Woman alters wedding dress after breakup, sister upset she didn't give it to her for her wedding

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When a bride-to-be's fiancé cheats on her, she decides to take her power back by altering her expensive wedding dress into a functional gown. However, when her sister finds out, she becomes upset because she had jokingly asked for the dress earlier. The bride is confused and wonders if she was in the wrong. Read on to find out if she's the a**hole.

Redditer seeks opinion on giving sister wedding dress post breakup.

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Bride alters dress after breakup due to cheating partner 💔

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Bride alters 2k dollar wedding dress after breakup, blames herself

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

From heartbreak to empowerment: Woman alters wedding dress like a pro

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Woman's Instagram post about altering wedding dress causes family drama

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Sister upset bride altered dress, didn't give for her wedding 🙄

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Sister demands wedding dress after bride alters it post-breakup 💔

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Sister's disappointment over wedding dress creates tension 😕

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Sister upset about wedding dress alteration, AITA? 👰

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Details on cheating scandal revealed in comments 💥

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Surviving a breakup with a cheating ex during wedding season.

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

Redditor calls out hypocrisy on cheating in wedding dress dispute 💍

aitaweddingdresscu | aitaweddingdresscu

👰 Woman alters dress after breakup, sister upset over wedding.

When a woman's fiancé cheats on her with a stripper during his bachelor party, it's understandable that she would feel betrayed and heartbroken. After the breakup, the woman altered her $2k wedding dress to give herself a sense of empowerment. She changed the color to something less wedding-like and cut it a bit. But when the woman posted a picture of the new dress on Instagram, her sister recognized it as the original wedding dress and was upset that she didn't give it to her for her own wedding. The sister had made a comment about taking the dress if the woman wasn't using it, but the woman thought it was a joke. Now, the sister is mad at her and their mother is caught in the middle. The woman is asking for an unbiased opinion on whether or not she was in the wrong. What do you think? Should the woman have given the dress to her sister or was she justified in altering it for her own use? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Reclaiming power and moving on. NTA, sister's insensitive request.

runthereszombies | runthereszombies

Celebrating independence and talent! 🎉👗

Renzieface | Renzieface

Sister wants dress, ignores deeper meaning. NTA for keeping it.

stunning-stasis | stunning-stasis

Sassy comment sparks hilarious wedding dress revenge ideas 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter asks for photos of altered dress, others join in.

Ryakai8291 | Ryakai8291

Sister's joke backfires when she straight-faced asks for wedding dress 🙄

Aristotle_El | Aristotle_El

Sister wants wedding dress for free, doesn't follow up, gets upset.

kaitou1011 | kaitou1011

Sister upset after breakup dress not given to her for wedding 😔

ambitiousgardener | ambitiousgardener

Sister wants dress without offering to pay? NTA, keep it 💁‍♀️

wickedkittylitter | wickedkittylitter

Bachelor party excuses questioned, called out for disgusting behavior 💩

naturegoths | naturegoths

Wedding dress revenge? Commenter suggests cheap alternative on Wish app.

witchradiator | witchradiator

Debate on bachelor party traditions; some find it messed up.

Asaftheleg | Asaftheleg

Sister wants ex's dress for her wedding? 🙄 No way!

HellaHighAtHogwarts | HellaHighAtHogwarts

Sister wants to wear heartbreak and misery; NTA removes option. ❤

loudent2 | loudent2

Supportive comment and reply shut down entitled sister's request 🙌

skeptic_narcoleptic | skeptic_narcoleptic

Sibling rivalry over wedding dress alteration and body changes 👰👗

HephaestusHarper | HephaestusHarper

Stripper shows support for OP's decision to alter dress post-breakup ❤️

arizonaicedgreentea | arizonaicedgreentea

Supporting the decision to not give away the dress 💍👰

421AlphaQueen | 421AlphaQueen

Stand up for yourself and rock that dress 🎉

ghost_in_the_snow | ghost_in_the_snow

Debating the definition of cheating after a bachelor party incident 💍💔

addictedtochips | addictedtochips

Wedding dress drama averted with a lucky breakup escape 💍

wobblebase | wobblebase

Sister asks for wedding dress on the day of sibling's breakup 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister asked for dress, then calls it a joke. NAH?

astronautmyproblem | astronautmyproblem

Empathize with OP's situation and compliment her dress makeover 💁‍♀️

lemonade_sparkle | lemonade_sparkle

Entitled sister vs. rightful owner of wedding dress 🙄 NTA

Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy | Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy

Sister demands wedding dress, gets upset when bride alters it 💍👗

RedQueen9 | RedQueen9

Family drama over a wedding dress 🙄

Kmia55 | Kmia55

Set boundaries and keep your property, NTA 🙌

evit_cani | evit_cani

Respectful justification for not giving dress to sister 🙏

nonyvole | nonyvole

Turned wedding dress into a costume, inspired a Maskerade ball 🎭

Alamagoozlum | Alamagoozlum

Sister demands wedding dress after breakup, gets called out. 😒

smelltramo | smelltramo

Breaking up with her ex, keeping her dress, and shutting down dress demand with humor

Careless-Custard | Careless-Custard

Sister wants wedding dress, but OP's NTA reasoning is valid 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister wants wedding dress, but is she being insensitive? 🤔

JustGotOffOfTheTrain | JustGotOffOfTheTrain

Supportive comment on wedding dress situation, NTA sentiment. 👍🏼

Recklessly_formulaic | Recklessly_formulaic

Clear communication is key! NAH in this situation 😊

GenesisProTech | GenesisProTech

Sister wants dress but NTA keeps it, power move 💪🏼

leAlexein | leAlexein

Sister wants ex's ex-wedding dress? NTA says commenters 😤

KhanJrJr | KhanJrJr

Curious Red Dress Emoji: Commenter wants to see the new dress

NotGhey | NotGhey

Stand your ground! 👏

BriBriKinz | BriBriKinz

Wedding dress controversy: Misunderstanding or petty move? 🤔

BillyClubxxx | BillyClubxxx

Destroying symbols of your ex can be cathartic 🙌

ExbronentialGrowth | ExbronentialGrowth

Cheating is wrong, but NAH regarding the dress dilemma. Offer alternatives.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister wants the dress, but doesn't want to pay for it 💰

super_common_name | super_common_name

Supportive comments for woman altering wedding dress after breakup.

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

Sister wants OP to wait before altering dress, NTA for deciding otherwise 💪

Uyulala88 | Uyulala88

👀 Curiosity sparked by wedding dress in breakup controversy.

MrEvLo | MrEvLo

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