Dad Plans Trip with Biological Kids, Stepkids Left Out 😮

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A father of four, who remarried two years ago, finds himself in a tricky situation when he plans a family trip to his parents' lake house. His wife has three kids from her previous marriage, and due to custody arrangements, the stepkids can't join the trip. The father's decision to proceed with the trip without the stepkids sparks tension and bullying among the siblings, with his wife blaming him for the conflict.

The Blended Family Situation 🏠

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Custody and COVID-19 🦠

[deleted] | [deleted]

The Lake House Trip 🏞️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepkids Can't Go 😞

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Trying to Find a Solution 🤔

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The Wealthy Stepdad 💰

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Understanding Biological Kids 🤗

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Promising Fun for Stepkids 🎉

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Conflict Resolution 🕊️

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The Final Decision 📝

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Another Lake Trip Planned 🌊

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Happy Ending for All 🎊

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Family Finds Resolution 🌈

After discussing everyone's concerns, the family reaches a resolution. The father, his wife, and their biological kids will go to the lake house this weekend, while the stepkids have fun plans with their dad. In two weeks, they'll all go back to the lake for a weekend together. Apologies are exchanged, and everyone leaves happy with the conflict resolved. Share your thoughts on this family's journey to find a solution. 💬

Bio dad plans trip with his kids, stepkids left out. NTA.

Jaer56 | Jaer56

Defending his kids against stepmom's unfair treatment 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let guilt ruin your plans with your kids 👍

that_jedi_girl | that_jedi_girl

Former child of divorced parents advises on split holidays. 🙌

grey_sky | grey_sky

Stepkids excluded from family trip, NTA for going without them 😮

yosarianmarx | yosarianmarx

Don't punish your kids for a scheduling conflict. NTA 👍

funkpunk46 | funkpunk46

Stepkids deemed entitled, biodad spoiling them, causing favoritism issues.

deeme5-4 | deeme5-4

Bio kids shouldn't miss out because of step-kids. NTA 👍

Holographic_honeybee | Holographic_honeybee

Navigating blended family dynamics, excluding stepkids can be tricky 🤔

Yserem | Yserem

Bio kids vs stepkids holiday plan sparks conflict. NTA.

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Stepmom's jealousy drove a wedge between dad and his child. 😢

JennaPharm89 | JennaPharm89

Stepkids bully bio kids over lake trip, alternative plans made 😮

JuliaGray620 | JuliaGray620

Navigating blended families can be tough 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bio kids vs stepkids drama, dad caught in the middle 🤷‍♂️

danionamission16 | danionamission16

Commenter warns of potential danger, use caution 😱

suzannesmith435 | suzannesmith435

Stepmom excludes bio kids from trip, commenter calls NTA

Livvylove | Livvylove

Fairness is key. NTA for prioritizing your biological kids 👍

LittlestSapphire | LittlestSapphire

Stepmom favored stepsister, dad didn't stand up for me. NTA.

flwvoh | flwvoh

Biological kids > Stepkids? NTA, but tread carefully 🤔

the_last_basselope | the_last_basselope

Stepkids left out of family trip, wife prioritizes her own kids 😕

bizianka | bizianka

Blended families can be tough, but NTA for prioritizing your kids 😊

gwacemom | gwacemom

Stepkids left out of family trip, but NTA according to comment.

FireflySky86 | FireflySky86

Blended family dynamics and stepkids entitlement addressed. 👍

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter defends dad's decision. 🙌

PsuedoSkillGeologist | PsuedoSkillGeologist

Complicated custody situation, but NTA for wanting to attend.

ArWKo | ArWKo

Teachable moment for blended families: sometimes timing is off 🙏

LittleTinyTaco | LittleTinyTaco

Curious comment, but no replies yet. 🤔

WVUfan73 | WVUfan73

Equal fun for all kids, step or not! Enjoy the lake 🏊

synesthesiah | synesthesiah

Stepkids excluded from trip, but NTA. Bio kids not punished.

judge1492 | judge1492

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter says NTA. 🙂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Blended families need one-on-one time with biological kids 👍

kimber512_ | kimber512_

Navigating blended families can be tough 😮

freearevirserdna | freearevirserdna

Stepkids left out of family trip, NTA for not excluding

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating blended families can be tough 😔 but excluding stepkids is not okay 😑

Encandescent | Encandescent

Include step kids in future activities, avoid hurt feelings 😞

[deleted] | [deleted]

Importance of one-on-one time with biological kids. NTA.

BrokenAshcraft | BrokenAshcraft

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter suggests wife's parenting issue. 😕

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Prioritizing biological kids on trips: NTA or ESH?

WereAPepsiFamily | WereAPepsiFamily

Stepdad encourages quality time with biological parent, NTA.

Femmus | Femmus

Ouch! That's a harsh judgment to make.

mrsjavey | mrsjavey

Dad wants to take his kids on a trip but stepkids left out. Commenter says NTA and advises dad to not let his wife's selfishness ruin the fun.

seba_make | seba_make

Commenter calls out dad for favoring stepkids, YTA verdict.

Lindapod | Lindapod

Sparks fly as commenter calls out wife's hypocrisy 🤬

PogdanX | PogdanX

Excluding stepkids from family trip is unfair and hurtful 😢

ohonagang | ohonagang

Stepkids left out of family trip, commenter supports dad's decision.

steak5874 | steak5874

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter defends NTA decision.

trujace | trujace

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenters support dad's decision ❤️

lethologica5 | lethologica5

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter supports dad's decision. 👍

podqueen | podqueen

Navigating custody arrangements can be tough, but excluding stepkids isn't fair 😔

jluvdc26 | jluvdc26

Don't let your stepkids ruin your family reunion 😉

Bug_a_boo_Mama | Bug_a_boo_Mama

Not the a**hole, but why? Context is important.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepkids excluded from trip, commenter thinks dad's not wrong 😍

dr-thicc-hamster | dr-thicc-hamster

Wife is TA? Comment and replies discuss dad's actions.

notandy420 | notandy420

Family plans should not be disrupted by custody arrangements. #NTA

flashaahahaah | flashaahahaah

Stepkids left out of trip, but NTA for prioritizing own kids 😊

notmemeorme | notmemeorme

Stepkids excluded from family trip. Double standards? NTA.

MarsNirgal | MarsNirgal

Stepmom accused of favoritism towards her own kids 🤷

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

Stepkids left out of trip, commenter defends their right to fun.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepkids excluded from trip, but apology and understanding achieved 🙏

ashburd | ashburd

Positive vibes! Happy to hear about your happy ending! 😊

Ragingredblue | Ragingredblue

Heartwarming ending to NTA comment 😍

axxonn13 | axxonn13

NTA! Great communication, compromise, and humility. Have a great trip! 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family dynamics can be tough. This commenter wishes their dad had done the same.

Beckylately | Beckylately

Blended families can be tough, but this NTA has a good point 👍

Ehvyxo | Ehvyxo

Valid to prioritize bonding with bio kids, stepkids understand. NTA 👍

Pan_Elise | Pan_Elise

This comment stands alone, but still deserves a thumbs up! 👍

bad-attidude | bad-attidude

Update brings positive outcome for NTA comment.

arrandavis | arrandavis

Blended family handles scheduling conflicts with understanding 🙏

RodeoQueen16 | RodeoQueen16

Grandparents deserve quality time with grandkids. NTA for that.

AITADramaDramaTA | AITADramaDramaTA

Commenter defends dad's decision to exclude stepkids from trip.

zathmi | zathmi

Quality time with biological parent is important for children 👨‍👦👧👦👧

daddyswatching | daddyswatching

Heartwarming update resolves blended family conflict. NAH wins!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skeptical commenter doubts happy ending, wants more drama 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mature conflict resolution praised in comments 👏

MajesticFlapFlap | MajesticFlapFlap

This comment section is full of positivity 😊

redyellowbluegreen43 | redyellowbluegreen43

Positive vibes! Glad they reached an arrangement 😊

lolol69lolol | lolol69lolol

Growing up in a blended family, commenter understands stepkids exclusion

redbottleofshampoo | redbottleofshampoo

Step-dad excluded stepkids from trip, commenter says NTA 😊

shadus | shadus

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