Man sues ex for defamation, sparks online feud

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What would you do if your ex made a video about you on their YouTube channel, claiming you were emotionally abusive? For this man, the answer was to sue his ex for defamation. While he won the case, he received no compensation. Instead, he used the court ruling to call out his ex's lies in the comments section of every video she posted. Was this revenge justified, or did he go too far? Some friends thought he should have just taken the court win and moved on. But what if your reputation was on the line? Was he the a**hole for going after his ex's lies?

Dating a YouTuber: When their channel becomes the third wheel 🎥❤️

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Ex's online channel exposes man's private life, leads to lawsuit.

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Victim of online defamation receives death threats, seeks justice 👨‍⚖️

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Ex's downfall after defamation lawsuit: justice or revenge? ⚖️

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Fighting for justice: The cost of suing an ex 🏛️

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Legal battle leads to bitter victory: total of nothing received

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Public record saves man from ex's false accusations. 🔍

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When a lawsuit leads to a ruined reputation...👀

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Online feud after YouTuber accuses ex of emotional abuse

A man who sued his ex-girlfriend, a YouTuber, for defamation sparked an online feud after she accused him of being emotionally abusive. Despite winning the lawsuit, he received nothing from his ex. However, he was able to link to the public court records in the comments of her videos, causing her viewership to drop. The situation caused a rift between the man and his friends, who believed he went too far. Was he in the wrong? Read on for comments and reactions.

NTA takes revenge on ex for defamation, sparks online feud. 💪

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Ex exploits private relationship for views, commenter supports lawsuit 💼

redditiscraptbh | redditiscraptbh

Correcting the public record is key in defamation lawsuits. 📝

2Tosties1Poutine | 2Tosties1Poutine

Commenters speculate on the missing details of the online feud.

pebbleangst | pebbleangst

Suing for slander? NTA, but it's not libel. 🤔

littlegremlinsparky | littlegremlinsparky

Comment and replies called out for being fake.

StephenBanana | StephenBanana

Consider your behavior in the relationship before suing for defamation 💭

Alseids | Alseids

Commenters question if the man was actually abusive. 🤔

bufallll | bufallll

Curious about the backstory and accused emotional abuse. 🤔

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OP gets called out for dodgy behavior. YTA confirmed 👀

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Commenter accuses OP of emotional abuse, calling them YTA.

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Online feud erupts over ex's refusal to take responsibility 😠

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Toxic lawsuit and power imbalance lead to online feud. ESH.

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Ex accuses man of emotional abuse, he defends himself online.

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Get the facts straight: Man sues ex for defamation

Unbiasedtruth2016 | Unbiasedtruth2016

Commenter accuses OP of lying and being manipulative. 🤔

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Ex accuses man of defamation, court finds her guilty. 🤔

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Online drama and court cases: the dangers of social media.

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Legal repercussions for terrible behaviour, NTA gets vocal support

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Curious commenter questions legitimacy of lawsuit 🤔

MattTheSmithers | MattTheSmithers

Ex defames man, court rules in his favor. Don't mess.

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Engaging debate on emotional abuse and defamation - YTA verdict.

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Gender-neutral pronouns cause confusion and conflict online 🤔

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Confusion and conflict arise in comment section over fake story 🤔

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User questions lack of damages and evidence in defamation lawsuit.

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Debate on emotional abuse and legal decisions with 🤔 response.

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Commenter doubts authenticity of lawsuit, calls it 'fake as f**k'.

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Ex's online slander leads to messy lawsuit and public feud.

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Ex accuses emotional abuse, man sues for defamation without evidence.

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False accusations lead to legal action and online feud 🔥

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Mystery surrounding lawsuit leaves commenters wanting more information 👀

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Ex's online slander leads to legal action and public feud

UnofficialOffice | UnofficialOffice

Internet sleuths try to uncover the identity of the YouTuber 🔎

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Defending against online harassment: NTA receives support ❤️

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Commenter asks for more info, ex-couple feud continues 🔍🍿

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Defending against lies, NTA takes a stand 💪

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Online feud erupts over credibility of OP's defamation lawsuit 🤔

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Is OP hiding something? 🤔 YTA might be accurate.

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Online drama escalates over YouTuber's lawsuit 🎥🍿

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Join the hunt for the mysterious channel name! 🔍

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Curious about the backstory behind the lawsuit and breakup?

Kalel2319 | Kalel2319

Communicate first 🗣️ Lawsuits should be a last resort

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Did she lie or provide context? Ex sued for defamation

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Win stupid prizes 🤷‍♂️

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Commenter supports the man and condemns the ex's actions 💪

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New user calls out article's credibility, sparks discussion 🔍

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Commenter calls out fake post, challenges potential lawsuit threat 🤔

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