Roommate's Girlfriend Hides Credit Card 😲: Was It Really for His Betterment?

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A 25-year-old man living with his close friend, Josh, and Josh's girlfriend, Anna, found himself in a heated argument when his credit card went missing. After searching for hours, Anna revealed that she had taken it to help him with his supposed 'addiction'. Was her intervention justified, or did she cross a line?

The Group Dynamics 🏠

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The Missing Credit Card 🤔

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Anna's Confession 😮

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Her Reasoning 🎬

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A Movie-Inspired Intervention 🍿

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His Reaction 😡

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Violation of Privacy 🚫

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A Stern Warning ⚠️

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Anna's Defense 🛡️

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Crossing Boundaries or Justified Intervention? 🤷

In a bizarre turn of events, a man's credit card goes missing, only to be found in the possession of his roommate's girlfriend, Anna. Claiming she took it to help him with his supposed 'shopping addiction,' the man is left furious and feeling violated. With his roommate siding with him, Anna tries to defend her actions, but was she really trying to help or did she cross a line? Share your thoughts below! 💬

NTA- Check your bank/credit statements for surprise charges and report theft.

LilPerditaGattino | LilPerditaGattino

Roommate's girlfriend steals credit card, commenters agree NTA and criticize her behavior 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your credit card! NTA cancels card, others agree 🙌

VegetableSouthern100 | VegetableSouthern100

Roommate's girlfriend stole credit card. Get a lock and kick her out. 💳🔒

John_JayKay | John_JayKay

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card 😲: Trust broken, time to evict.

thicklover | thicklover

Roommate's girlfriend violates boundaries and steals credit card 💳

UVsaturated | UVsaturated

Stealing a credit card is a crime 🚨. Jail time possible 😱.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your privacy and valuables with a lock or safe.

SkyrahFrost | SkyrahFrost

Roommate's girlfriend steals credit card 😱. Cancel it now! 👍

B4pangea | B4pangea

Commenter calls out girlfriend's behavior, hilarious reply ensues 😂

stoat_king | stoat_king

Controlling girlfriend hides credit card: Roommate not at fault. 🙅

Amazing-Ladder | Amazing-Ladder

Protect your finances and sanity. Lock your door and cancel!

Teaaler | Teaaler

Roommate's girlfriend steals credit card: NTA seeks justice 👊

The_final_frontier_ | The_final_frontier_

Roommate's girlfriend snoops and hides credit card: NTA takes action 😎

leftclicksq2 | leftclicksq2

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card 😲: Red flag for controlling!

NanaLeonie | NanaLeonie

Roommate's girlfriend steals credit card: NTA questions her motives 😐

1ceagainnotsure | 1ceagainnotsure

Comment section devolves into chaos over bait post accusation 🤯

Ivan723 | Ivan723

Roommate's girlfriend accused him of being a shopaholic and stole his credit card. NTA

ScionTheAncientOrder | ScionTheAncientOrder

NTA stands up against theft 💪

TAdumbemployee | TAdumbemployee

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card 😲: commenter says NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's girlfriend steals credit card 😲 for his 'betterment'?!

MyNameIsNotShirley | MyNameIsNotShirley

Sarcastic comment receives no replies 🤷‍♂️

Trilobitetiddys | Trilobitetiddys

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card 😲: Commenters suggest eviction

What_Was_I_doi | What_Was_I_doi

NTA's privacy violated by roommate's girlfriend, report stolen card 🛡️

AnyConstellation | AnyConstellation

Rom-coms aren't psychological analyses, get a new card ASAP 😲

projectxplode | projectxplode

🚨 Roommate's girlfriend stole and needs to be evicted. #NTA

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Taking someone's property without permission is never okay 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Naive 22-year-old believes in movie-like romance 😂

Ann3Nym | Ann3Nym

Commenter explains why roommate's girlfriend's behavior is abusive 😱

i_am_soooo_screwed | i_am_soooo_screwed

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card: NTA, her plan was stupid 🙄

jasminel96 | jasminel96

Commenter defends against girlfriend's overreach with humor 🤣

00Lisa00 | 00Lisa00

Protect your finances! Report all cards and warn your roommate.

Curiouspandorabox | Curiouspandorabox

Roommate's girlfriend illegally accessed sensitive information 😱

BakersfieldChimp | BakersfieldChimp

Rom-com inspired credit card hiding leads to judgement-free advice.

Wistastic | Wistastic

NTA roommate's girlfriend hides credit card 😲: red flag alert 🚨

SnooPeppers1641 | SnooPeppers1641

Don't let her get away with it! NTA 💪🏻👮🏻

poooooki | poooooki

Confident commenter shuts down doubt with ease 💪

MonkeysEpic | MonkeysEpic

Roommate's girlfriend's financial advice: rom-coms over reality 🤷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card: NTA calls out her behavior 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Josh's girlfriend hides his credit card 😱. Commenters support him.

saurellia | saurellia

NTA stands up for themselves and suggests calling the cops 🚨

FG2_Fan | FG2_Fan

Roommate's girlfriend hides credit card: NTA's frustrating two-hour search.

RiffRaffAmerican | RiffRaffAmerican

Strong reaction to credit card theft accusation 😱

IrishEyes428 | IrishEyes428

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