Friend Struggles to Lose Weight, But Is It Really Genetics? 😮

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A year ago, two friends decided to embark on a weight loss journey together. They joined a gym and had a personal trainer create a meal plan for them. While one friend followed the plan and lost weight, the other gained weight, blaming it on genetics and bad luck. But was it really genetics, or was there something else at play?

The Weight Loss Journey Begins 🏋️‍♂️

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Different Efforts, Different Results 📉

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

One Loses, One Gains 🤔

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Bad Food Choices 🍔

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Genetics or Excuses? 🧬

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Support and Encouragement 🤗

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Denial and Discouragement 😞

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Calories In, Calories Out 🍽️

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

The Final Straw 🚩

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Confrontation and Reality Check 💥

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

Was It Too Harsh? 🤔

throwgymfriend | throwgymfriend

A Tale of Two Friends: Weight Loss and Genetics 🏋️‍♂️🧬

Two friends started their weight loss journey together, but only one saw success. While one diligently followed the meal plan and lost weight, the other gained weight and blamed it on genetics. The unsuccessful friend began discouraging others from trying to lose weight, claiming only certain people have the right genetics. Frustrated, the successful friend confronted him about his lack of effort and poor choices. Was it too harsh, or was it necessary to set the record straight? Share your thoughts and reactions below. 👇

NTA- Genetics play a part, but it's not impossible to lose weight. Friend is discouraging others and spreading false information.

weewooooooooo | weewooooooooo

Friend blames others for weight loss struggles. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for your healthy lifestyle choices. 💪🏻

Karlshammar | Karlshammar

Encouraging honesty towards a friend's unhealthy habits 🙌

jennyisonreddit | jennyisonreddit

Truth hurts but it's necessary for weight loss journey. 🙏

MadGeller | MadGeller

Encouraging tough love for weight loss struggles 💪

EnderHegemon | EnderHegemon

Friend complains about weight loss, but won't put in work 😠

TravelingBride | TravelingBride

Don't discourage others, it's a dick move 👎

GreyOlson | GreyOlson

Friend's weight gain supplement is counterproductive. NTA for concern.

mofohank | mofohank

Former personal trainer calls out excuses for not losing weight 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's comment may have been better as a private conversation 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend complains about weight gain but eats ice cream nightly 🤮

Bitter-Onion | Bitter-Onion

Friend making excuses for weight loss, NTA calls him out 💪

samuelx94x | samuelx94x

Portion control and exercise can help with weight loss 🚶


NTA OP for stopping misinformation about weight loss. CICO works 💪

AClockworkProfessor | AClockworkProfessor

Giving constructive criticism to a friend's weight loss journey 💪

MemeLoser20 | MemeLoser20

Honesty without hostility. NTA comment wins hearts. 👍

Abeyita | Abeyita

Standing up for your hard work and calling out BS 💪

emotional-hedgehog | emotional-hedgehog

Spreading false information about workouts? NTA for telling truth! 💪

Taliasimmy69 | Taliasimmy69

Polite NTA comment calls out victim mentality in weight loss.

ingodwetryst | ingodwetryst

Struggling to convince loved ones about CICO and healthy habits 🤔


NTA calls out weight loss excuses with a dose of sarcasm 😂

CentralJ22 | CentralJ22

Don't let anyone discredit your hard work! 💪

Penetrative | Penetrative

Friend denies obesity, but craves chips and gravy during pregnancy 🤯

Peony_Rose | Peony_Rose

Sarcastic response shuts down weight loss naysayers. 💪

H20zone | H20zone

Friend avoids responsibility for weight loss, NTA calls out behavior 👏

kasdejya | kasdejya

Debunking weight loss myths: friend's excuse exposed 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Perspective matters, but discouraging others makes you the a**hole. 🤨

awkwardly_competent | awkwardly_competent

Supporting body positivity, but not spreading misinformation. NTA wins.

eldritcheye | eldritcheye

Underlying health issues can affect weight loss efforts 😮

mintyfreshbreadth | mintyfreshbreadth

Encouraging a friend's weight loss can be a mental game 😔

demon__dog | demon__dog

Weight loss struggles dismissed as luck, NTA response applauded 💪

robbietreehorn | robbietreehorn

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep standing up for yourself 💪

bumble843 | bumble843

Respectful NTA shuts down excuses for weight loss failures 💪

triggerqueen | triggerqueen

Formerly overweight commenter empathizes with friend's struggles and rationalizations.

AntiquePangolin | AntiquePangolin

Tough love or coddling? Friend's weight loss struggles addressed. 🙏

bazooka_matt | bazooka_matt

CICO and physical job helped me lose weight. NTA.

damien309 | damien309

Sibling rivalry over weight loss, NTA takes the cake 🍰

weirddevil | weirddevil

Enabling friends: NTA calls out friends for not helping friend.

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Honesty is the best policy for a healthy lifestyle. 🙌

Garden-Diva | Garden-Diva

Agreeing that OP is not the a**hole 👍

SuperbCycle1 | SuperbCycle1

Friend devalues hard work, but NTA for calling him out 👏

strgazr_63 | strgazr_63

Being honest about a friend's health is important. NTA 👍

illyth | illyth

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to weight loss 💪

kartoffelskank | kartoffelskank

Accountability is key to weight loss, don't lie to yourself 💪

TheBatBurner | TheBatBurner

Sassy reply shuts down weight-shaming comment. 💯

TheYoungAcoustic | TheYoungAcoustic

Quick weight loss isn't sustainable, lifestyle changes are key 💪

area51suicidalfunrun | area51suicidalfunrun

Supporting weight loss efforts without belittling is important. 💪

MissThirteen | MissThirteen

Breaking the stigma around weight loss and dieting in America 🙏

Hungweileaux | Hungweileaux

Offered to help friend lose weight, but no effort made. 🙄

savingunderland | savingunderland

Commenter calls out someone for wasting their time and being audacious 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend's weight struggles turned into a negative rant about fitness industry 😕

NorthernLivin | NorthernLivin

Weight loss progress belittled by friend. NTA for confronting.

GingerKibble | GingerKibble

Don't let anyone discourage you from your weight loss journey! 💪🏻

garth999 | garth999

Struggling with weight loss and excuses, friend may need space 😮

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is key! 🗝️ Help your friend stay on track.

dennismullen12 | dennismullen12

Encouraging honesty and accountability in weight loss journeys. 💪

Lord_Kano | Lord_Kano

Honesty is the best policy, but timing and delivery matter 😉

Badpancreasnocookie | Badpancreasnocookie

Defending a friend's weight loss journey with righteous anger 😠

Onionana | Onionana

Encouraging others to be unhealthy makes him a huge a**hole 😡

perhapsnew | perhapsnew

Overcoming genetics through motivation and training. 💪🏻

questnnansr | questnnansr

Calling out misinformation and being a good friend 👍

HauntingFudge | HauntingFudge

Calling out weight effort is touchy, but NTA says comment

Hrhdbsydnd | Hrhdbsydnd

Overcoming weight loss struggles and false health info. 💪

Sea_Petal | Sea_Petal

Not the a**hole for genetics? Let's discuss! 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Being factually correct doesn't mean your approach was correct. 😊

Pickled_Wizard | Pickled_Wizard

Not the a**hole for genetics? Let's discuss! 🤔

xflorentinaa | xflorentinaa

Taking responsibility for your health is important 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Formerly overweight commenter defends genetics, advises communication with friend.

limeyrose | limeyrose

Encouraging comment about weight loss and determination. 💪

You_did__ | You_did__

Friend refuses to put in effort for weight loss, spreading misinformation.

PleasantUnicorn | PleasantUnicorn

Taking responsibility for our health is crucial 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for truth and calling out delusions 💪

trebl900 | trebl900

Supportive comment about weight loss and calling out misinformation.

FonicSorces | FonicSorces

Congrats on not enabling your friend's weight struggles! 💪

Chun_Lai | Chun_Lai

BMI is BS, but commenter is NTA for supporting friend.

AlanTheMexican | AlanTheMexican

Commenter believes friend is not the a**hole for struggling with weight

acjordon | acjordon

Friend not following meal plans or workouts, but genetics not ruled out 😮

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy, even if it takes time 👍

dj_destroyer | dj_destroyer

Regular exercise and healthy habits are key to weight loss! 💪

Thing_M_Bob_Esq | Thing_M_Bob_Esq

Keto worked for commenter, but tough love needed for friend 😮

ChefRickRock | ChefRickRock

Honesty is the best policy? NTA friend gets real 😊

CoatedWinner | CoatedWinner

Don't be a weight complainer, be a weight changer! 💪

BlackWaygook | BlackWaygook

Coworker's excuses for not losing weight were beyond ridiculous 😂

Augusta13 | Augusta13

Supporting body positivity and shifting blame away from weight gain.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out friend's denial of weight loss, sparks debate.

lilbug89 | lilbug89

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