Single mom in 50s faces backlash for saying daughter inherits house

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A single mom in her 50s purchased a house in the Bay Area 30 years ago for $230k, and it's now worth $1M. Her daughter grew up in the house and moved out last year. The mom never explicitly said the house would be hers, but it's common sense. She wants her daughter to inherit the house, but her fiancé disagrees, saying that splitting the money three ways is enough for all three kids. Who do you think is right? Read the full story here.

Mom faces backlash for daughter inheriting house 😡

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Mom faces backlash for daughter's house inheritance in Bay Area 🏡

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Daughter moves out, mom faces backlash for inheritance decision

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Single mom receives backlash for daughter inheriting house 🏡

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Proud single mom faces backlash for property inheritance announcement

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Neighbors' professions contrast with single mom's inheritance controversy

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Struggling single mom faces housing backlash despite daughter's inheritance 💸

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Newly engaged woman shares her love story with fiance Steven 💕

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Single mom excited to help raise partner's young children ❤️

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Single mom defends decision to protect daughter's inheritance 🏠

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Protecting assets: Discussing prenups before marriage 💍💰

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Mom faces backlash for daughter inheriting house 😠

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Father disputes daughter's inheritance of house, sparks debate ⚖️

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Single mom faces backlash over daughter's inheritance claim 😢

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Single mom faces backlash for giving daughter house inheritance 🏠

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Mother faces backlash for leaving house to daughter 😡

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Single mom faces backlash over daughter inheriting Bay Area home 😱

A single mom in her 50s is facing backlash after declaring her daughter as the sole inheritor of her Bay Area home, which is now worth about $1M. The mom, who paid for 80% of the mortgage by herself, says it's a non-negotiable for her that her daughter, who is a hairstylist, inherits the home. This has caused tension with her fiance who has joint custody of two young children and believes that $1M split three ways is enough for all three kids to get a headstart in life. The mom argues that her daughter grew up in the house and has always planned on giving it to her. The Bay Area is notoriously unaffordable for those outside of the tech industry, and the mom's daughter would have to move to a less desirable area if the home is split. This situation has sparked a debate on social media about inheritance and family dynamics. Let's take a look at some of the reactions.

Protecting her daughter's inheritance causes tension with fiance's children.

SnakesCantWearPants | SnakesCantWearPants

Protect yourself and your daughter's inheritance. Consult an estate lawyer. 🤔

Babybleu | Babybleu

Commenter raises concern over daughter's inheritance in pricey Bay Area 🏠

abcwva | abcwva

NTA, protecting your investment with an ironclad prenup is crucial 💪

JakBurten | JakBurten

Single mom defends daughter's inheritance with sassy clap back 👏🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Definitely NTA. Watch out for that red flag waving! 👌

Livvylove | Livvylove

Protect your assets and don't forget to adopt a will! 💰

dragoneggblaze | dragoneggblaze

Don't back down! That house is for your daughter 🙏🏻

ogrizzle2 | ogrizzle2

Engage a lawyer before marrying; don't trust anyone's good nature 💍

GloryIV | GloryIV

Secure your daughter's future with an irrevocable trust 👍

sra19 | sra19

Protect your assets! 🏠💰 Prenup is always a good idea.

AdAdministrative9341 | AdAdministrative9341

Your house, your decision! NTA. Don't let him guilt you 😡

morganraymo | morganraymo

Protect your assets with a prenup and will 👍

MrNjord | MrNjord

Protect your asset! Consider setting up a trust for safety 🏠

Valuable-Ad-5798 | Valuable-Ad-5798

Protect your daughter's inheritance with a lawyer and prenup 💼

readbackcorrect | readbackcorrect

Heartbreaking story of inheritance injustice 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

User calls out gold digger, advises prenup and separate finances. 💰

redder83 | redder83

Fiancé demands single mom's house for his 10-year-old kids, NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting assets with a prenup. 💍


Ex-husband's remarriage no obligation for fiance to inherit house 💁‍♀️

momtobe908 | momtobe908

Protect your assets and your daughter's future. Consult a lawyer 👨🏻‍💻💻

Cakercat | Cakercat

Secure your legacy: Single mom defends daughter's inheritance decision 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for single mom's inheritance with a touch of humor 😂

wotsname123 | wotsname123

Daughter deserves house, NTA for wanting to pass it on 👏

Kellymargaret | Kellymargaret

Your house, your rules 🏡💁‍♀️

PuzzleheadedDepth7 | PuzzleheadedDepth7

Commenter defends single mom against gold digger accusation 💪

tigerCELL | tigerCELL

Inheritance drama: Leave it to whom you want 👍

Minathebrat | Minathebrat

You're not the a-hole! Keep your house, it's your property 💪🏡

justincasio | justincasio

Protect your assets! 📜💰💍

smile365days | smile365days

Daughter deserves inheritance, not entitled stepfamily. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter raises valid concern about inheritance plan for stepfamily.

Portie_lover | Portie_lover

Respecting her investment for her daughter 💪👏

rileygreyy | rileygreyy

Protect your assets 💰👩‍⚖️

ChristieMasters | ChristieMasters

Mom receives backlash for wanting to leave house to daughter. #NTA 🏠

NYC-AL2016 | NYC-AL2016

Comment section turns toxic with accusations of gold digging 💔

Brilliant_Guava_9646 | Brilliant_Guava_9646

Mom in 50s not selfish for wanting to secure daughter's future 🏠

LilDragon2991 | LilDragon2991

Secure your assets and stand up for yourself! 🤝

yonk182 | yonk182

You're NTA for wanting to leave your house to your daughter 👍

the_one_54321 | the_one_54321

Mom not wrong, concern for opposition's motive.

Admirable_Mud_7423 | Admirable_Mud_7423

Single mom defends her decision against entitled partner 👊

spicybEtch212 | spicybEtch212

Protecting your estate: Get a lawyer, not Reddit! 📔

CandylandCanada | CandylandCanada

Commenter expresses concern about marrying partner, NTA judgement supported.

FutureJakeSantiago | FutureJakeSantiago

Protect your assets and your daughter's future with a trust 😌

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Mom stands her ground against entitled stepchildren. 🔥❤️

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Daughter deserves inheritance, helping grandkids not her responsibility 💰👩‍👧‍👦

bb8ismyhomie | bb8ismyhomie

Important questions to consider before giving daughter the house 🏠

waterbuffalo750 | waterbuffalo750

Protect your assets and your daughter. 🏠💪

Luna-Strange | Luna-Strange

Generational wealth: NTA, give your daughter the childhood home 🏠

commissionerdre | commissionerdre

Protecting her assets and daughter with a prenup 💍💰

cmonmaan | cmonmaan

Fair division of assets. Step kids should get their dad's estate.

Bambie-Rizzo | Bambie-Rizzo

No a**hole here. Agreeing comment with no replies.

ss_garner | ss_garner

Stand your ground! 💪 Prenup is a must 📜

happyhiker_ | happyhiker_