Nanny suspects mom violated NDA, hacks Instagram to find out

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What do you do when you suspect that a family member has violated a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that you signed as part of your job? That's the dilemma one nanny found herself in when she ran into a neighbor who knew details about her high-profile job that she hadn't shared. After suspecting her mom, she discovered an incriminating DM on her mom's Instagram account. But was it worth violating her mom's trust to find out the truth? Read on to find out and share your thoughts.

The nanny suspects a breach of NDA, resorts to hacking.

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Nanny fears mom breached NDA; hacks Instagram to investigate 🕵️

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Nanny's friend breaches NDA via Instagram to snoop on employer

freetobex2 | freetobex2

Nanny suspects mom violated NDA and hacks Instagram for proof 🔍

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Family tensions rise as nanny accuses mom of breaching NDA.

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Mom violates NDA, nanny hacks Instagram for info 🔒

freetobex2 | freetobex2

Sibling rivalry taken to the extreme 🤔

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Teen suspects mom of violating NDA and hacks Instagram 🕵️

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Nanny violates NDA to expose mom's personal info 😲

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Nanny confronts mom after Instagram hack reveals NDA violation 🕵️

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Nanny regrets violating trust, seeks reconciliation with mom 💔

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Husband defends nanny's actions in violation of NDA accusation 🔍

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Nanny faces dilemma over suspicion of mom's breach of NDA 😕

freetobex2 | freetobex2

Nanny suspects mom violated NDA, hacks Instagram to find out

A nanny for a high-profile family discovers a violation of the NDA and suspects it was her mom. After confronting her, she hacks into her mom's Instagram and finds that she did indeed share private information about the family with a neighbor. Now, the nanny is unsure if she is in the wrong for violating her mom's trust or if her mom is in the wrong for violating the NDA. The situation becomes even more complicated as the nanny's job and the safety of her nanny family are at risk. Read on to find out who is the real a**hole in this situation and how the nanny navigates this tricky dilemma.

NTA, mother violated NDA and put job and children at risk.

downbythesea113 | downbythesea113

Recommend being honest with family about mom breaking NDA 💬👀

liadantaru | liadantaru

NTA's mom violated NDA and breached trust. Family lawsuit recommended. 💥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nanny's mom hacks her Instagram, violates NDA. Should nanny tell? 🤔

Pretend_Pickle | Pretend_Pickle

Nanny legally breaks NDA, uncovers toxic situation, and faces consequences. 😱

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

Breaking an NDA can ruin job opportunities, mom needs to understand 🤐

SparklySlothGiraffe | SparklySlothGiraffe

Supportive comment receives a well-deserved laugh reaction 😂

dannylgonzal | dannylgonzal

Nanny suspects mom violated NDA, finds out via hack 🕵️‍♀️ NTA

holyylemons | holyylemons

Nanny reports mom for violating NDA and sparks court speculations

Misc-fluff | Misc-fluff

Nanny suspects violation of NDA, seeks legal help and evidence. 👍

stardropunlocked | stardropunlocked

Agreement on mother's betrayal. Happy cake day celebration 🎂

warriorsfan1000 | warriorsfan1000

Contacting a lawyer and employer is wise, hope it goes well! 🙌

mysteresc | mysteresc

Breaking an NDA is a breach of trust. NTA here.

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

Mom violates NDA and jeopardizes daughter's trust. Get a lawyer! 🚨

Elfere | Elfere

Can you really 'unsent' a DM? 😱

michhendrix | michhendrix

Keep secrets safe, trust no one. 🤫

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

Cut ties with toxic mom to avoid career and reputation damage 💼👋

Wysteria569 | Wysteria569

Victim-blaming mom exposes daughter to emotional abuse over petty feud

PolitePineapple | PolitePineapple

Mother violated NDA, endangered family's privacy. NTA stands.

mochaluvr1 | mochaluvr1

Family members signed NDA, but mom breached trust. 🤔

AvocadoLaur | AvocadoLaur

Nanny suspects mom broke NDA, shares info & gets caught. NTA?

Wintersmight | Wintersmight

Commenter calls out ridiculous story, YTA verdict confirmed. 🤷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nanny suspected mom violated NDA, snooped on Insta to confirm

BlondeinKevlar | BlondeinKevlar

Sharing personal information about celebrities can lead to dangerous situations.

Rengrl4981 | Rengrl4981

Can employers enforce NDA with employee's family? 🤔

craigularperson | craigularperson

Be cautious, your mom broke your trust and may do it again 😔

OceanwithaView | OceanwithaView

Protecting client privacy is crucial, NTA for setting boundaries. 🤐

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nanny was right to alert the family about mom's violation 🚨

CareFrenchieN | CareFrenchieN

Take responsibility and stand up for yourself 💪

MrAppendixX | MrAppendixX

Respect the NDA: Commenter blames mom for Instagram hack.

yellow_glass | yellow_glass

Mom violates NDA, nanny not the a-hole for reporting her

funsizenightmare | funsizenightmare

Mother violates NDA, gets what she deserves. 🙅‍♀️

coldbloodedjelydonut | coldbloodedjelydonut

Protecting confidentiality is key. NTA did the right thing.

PowerFrog101 | PowerFrog101

Trust your instincts, NTA. Don't let anyone insult your intelligence.

mletheone | mletheone

Aspiring nannies take note! Learn how to get started 👶✨

WeakTry6 | WeakTry6

Commenter questions OP's role in NDA breach. 🤔

MrReallyBadGamer | MrReallyBadGamer

Commenter accuses article of being fictional and uninformed 🤔

Bango_Skank_Returns | Bango_Skank_Returns

Nanny suspects mom of violating NDA and gets gaslit 3 times.

PreciousOpal | PreciousOpal

Commenter suggests NDA for commenters in nanny Instagram hacking scandal 👀

craigularperson | craigularperson

Commenter questions excessive NDA requirements for nanny job.

massa_cheef | massa_cheef

Intense comment sparks heated discussion in comment section 🔥

postmasterp | postmasterp

Commenter defends nanny, criticizes mom's ignorance and lack of empathy 💪

Searchingpeach | Searchingpeach

Secrets and moms don't mix. 🤫 ESH.

spandexcatsuit | spandexcatsuit

Mother violates NDA to gossip, OP betrayed. NTA for seeking validation.

hussyknee | hussyknee

Trust broken. Nanny hacks IG to protect work family 🕵️‍♀️

ladyk1487 | ladyk1487

👍 Agreed, breaking legal agreements is never okay.

nolechica | nolechica

Redditor's mom violates NDA, family at risk. NTA seeks advice.

Nickthedick3 | Nickthedick3

Protecting client confidentiality is vital, NAH for nanny.

GingerBanger85 | GingerBanger85

Nanny's warning to a mom who broke NDA on Instagram.

mrp2611 | mrp2611

🕵️‍♀️ Snooping justified? Nanny hacks Instagram to uncover NDA breach

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom violates NDA, throws tantrum to avoid responsibility. 😱

Maximum_System_7819 | Maximum_System_7819

Mother-daughter trust goes both ways. 🤝 #NotTheAHole

porkypandas | porkypandas

Nanny and mom both suck for violating NDAs 🤬

KevIntensity | KevIntensity

Privacy is a two-way street 🤐 Nanny was NTA

yungmalcum | yungmalcum

Hacking mom's Insta for bragging rights? NTA, but no contact.

StenFace | StenFace

Betrayed and sabotaged by your own mother? NTA for sure! 👍

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