Husband upset I won't incorporate his southern culture into our family life

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A woman from the northeast of the US has caused a stir after calling her husband's southern culture 'garbage'. During a family gathering, the woman's husband and his friend made jokes about him being 'whipped' and criticized her for not serving her husband first. The argument escalated when her husband accused her of disrespecting his background by forcing northern culture on him. However, the woman was not prepared to back down, stating that southern culture is bigoted and reserved only for those who conform to its norms. The debate has sparked discussion online, with many people questioning whether cultural differences should be respected or challenged.

Navigating cultural differences in marriage: a tale of southern roots.

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Family picnic gets awkward as husband wants to push culture

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Toxic southern culture forces wife into subservient role at home.

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Gender roles and culture clash in the family dynamic. 👩‍👦

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Feeling left out and frustrated with family dynamics 🙁

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Navigating cultural differences in marriage can be challenging. 😕

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Navigating cultural differences in household chores and parenting roles 👨🏻‍🎤

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Southern hospitality or bigotry? A resident's perspective. 🤔

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Exploring the impact of southern culture on family dynamics

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Navigating cultural differences in a marriage can be challenging 🤝

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Husband wants traditional southern lifestyle, but wife refuses.

A couple from the US northeast with a child is facing cultural differences as the husband from the deep south of the US wants his wife to incorporate his southern culture into their family life. During a distanced picnic with friends, the husband was criticized by his father-in-law and friend for doing his share of parenting while his wife served the food. The husband believes that women should do household chores while men do fun parenting and outdoor chores, which is a huge part of southern culture. The wife disagrees and believes southern culture is garbage, citing bigotry towards marginalized groups. The husband is upset with his wife for not compromising and incorporating aspects of his culture into their family life. This disagreement has caused resentment, and the couple is struggling to find a solution. Read on for comments and reactions to this cultural clash.

A southern gentleman calls for fairness, respect & kindness, not sexism.

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Commenter and replies call out misogyny disguised as 'culture' in NTA comment thread 🙄

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Standing up against misogynistic cultural practices. NTA 🙅‍♀️

ExamRoom4 | ExamRoom4

Women shouldn't have to work and carry the heavier load. 🙅‍♀️

matsun2389 | matsun2389

Southern culture does not promote misogyny, just an excuse to be an a**hole 🙄

mimiuniverse | mimiuniverse

User defends OP and calls out sexism in partner's request 🙌

VanillaFam | VanillaFam

Antiquated gender roles disguised as "culture" need to end. 🙅‍♀️

lesthemess2 | lesthemess2

Traditional roles can't be cherry-picked. NTA 👏🙌👍

hamhockmom | hamhockmom

Denouncing the sexism disguised as culture 👊

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Commenter calls out husband for being a 'massive prick' and not contributing to parenting duties. NTA 🚫

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Husband wants to impress colleagues with culture, not appreciate it 🤔

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Commenter questions why the OP is with this misogynistic partner 🤔

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Rejecting southern culture for misogyny, NTA stands strong 💪

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Gender roles causing tension in household. 🤔

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Southern culture doesn't equate to misogyny. NTA for setting boundaries 😌

tcbymca | tcbymca

Southern culture doesn't excuse laziness. NTA. 👍

LittleMissGriff | LittleMissGriff

Rejecting gender roles doesn't mean rejecting culture. NTA 🙌

Zephenna | Zephenna

Commenter shuts down sexist notion of 'southern culture' with sass 👏🏽

Clillybee | Clillybee

Communication is key in a marriage. NTA for questioning culture.

OldManWickett | OldManWickett

Southern husband wants traditional wife, but you're NTA for refusing 🙅‍♀️

arahzel | arahzel

Dump the lazy husband and find a true role model 👏

audreyallmight | audreyallmight

NTA. Commenter shuts down sexist southern culture with humor 👏

rekreid | rekreid

Standing up against cultural sexism and racism. NTA 🙌

YummyBread69 | YummyBread69

Traditional gender roles can work for some families. NTA 👍

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Midwest vs South banter in a culture clash thread 😂

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Commenter criticizes gender roles in spouse's cultural request 🤔

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Commenter calls out southern culture and husband's bigotry. NTA.

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Southern woman shuts down conservative husband's culture clash 🙅‍♀️

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Southerner defends wife against misogynistic husband. 👏🏼

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Breaking down cultural misogyny with a single comment. 👏

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Southern culture shouldn't be an excuse for misogyny. #NTA 🙅‍♀️🌴

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Divorce threat after cultural disagreement 💔👀

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Commenter stands up against bigotry in family dynamics 👌

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Embracing cultural differences in a marriage - NTA wins!

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Debate over Southern US culture and accusations of racism/sexism.

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Why move if you want to impose culture? 🤔 NTA.

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Sassy response shuts down cultural dominance 🙌🏼💯

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Southern culture clash: NTA shuts down husband's resentment.

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Marriage requires open discussion on beliefs. NTA for standing firm.

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Sassy response to entitled husband wanting southern culture in family 🙄

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A scathing takedown of toxic masculinity and cultural hypocrisy. 🙌

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Commenter calls out post as troll and labels both parties negatively.

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Standing up against misogyny in cultural differences. ✊

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Standing up against sexist culture 👊

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