Family feud: Daughter mocks cousin in cruel takedown

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When a father fails to force his daughter to be friends with her cousin, his wife takes matters into her own hands. But when she forces the two to video call, the daughter's brutal takedown of her cousin's personality the next day leaves the family divided. While the father believes their daughter wouldn't have been pushed to this point if his wife hadn't been so insistent on their relationship, he's beginning to have second thoughts about the punishment. Who's in the wrong here? Click to find out.

Expectations vs. reality: When cousins don't become BFFs 😕

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When family grudges last a lifetime 😒

feelslikenotmyissue | feelslikenotmyissue

When family forces relationships, is it healthy or harmful? 🤔

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The favorite parent debate causing marital issues 😒

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Hands off! Let teenagers solve their own problems 😉

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Reluctant daughter forced to confront cousin on video call 😬

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When family feuds get brutal: A PowerPoint presentation roast 🔥

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When 'no dumb questions' turns into a cruel takedown 😕

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When laughter turns to trouble, who's in the wrong? 😬

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Feeling guilty for not forgiving cousin's cruel behavior. AITA?

feelslikenotmyissue | feelslikenotmyissue

Daughter's cruel takedown of cousin during family video call 😬👀

Family relationships can be complicated, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, certain individuals just don't click. In this case, a mother's expectations of her daughter and her cousin being best friends were misplaced. Despite her daughter's clear dislike of her cousin, the mother continued to push for a relationship, leading to a cruel takedown during a family video call. While the father saw the situation as unimportant and outside of his control, the daughter took matters into her own hands and created a PowerPoint presentation titled "Valid Reasons to Dislike [Cousin]." While the daughter's actions were certainly mean, the situation begs the question: who is really at fault here? Join the debate in the comments below.

Daughter brilliantly shuts down mom's forced relationship with cousin. #NTA

RiverRedhead | RiverRedhead

Daughter creates hilarious PowerPoint presentation on why she dislikes cousin.

feelslikenotmyissue | feelslikenotmyissue

Daughter not TA for disliking cousin, wife's demands pushing her away 😕

metalasfck | metalasfck

ESH. Daughter's PowerPoint takedown could've been avoided with better communication.

McSuzy | McSuzy

Daughter must delete ppt, wife needs to give up dream 🤦‍♂️

quarkfan4552 | quarkfan4552

Commenter shares another perspective on family conflict. 👀

HistoricFanatic | HistoricFanatic

Endorsing mean behavior? YTA parent laughs at cruel PowerPoint.

Diggydigdug | Diggydigdug

Condoning shitty behavior, raising a sarcastic little sh*t.

LokiiVegas | LokiiVegas

Commenter calls out bad parenting and predicts divorce 💔

monkey_mcdermott | monkey_mcdermott

Daughter not an a-hole for standing up to toxic cousin 👏

sqitten | sqitten

Being smart doesn't excuse being a bully. YTA 👎

Accurate-Ant-6764 | Accurate-Ant-6764

Daughter's sarcastic powerpoint highlights family conflict. ESH.

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

ESH- A grown man laughed at a powerpoint mocking his niece 🤦‍♂️

alliebeemac | alliebeemac

Mocking a 16-year-old with a PowerPoint? Not cool. ESH.

WarriorArus | WarriorArus

Redditor calls out OP for neglecting cousin's side of story 💥

space_turtle17 | space_turtle17

Commenter expresses disgust and leaves subreddit after witnessing bullying.

brownhaircurlyhair | brownhaircurlyhair

User calls out commenter for mocking family member, adds criticism 🔥

just-a-dumb-guy | just-a-dumb-guy

Redditor admits fault in family feud after downvoted confession.


Cruel family feud crosses the line with PowerPoint presentation 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out bullying behavior, worries for daughter's classmates 😕

PinkPanda32 | PinkPanda32

Family drama escalates with hurtful video and cruel mocking 🤦‍♀️

knotsophia | knotsophia

Update reveals OP is TA in cruel takedown incident 😡

ClancyHabbard | ClancyHabbard

Cousin did not see the presentation, according to commenter 😬

EscalatingEris | EscalatingEris

Daughter's cruel act backfires, comment calls for family intervention 🤨

jaeka78 | jaeka78

Encouraging cruel takedown of a child's personality? ESH 💩

moistmanhands | moistmanhands

OP's daughter becomes a bully, YTA for not stopping it 😕

Jazzlike-Flounder882 | Jazzlike-Flounder882

Commenter calls out parent's terrible behavior towards cousin, YTA.

mbambi82 | mbambi82

Commenter calls out bad behavior, condemns bullying. ❌

PinkMoon1988 | PinkMoon1988

Daughter's bullying behavior gets called out by commenter. 🤔

aguafiestas | aguafiestas

Daughter not at fault for cruel takedown of cousin.

Luna-Strange | Luna-Strange

Daughter's cruel PowerPoint presentation leads to family feud. ESH.

MerkinDealer | MerkinDealer

Laughing at mean behavior makes YTA. Hold your child accountable.

oopskylee | oopskylee

Teach your daughter to be civil even if not friends 🤝

Medievalite | Medievalite

Daughter creates cruel PowerPoint, father criticized for parenting style 🤦‍♂️

Sweat-Stain-3042 | Sweat-Stain-3042

Savage comment shuts down pressure to force a relationship 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP and daughter for bullying cousin 👀

SurroundedByWickhams | SurroundedByWickhams

Alleged asshole dad's daughter showed hurtful video to cousin

[deleted] | [deleted]

The feud continues with a hurtful video and its aftermath.

Screamformereddit | Screamformereddit

👏 Daughter's PowerPoint skills praised, but should not be shared online.

MiskiMoon | MiskiMoon

Teach your daughter kindness, or karma will teach her harshly 😔

tigerCELL | tigerCELL

Teaching children to mock others is not ok 😠

Clare_Not_A_Bear | Clare_Not_A_Bear

Disapproving commenter calls out bullying and hypocrisy 👏🚫

Kittymama7 | Kittymama7

Respecting teenage daughter's social boundaries is crucial for healthy relationships ❤

Tyrage0729 | Tyrage0729

Teen and family both in the wrong over PowerPoint incident 😕

rs_plays_ac | rs_plays_ac

Commenter questions relation to hurtful video in family feud.

turbowurbo | turbowurbo

Harsh criticism for bad parenting and egotism 💥

hsvakr | hsvakr

Adult laughing at cruel takedown of teen - not cool 😕

CheruthCutestory | CheruthCutestory

Is the daughter being a mean girl to her cousin?

ellieacd | ellieacd

Parenting gone wrong: One comment exposes family's bully culture 🤐

No-Lime7937 | No-Lime7937

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