠👹

nahidm1964 | nahidm1964

HOA Rules Disobeyed 🚫

nahidm1964 | nahidm1964

Calls for References Begin ☎️

nahidm1964 | nahidm1964

Honest References Given 📝

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Jamie's Desperate Call 📞

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Living with an Abusive Mother 😢

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Begging for Neutral References 🙏

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A Tearful Plea 😭

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The Moral Dilemma: Honesty vs. Compassion 🤔

The landlord's refusal to give a neutral reference for Jamie, the nightmare tenant, has left her struggling to find a new place to live. With her children and job on the line, she tearfully pleads for a chance, but the landlord remains resolute in his decision. As the situation escalates, the question of morality and compassion arises. Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below. 👇

Tenant owes HOA fees, gets neutral reference, commenters say NTA.

cdifl | cdifl

Landlord is justified in refusing to give a reference for nightmare tenant 😱

SlowTheRain | SlowTheRain

Landlord stands firm on neutral reference for nightmare tenant. NTA.

DeadOnArival | DeadOnArival

Tenant's joblessness raises concern for rent payment 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord shares experience with nightmare tenants and neutral references. 😱

bitter_oldqueen | bitter_oldqueen

Tenant's bad attitude leads to no reference. 🙄

Actual-Space | Actual-Space

Insufficient information to judge tenant's actions, more context needed 👍

methacrylic | methacrylic

Tenant was terrible, but homelessness is not an appropriate consequence 😱

Trees_That_Sneeze | Trees_That_Sneeze

Landlord faces backlash for refusing neutral reference for tenant 😱

catrionalexy | catrionalexy

NTA gets what they deserve. 🤪

Headup31 | Headup31

NTA for refusing to give a reference for nightmare tenant 😱

mooseplainer | mooseplainer

Invoice the nightmare tenant for damages and frustration caused 💰

CarpeCyprinidae | CarpeCyprinidae

Landlord criticized for refusing neutral reference for struggling tenant 😱

lv2glrfy | lv2glrfy

Tenant's fate hangs on HOA fines, internet outraged 😱

grae23 | grae23

Landlord faces backlash for evicting tenant during pandemic 😱

BiteNuker3000 | BiteNuker3000

Do evictions show up on credit reports? 🤔

Elise24 | Elise24

Commenter questions OP's vague description of nightmare tenant's actions.

OurLordGaben | OurLordGaben

Negative comment dismisses landlord's story, sparks controversy.

lazercat911 | lazercat911

Debate over giving a neutral reference for a problematic tenant 🤔

slytherindemigod | slytherindemigod

Tenant judged unfairly based on class, landlord being unreasonable 😒

Steve-the-kid | Steve-the-kid

Landlord's refusal to give neutral reference is petty and harmful 😒

NovaScrawlers | NovaScrawlers

Commenter accuses landlord of being heartless during pandemic 🤬

dilfmagnet | dilfmagnet

Commenter calls out landlord for being unsympathetic towards single mother 😱

Lost_Land | Lost_Land

Landlord's refusal to give neutral reference to struggling mom 😱

tophbreezy | tophbreezy

Tenant gets what she deserves for being a nightmare 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord faces backlash for refusing neutral reference 🤔

CDClock | CDClock

Landlord and tenant both at fault according to commenters 😒

StarkRicochet | StarkRicochet

Tenant anger towards landlord, YTA comment receives backlash

angrykittie2000 | angrykittie2000

Debate over landlord's responsibility for tenant's housing with kids 😐

Jew-betcha | Jew-betcha

Landlord criticized for refusing to give neutral reference to tenant 😱

freeradicalx | freeradicalx

Commenter compares housing to food, emphasizes its importance. 😱

i_fucked_satan111 | i_fucked_satan111

Landlord faces judgement for refusing neutral reference 🤔

TheRealCheGuevara | TheRealCheGuevara

Mother's intuition confirmed, NTA comment agrees.

No-Wind-7800 | No-Wind-7800

Stand your ground! NTA for warning about nightmare tenant 😊

TheBenchWarmer69 | TheBenchWarmer69

Landlord's refusal to give neutral reference may lead to homelessness 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy! You're NTA 👍

stares-motherfuckily | stares-motherfuckily

Commenter calls out everyone as assholes, pleads for mercy 😱

Frannybutt | Frannybutt

Terrible tenant gets what she deserves according to commenters 🙅

repressedpomegranate | repressedpomegranate

Compassionate perspective on giving neutral reference to difficult tenant 🙏

B0326C0821 | B0326C0821

Heartbreaking story of a struggling mother made homeless by landlord 😢

itspronounced_scone | itspronounced_scone

Commenter surprised at lack of YTA judgments. 🤔

agooddayfor | agooddayfor

Landlord faces backlash for refusing reference, accused of pettiness 😠

babylizardking | babylizardking

Commenter calls out landlord for being cruel to single mom 😱

Patient4479TheJoker | Patient4479TheJoker

Landlord justified in not giving reference for disrespectful tenant 😒

Bertbee90 | Bertbee90

Landlord's refusal to give neutral reference to single mother 😱

Carboncrater224 | Carboncrater224

Compassionate comment defends tenant, questions eviction consequences. 🙏

_mothZale | _mothZale

Landlord stands their ground against nightmare tenant 😡

Nevali4 | Nevali4

Tenant's rent/security deposit could not cover the damages 🤷

Anaiseflower | Anaiseflower

Nightmare employee steals from dad's restaurant, still wants reference 😑

goodatbeingaverage | goodatbeingaverage

Lesson learned: Don't use your evicting landlord as a reference 🙄


Landlord justified in refusing neutral reference for nightmare tenant 😍

Just-1-More-Try | Just-1-More-Try

Nightmare tenants can make being a landlord a living hell 😱

VividFiddlesticks | VividFiddlesticks

Tenant gets what she deserves according to commenter. 😒

yana010 | yana010

NTA recommends reporting nightmare tenant's $800 fees to credit bureau 👍

Ok-Pomegranate-3018 | Ok-Pomegranate-3018

Protecting future tenants is more important than sparing her kids.

ImmediatelyOcelot | ImmediatelyOcelot

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