Update: AITA for blaming my daughter for not having pictures of herself?

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A father who previously told his daughter it was her fault that she had no pictures of herself has made amends with her by creating a beautiful photo album. The father printed off all the pictures and put them in the album, and even made a spread on one of the pages that said 'Go make new memories' with a picture of her and her fiancé. After a long discussion with his daughter, the father apologized for his wording and they both made up. They even read the comments together from the original post and laughed at some of the ridiculous responses. The daughter was happy with the album, and they are now working through this incident. Read on for the heartwarming details!

Update on the daughter-picture blaming situation

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Making amends with printed pictures after family dispute 📷

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Mother tries to make amends after blaming daughter for photo mishap ❤️

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Productive conversation leads to resolution 👍

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Daughter avoids photos with screeching and kicking, no trauma reported. 📷

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Daughter's anxiety and self-esteem issues discussed in heartfelt thread ❤️

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Daughter's anxiety revealed, but 'gassing herself up' still unclear 🤔

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Embarrassed daughter regrets behavior after visit with OP's reaction 😳

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Reconciliation reached after emotional argument about lost time. ❤️

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Internet detectives condemn parent's concern over daughter's safety 🕵️‍♀️🚨

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When internet strangers get too invested in your family drama 😬

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Nostalgic album brings up old memories and reconciles relationship ❤️

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Daughter takes responsibility for no pics, but dad still blames?

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Rekindling Childhood Memories: A father's attempt to cherish daughter's past ❤️

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Daughter likes fiancé pic, mom's happy 😊

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Rebuilding a relationship after a contentious incident 💪

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OP appreciates kind comments and rewards in post update 🙌

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📷 Daughter refuses to take photos, resolves issue with father's help

A father recently posted on 'Am I the Asshole' subreddit asking if he was in the wrong for blaming his daughter for not having pictures of herself. He has now provided an update, stating that he printed off all the pictures and put them in an album. Even though they didn't fill the album, he made a spread on one of the pages that said 'Go make new memories' with a picture of her and her fiancé. He then had a long discussion with his daughter where he asked if she had any self-esteem issues or trauma that might have caused her to avoid pictures. She responded that she simply did not like having her photo taken and adopted the behaviour of screeching and kicking to avoid photos. They made up and he even showed her the post and they read the comments together. He then gave her the album that he had made and she seemed happy with it. This incident aside, the father and daughter have a good relationship. Read on for the comments and reactions to this update.

Positive resolution and happy wishes for Cake Day celebrations 🎂

Xenavire | Xenavire

Struggle with taking good photos, but some bad photo takers

rekniht01 | rekniht01

Anxiety and misunderstandings lead to happy ending 😌

Upset_Alfalfa | Upset_Alfalfa

Commenters discuss armchair psychology and dysfunctional relationships.

Popular_Cranberry_81 | Popular_Cranberry_81

Criticizing someone's look can leave a lasting impact 😐

Mission-Cloud360 | Mission-Cloud360

The comment section is criticized for extrapolating motivations and creating fanfiction.

Cuddlyaxe | Cuddlyaxe

The dangers of internet detectives and armchair psychologists 😂

redsox113 | redsox113

Happy update! 🎉 Glad to hear everything worked out. 😊

Working_Salamander | Working_Salamander

Commenters relate to OP's frustrating experience with people making up scenarios 🙄

hdmx539 | hdmx539

Sweet ending and beginning 🥰

atomicalex0 | atomicalex0

Commenter calls out the sub's tendency to make up backstories 😂

simba1998 | simba1998

An accurate portrayal of Reddit's diverse content 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter 'forced' panic attacks, but OP did the right thing. 🙌

Travel-Kitty | Travel-Kitty

Commenter reflects on the dangers of AITA's hive mind mentality 😳

ritchie70 | ritchie70

Heartwarming resolution between parent and child 😊

Lucario1209 | Lucario1209

Heartwarming reconciliation story with a happy ending ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter critiques assumptions made in the sub, challenging armchair diagnoses 💺


Communication saves the day! 🙌🏼 Best wishes to the couple 💍

E-OfHouse-Jeffurious | E-OfHouse-Jeffurious

OP's clapback at sub's psychobabble is hilarious 😂

theclassicrockjunkie | theclassicrockjunkie

Embracing imperfections: Coping with not having photographic memories ✨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stranger warns against armchair psychologists on AITA subreddit 😒

wandererhermit | wandererhermit

When a comment is just too good not to share 😂

SnooComics8268 | SnooComics8268

Respecting boundaries is important 📷🚫 Don't feel bad, Clem!

sadcoffee | sadcoffee

Relatable! Parents forcing pictures or invasion of privacy? 🤔

Mufasasass | Mufasasass

Empathetic comment about a mother's struggle to take photos 💞

obeehunter | obeehunter

Childhood innocence and humor can be misunderstood by adults 😂

Edolas93 | Edolas93

OP's communication skills lead to successful problem-solving 👍

TheHorniestRhino | TheHorniestRhino

Redditors apologize for over-analyzing post and making assumptions 🙏

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Wholesome comment section 🥰

alert_armidiglet | alert_armidiglet

Glad to see a positive outcome! 🙌

dmmestars | dmmestars

Happy ending to a tense situation! 😊

MountainSun_ | MountainSun_

Heartwarming update on daughter owning responsibility for childhood photo absence ❤️

Dashcamkitty | Dashcamkitty

Empathetic reply from someone with similar experience ❤️

brubran75 | brubran75

Nostalgic memories shared of waiting for photo canister to return 📸

firefightersgirl76 | firefightersgirl76

Encouraging comment about being camera shy and lost memories.

pandora365 | pandora365

A happy resolution! 🎉 Both parties are NTA 👍

HappyLongview | HappyLongview

A kind offer to photoshop hand signs in a family photo.

picklethedoggo | picklethedoggo

Navigating assumptions and fiction in AITA comment section 🤔📝

420Fps | 420Fps

Heartwarming ending to a contentious situation! ❤️

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Heartwarming reconciliation after photo debacle 📸💕

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Glad to see positive feedback on the update! 🎉

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Heartwarming comment receives appreciation ❤️

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Respectful parenting praised, boundaries respected. Reddit disapproves. 😑

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Glad it worked out! 🎉

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Happy ending! 🎉

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Happy ending! Commenter is satisfied with the outcome 😊

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Heartwarming conclusion to a difficult situation ❤

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Positive update in a sea of family drama 🙌

This_Daydreamer_ | This_Daydreamer_

👍 Parenting success recognized in the comment section. Congrats OP!

karenhater12345 | karenhater12345

Heartwarming reconciliation between parent and child ❤

PettyHonestThrowaway | PettyHonestThrowaway

When your significant other hates taking pictures 🤣

Cyniskater | Cyniskater

🎉 Happy ending! Commenter expresses joy for resolution 🙌

Current-Panic7419 | Current-Panic7419

Heartwarming appreciation for a great mother ❤️👏

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Heartwarming reconciliation between parent and child ❤️

NanMcD | NanMcD

Reconciliation achieved! 🤝

catsupandmussturd | catsupandmussturd

Empathy for daughter's insecurity and anxiety about future photos.

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Heartwarming reconciliation between parent and child ❤️👨‍👧

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