Software engineer charges cousin $35/hour to babysit, family calls her entitled

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When a software engineer was asked to babysit for her cousin, she quoted her freelance rate of $35 an hour. This led to a heated argument with her cousin, who accused her of being entitled and selfish. The engineer explained that babysitting would be harder for her than routine coding work, and that she didn't want to go too low. However, her cousin's husband insulted her, saying that her time wasn't worth that much and that she was acting like a child. In the end, the engineer refused to babysit and her family thought she was in the wrong. What do you think? Was the engineer being unreasonable, or was her cousin being unfair? Read more to find out.

Balancing a full-time job and freelance coding as a side hustle

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Side hustles or entitlement? Engineer charges family for babysitting 🤔

hennydefn | hennydefn

Software engineer justifies charging family member for babysitting services.

hennydefn | hennydefn

Babysitting drama during Christmas vacation 🧒💰

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When work and family time clash, is it entitlement? 🤔

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Software engineer finds new source of income as babysitter.

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Long drive but short on entertainment 🚗👶

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Babysitting for family: favor or paid service? 💰👨‍👩‍👧

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Babysitting or Software Engineering? How much is your time worth?

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Babysitting rates cause family drama 💰😬

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A software engineer charges $35/hour to babysit her cousin's kids👶

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Software engineer charged family for babysitting, admits difficulty 🤱

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Babysitting at $35/hour? Is the software engineer entitled?

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Cousin charged $35/hour for babysitting, called entitled and selfish.

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👶💰 Software engineer charges family for babysitting services

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Family criticizes software engineer's high babysitting rate 💰

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Family criticizes engineer for charging $35/hr to babysit cousin 🤔

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Engineer defends charging family for babysitting, faces backlash 🔥

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Charging $35/hour to babysit? AITA for being entitled?

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Software engineer charges cousin $35/hour to babysit, family calls her entitled 🤑

A software engineer charged her cousin $35 per hour to babysit her three kids for three days. The family was outraged and called her entitled, saying that babysitting should only cost $15 an hour. Despite explaining that her freelance hourly rates were $60, she valued her time at no less than $35 for doing difficult work. The engineer had side hustles and enjoyed putting her free time into work. Although she was already ahead of schedule on all her freelance work, she agreed to babysit as long as she got paid close to her freelance rates. The family was not happy with her number, and tensions rose when the engineer was called stupid and childish for valuing her time at $35. Did she ask for too much? Or was her time and effort worth the price? Read on to see what others think and share your thoughts below.

Fair compensation for babysitting 3 kids for 3 days, NTA.

Phy44 | Phy44

NTA for charging fair rate, husband sounds sexist and entitled 🤑

runthereszombies | runthereszombies

Charging family for babysitting makes her entitled? NTA 🙄

Wikidess | Wikidess

$15 for babysitting three kids is absurd, NTA 👶🏻💰

Superbia18 | Superbia18

Female software engineer called 'entitled' for charging for babysitting

Lyn1987 | Lyn1987

💰 Family/friends discounts? 🤔 NTA charges fair rate for babysitting.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends software engineer's decision to charge for babysitting.

someoneelsesusername | someoneelsesusername

Setting boundaries during vacation time, NTA for charging.

akiomaster | akiomaster

Charging $35/hour for babysitting 3 kids during holidays - fair or entitled? 💰

a_canadian_cannibal | a_canadian_cannibal

Charging family for babysitting puts you in a**hole category, but family's entitled reaction makes them no better 🙄

greg_r_ | greg_r_

Valuing your time is important 📅. Charging for babysitting fair.

hunkydory45 | hunkydory45

Software engineer cousin charges $35/hour to babysit, called entitled. Commenter defends OP and calls out cousin's financial irresponsibility. 💸

FakeGamerDoggo | FakeGamerDoggo

Family asks software engineer cousin to babysit without pay, then complains when she offers her freelance rate. Commenters debate whether she's the asshole or not.

GroundhogNight | GroundhogNight

Family expects free labor, commenter calls out their entitlement. 🙄

andromache97 | andromache97

Software engineer defends charging cousin for babysitting, gets attacked.

MasterOfKittens3K | MasterOfKittens3K

Charge whatever you want! NTA for valuing your time 💰

aintnufincleverhere | aintnufincleverhere

Valuing your time is important, NTA 👍💰

black_eyed_susan | black_eyed_susan

Babysitting for three days is essentially parenting. 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Polite NTA comment sparks heated discussion about entitlement and worth 💰

GlorySBitch | GlorySBitch

Defending her worth as a software engineer and babysitter 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitting rates cause family feud 💰👶

peithecelt | peithecelt

Setting a price for babysitting is personal and fair 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clarification on the hours charged for babysitting services.

NerdBerdIsTheWerd | NerdBerdIsTheWerd

Babysitting at software developer rates? ESH for unrealistic expectations.

itsMalarky | itsMalarky

Defending high price for babysitting, calling out hypocrisy 👀

Astromachine | Astromachine

Babysitting for three days is more than a simple family favor 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cousin and husband are AHs for expecting free babysitting. NTA.

prairiemountainzen | prairiemountainzen

Setting the record straight on babysitting entitlement 🍼💰

Jackniferuby | Jackniferuby

Standing up for your worth 💪 You're NTA in this situation.

ScoobyFan70 | ScoobyFan70

Empower yourself! Your time is valuable 💰💪

justtrish2 | justtrish2

Female software engineer defends fair price for babysitting services 💻👶

rawrsatbeards | rawrsatbeards

Defending the babysitting rate: NTA saves family money 💰

apotoftrees | apotoftrees

Charge what you're worth 💰💼 Family can't expect free labor.

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