Man with terminal illness updates AITA post and shares how he spent his last months

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A man who previously posted about not telling his wife he was dying has given an update on his situation. Despite his initial decision not to tell his wife, he eventually did and they went on to spend a wonderful four months in Australia. COVID hit soon after their return, and while the man is still alive, he has lost much of his strength and is now in hospice care. He has left behind a collection of greeting cards for his wife but admits there are things he wishes he had done differently in life. The update is both heartwarming and heartbreaking and serves as a reminder to cherish the time we have with loved ones.

A touching update on a post about hiding terminal illness.

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Redditor with terminal illness shares final update with community ❤️

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Redditor with terminal illness thanks community for support ❤️

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Heartbreaking update on telling wife about terminal illness 💔

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Heartwarming messages from Redditors brought comfort in tough times ❤️

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Fulfilling last wish to the fullest 🙏

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Surviving COVID with terminal illness - one man's journey ❤️

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Leaving behind memories with greeting cards for loved ones ❤️

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Making the most of the time left: heartwarming moments shared ❤️

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Reflecting on life choices while battling terminal illness. 🙏

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Making the most out of the time you have left ❤️

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Grateful OP shares experience of living with terminal illness ❤️

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Terminal illness won't stop him from sharing his story. ❤

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A touching update from a man with a terminal illness 🙏

Prepare to have your heart touched by this emotional update from a man who posted on AITA about not telling his wife he was dying. After receiving incredible support and heartwarming messages from the community, he updated his post to share how he spent his last months. He told his wife about his diagnosis and they spent an unforgettable four months in Australia, fulfilling his dying wish. Although he was scared to death when COVID hit, he's grateful for the extra time he's been given and has left a collection of greeting cards for his wife to help her through difficult times. Despite wishing he could have done things differently in life, he's content with the time he had left and grateful for his health. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this touching story.

A beautiful reminder to appreciate the simple things in life ❤️

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Handling death with grace and regrets, a heartbreaking story 😢

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Recording a video diary for loved ones is a heartwarming idea💞

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Don't wait for the future, live in the moment ✨

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Heartwarming request for a final update from a caring friend ❤️

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Curious about age? OP reveals they're 33 in update 🎂

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Using the phrase "bonus time" to cherish every moment 😍

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