Man sues girlfriend after 1967 Impala project taken to scrapyard

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A man is suing his girlfriend after she had his prized 1967 Impala 4 door taken to the scrapyard while he was away on a business trip. The man had spent over a year and a half and $11k on the car, which he was restoring in his garage. However, his girlfriend hated the car and wanted to park in the garage. When he returned from his business trip, he found out that she had hired people to move everything related to the car, including the body, chassis, drivetrain, and all parts, to the scrapyard. He's now taking her to court and has gathered all the necessary evidence to make his case. Her friends and family are telling him to let it go, but he's determined to get justice. Read on to find out more about this dramatic story.

Heartbroken man seeks justice for scrapped 1967 Impala project

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Restoration dreams crushed: car project scrapped without owner's consent 🚗😞

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

A car lover's worst nightmare 😱

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Girlfriend hates iconic car, man sues after scrapped. 😢

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Parking dispute leads to legal battle over classic car project.

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man's girlfriend scraps car project, leads to lawsuit ⚖️

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Girlfriend's smile hides a sinister secret about car project.

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Lost car leads to lawsuit, but is love still in sight?

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Surprising twist: Girlfriend scraps boyfriend's classic car project. 😱

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Betrayed car enthusiast's worst nightmare 😞🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man sues girlfriend after car project scrapped. Over $11k lost.

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man fights back after girlfriend scraps his beloved classic car 🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man fights for justice over scrapped '67 Impala project 🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man sues girlfriend over scrapped 1967 Impala project. AITA?

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Grateful for support after girlfriend scraps classic car project 🙏

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Is he justified or overreacting? 🤔

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Fighting for justice: Man sues girlfriend over scrapped car project 💪

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man sues girlfriend for scrapping his prized 1967 Impala 🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man fights to reclaim lost love, takes legal action 💔

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Hopeful recovery of classic car from scrapyard in progress 🤞

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Stolen car found in junkyard after police investigation 🚓🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

1967 Impala almost turned into scrap? 😱

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man fights for his beloved car after girlfriend sends it scrapyard.

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Arrest made in scrapyard incident caught on camera 🎥

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Authorities investigate junkyard for stolen vehicles, ex-girlfriend involved 🔍

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Owner fights to reclaim his beloved car from scrapyard 🚗

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man fights to reclaim beloved car from scrapyard with police.

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

1967 Impala project saved! Celebrations all around 🎉

jimothyisyouruncle | jimothyisyouruncle

Man's girlfriend sends his beloved car to scrapyard while he's away 😡

A man is suing his girlfriend for sending his beloved 1967 Impala to the scrapyard while he was away on a business trip. The car, which he had spent over 11k on, was in the process of being completely restored in his garage. Despite having two acres of land with plenty of space to park her car, the girlfriend hired people to move everything related to the car, including the drivetrain, body, chassis, and all parts, to the local dump. The man was devastated and has since ended their relationship. He has also hired a lawyer and plans to take her to court, armed with receipts and security cam footage of his girlfriend letting the guys in and watching them take it all. Her family and friends are urging him to let it go, but he's determined to get justice. Thankfully, the car was eventually found by the police, who were investigating it as grand theft auto. The junkyard guys had hidden it on a forklift, but the police matched the VIN on the chassis and body to the VIN on the man's title, proving it was his. The man is ecstatic to have his car back and is now hoping to recover all of the parts that were taken.

NTA - Sue her for the cost and prosecute for theft.

diabolicaldeb | diabolicaldeb

Commenter supports OP, but gets called out for exaggerating.

whatever1215 | whatever1215

🚗💔 NTA: Girlfriend scraps car project, sees no issue. Lawsuit justified.

BeMorePacificPls | BeMorePacificPls

Supportive comments from car enthusiasts and partners. NTA.

Zombiesquirrel57 | Zombiesquirrel57

User expresses frustration with SO's lack of respect for property 🙄

abadfoodfriend | abadfoodfriend

Support for man who had 1967 Impala project taken to scrapyard 🚘💔

Mrs_Loukine | Mrs_Loukine

Take legal action against her for stealing the Impala. 🚔

karebear3513 | karebear3513

Ending the relationship was the right thing to do 💔

TogarSucks | TogarSucks

Heartbreaking loss of a cherished classic car, NTA for suing.

ohhollyhell | ohhollyhell

Heartbreaking loss of classic car sparks empathy and outrage 😢

theIGopp | theIGopp

OP not at fault, potential legal action and advice given 👍

imakesawdust | imakesawdust

Commenter sympathizes with man's situation, shares own story 🚘

mashleyd | mashleyd

Revenge is sweet, but at what cost? 💰

wazamaniac | wazamaniac

Lost treasure: NTA laments scrapped 4-door '67 Impala, with no hope

heavymetalmater | heavymetalmater

Betrayed by girlfriend, man sues and wins Impala restoration project 💔

nopuedeser818 | nopuedeser818

Victim-blaming comment receives backlash from Reddit community 👎

zachzsg | zachzsg

Reclaim your car for free! 🚗 Don't let it go to waste.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Strong sentiment against girlfriend's actions with angry emoji.

reddituser1306 | reddituser1306

Taking legal action against car thief girlfriend, NTA stands firm.

teresajs | teresajs

Man's girlfriend scraps his car project without permission 😡

encouture | encouture

🙌 Stand up for yourself and get that money back, king!

K_J_E | K_J_E

Ex-girlfriend scrapped his beloved car; NTA for suing her. 😡

Hanbon88 | Hanbon88

Losing a car project to a scrapyard 😱

SirEdington | SirEdington

Commenters agree that girlfriend should be taken to court 💼

Nyhmai | Nyhmai

Failed the girlfriend's test, but is NTA. 🤔👀

Truckensteinwastaken | Truckensteinwastaken

Spousal threat with a wrench over scrapped Impala project 😳

AtomicBluebell | AtomicBluebell

Girlfriend's family should have suggested not to scrap car. NTA.

kittyticklehips | kittyticklehips

Commenter receives support after girlfriend scraps beloved car project 💔

TX_gen | TX_gen

Heartbreaking situation 😔. The commenter suggests filing a police report and legally evicting.

nicolt45 | nicolt45

Passion projects matter! Kick her out and sue her 💪🚗

useless-millenial | useless-millenial

Protect your treasures from those who don't value them 🚗💔

Rociogross | Rociogross

Justice for the Impala! NTA deserves a new ride 🚘🔧

CarmellaKimara | CarmellaKimara

Girlfriend scraps man's car project, NTA deserves justice! ⚖️

MothertoBubbaDragon | MothertoBubbaDragon

Legal advice given to sue girlfriend for grand theft auto.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner scraps car project, NTA sues for theft and justice.

LAKbrattysub | LAKbrattysub

Woman destroys boyfriend's car project, NTA sues her for justice 🚗💔

xiamtronx | xiamtronx

Commenter defends man suing girlfriend with sassy tone 👏

gunnyhunty | gunnyhunty

Take her to court! 💼 Justice for the Impala 🚗

realitytrashtea | realitytrashtea

Dream car scrapped by ex-girlfriend, NTA for suing.

edenunbound | edenunbound

Heartfelt apology for lost car project; ex's entitled behavior discussed 💔🚗

FireEbonyashes | FireEbonyashes

Controversial comment raises suspicions about post's authenticity 🤔

GoldenStrawberry69 | GoldenStrawberry69

Redditors unite! Calling out entitled behavior 👊🏼

Conohue | Conohue

Owning classic cars can be a tricky business 😬

meyerpw | meyerpw

Caution advised: think before posting about ongoing legal proceedings 📌

jalfbwicksbfo | jalfbwicksbfo

Girlfriend scraps car project, gets sued by boyfriend. Justice served.

Sekah87 | Sekah87

Dump the car, dump the girlfriend - NTA wins!

Pengwuini | Pengwuini

Heartbreaking story of a lost vintage car. 😢

WampireKitt3n | WampireKitt3n

Girlfriend scraps car? NTA should involve the police 👮‍♂️

justheretolurk3 | justheretolurk3

Dump the narcissist, sue her and hit the gym 💪

shamelessseamus | shamelessseamus

Think twice before suing. Is it worth the money and time?

snazzymcgoo | snazzymcgoo

Winning the case against entitled ex-girlfriend for scrapped car 💔

XMousexx | XMousexx

Dumped her and the car. NTA wins this lawsuit 🏆

Baby_angel_ | Baby_angel_

Dump the girlfriend and sue her! 💔⚖️

Tammy49 | Tammy49

Girlfriend scraps boyfriend's beloved car project. NTA. 😡

IsiOprah | IsiOprah

Justice served: Girlfriend scraps Impala, boyfriend sues for revenge 👊

ZestfulCone2705 | ZestfulCone2705

Commenter baffled by obvious NTA post 🤔

ohthatswierd | ohthatswierd

Man's 1967 Impala project taken to scrapyard, girlfriend sued. NTA.

avesthasnosleeves | avesthasnosleeves

Doubts about story authenticity arise in comment section 🤔

AussieBelgian | AussieBelgian