Did I ruin game night by telling the truth?

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A game night with friends turned into a disaster when a seemingly harmless question led to a heated argument. One friend accused another of leading a privileged life, causing the night to come to an abrupt end. But was the truth-teller in the wrong? Read on to find out the full story and decide for yourself if they were the a**hole.

Unexpected guest at game night- did it ruin the fun?

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Join the fun and see how deep your friends can get!

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Deepening game night with thought-provoking questions 🤔

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

A heart-wrenching backstory that sets the tone for vulnerability ❤️

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Betrayal and secrets threaten game night with friends 😔

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Navigating privilege and truth-telling at game night 🎲

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Awkward moment at game night when truth is told 🤐

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Sharing personal tragedy at game night: social faux-pas? 😬

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Silence falls after truth-telling ruins game night 😶🤫

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Reflecting on a game night gone wrong, seeking judgement. 🤔

sonofapeachh | sonofapeachh

Game night gone wrong 😬

A game night with friends turned sour after a comment made by a last-minute guest. The group was playing a card game where they asked each other personal questions when one of the players asked about a difficult experience. The host replied that transitioning to college was hard, but a guest, Matt, made a condescending comment about his privileged life. The host then revealed that his sister died when he was 17, and the mood turned tense. The game night ended shortly after, and the host was later accused of being a jerk. Was he wrong for speaking up or was he justified in making his statement? Read on for the reactions and comments.

Matt learned a lesson about mocking other's pain 🤕

uhheyhowareyou | uhheyhowareyou

Embarrassing Matt for being a jerk at game night 😬🎲

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Putting a snarky guest in their place. #NTA

Recruiter19 | Recruiter19

NTA shut down a condescending jerk at game night. 🙌

endlessnanosecond | endlessnanosecond

Unexpected result from edgy behavior 😬 Minecraft t-shirt reference

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending oneself against unfair criticism. NTA 👏

DecodingSerenity | DecodingSerenity

Newcomer causes drama in game night, NTA shuts it down 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Playing emotionally intense games with friends can lead to conflicts. 😕

procedureszone102 | procedureszone102

Know your audience before speaking 🤔

cricket73646 | cricket73646

Savage response shuts down ugly comment, justice served 🙌

socialjusticekimchi | socialjusticekimchi

Truth-telling at game night earns NTA judgement 👍

kindofharmless | kindofharmless

Honesty is the best policy. NTA for calling out bad behavior 👏

bjorgear | bjorgear

Lesson learned: Think before you talk and don't judge.

yeetingpikachu | yeetingpikachu

Friend's entitled comment makes Matt and friend TA. 🙄

kitttenox- | kitttenox-

Validating experiences is important. NTA for sharing. 🙌

ClosetedGothAdult | ClosetedGothAdult

The group agrees: Matt is the worst 🙄

ash894 | ash894

Commenter defends OP against condescending guest at game night 🎲

yakshack | yakshack

Savage clapback shuts down rude stranger 👏🏼👏🏼

steelydan84 | steelydan84

Playing a game of truth or dare can sometimes reveal more than expected 😬🤐

pntlesdevilsadvocate | pntlesdevilsadvocate

Guest's rude comments backfire during game night with friends. 😬

emanresuelbaliavayna | emanresuelbaliavayna

Playing We’re Not Really Strangers? Keep it to close friends 😅

heyykelleyy | heyykelleyy

Supportive response to NTA with empathetic tone ❤️

KatJen76 | KatJen76

Friend learns hard lesson after insulting others during game night 😬

NeptuneAndCherry | NeptuneAndCherry

Handling a thoughtless comment like a boss! 👑

stardew618 | stardew618

Calling out a friend's arrogance, NTA wins the night 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Justified assholery? ESH in a game night judgment showdown 💥

Locksmithe_ | Locksmithe_

Choosing the wrong game can ruin the night. 🎲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Truth hurts 🤷‍♀️

Celimas | Celimas

Matt needs a lesson in tact. NTA wins game night 🎉

tnscatterbrain | tnscatterbrain

Friend brings stranger who judges, but OP not the a-hole 🙌

livewire1097 | livewire1097

Setting the tone for a disastrous game night 🎲😬

judge1492 | judge1492

🃏🗑️ Looks like this game needs to be thrown out 🚮

freelanceredditor | freelanceredditor

When being a pompous a** ruins game night 😒

AllyKalamity | AllyKalamity

Matt's comment was in poor taste, NTA for telling the truth.

KindHearted_IceQueen | KindHearted_IceQueen

Honesty is not always the best policy 🤐

denn_r | denn_r

When a stranger comes to your house and acts entitled...🤔

cornflakedemon | cornflakedemon

Lied, humiliated a guest, and ruined game night. ESH in trauma-bump.

Tnch | Tnch

Shutting down the privilege police 💪🏽🙅🏻‍♂️ Game night drama ensues 😬

TwoSoxxx | TwoSoxxx

No gatekeeping hardships. Stupid game, stupid prize. 🤷‍♀️

Yojildo | Yojildo

Commenter defends OP and calls out hypocrisy 👏👏

usernaym44 | usernaym44

No remorse, no problem! NTA wins the game 🎉👏

AgataKafka | AgataKafka

Game night gone wrong with ESH and triggering question.

randa_panda | randa_panda

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. 🙌

buttercream_bounce | buttercream_bounce

Party confession goes wrong: 'He's gone, all good' 🤫

Deepdishultra | Deepdishultra

Responding to condescending guest at game night, condolences given ❤️

gauravpdutta | gauravpdutta

Honesty is the best policy 🤥👌

Minnomal | Minnomal

Game night disaster averted: airhead learns valuable lesson 😅🎲

Stunning-General | Stunning-General

Nuance of the situation: OP justified, but was it reasonable to expect Matt to know about OP's sensitivity?

ShampooMonster | ShampooMonster

Sharing personal trauma is optional, calling out bad behavior isn't 🙌

Avijel | Avijel

Matt caught in the act of Reddit-scrolling 😂

nightglitter89x | nightglitter89x

Excitement for new game overshadows friend's ahole behaviour

kbat420 | kbat420

Sharing your personal experiences is not a competition 💪

SlicedShallot | SlicedShallot

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