Man doesn't wake girlfriend up for exam after hearing her call him a derogatory name

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In a relationship, it's normal to help each other out, but what happens when one partner takes advantage of the other? This man usually wakes up his girlfriend for everything, but after overhearing her hurtful comments, he decides to take revenge. What did he do, and was it justified? Read on to find out.

When boyfriend hears girlfriend's insult, he refuses to wake her.

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

The struggles of waking up a heavy sleeper 😴

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Loving partner chooses not to wake girlfriend for exam 💤

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Man chooses not to wake up GF after hearing disrespectful comments 💔

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

When name-calling gets in the way of being a supportive partner 💔

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Boyfriend takes revenge after being called a derogatory name 😲

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

When hurtful words hurt, sometimes silence is the best response.

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Boyfriend doesn't wake girlfriend up for exam after argument 😴

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

When a post blows up unexpectedly and you're at work 😅

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

When name-calling ruins relationships. Can they work it out? 😕

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

When work comes first, relationships take the back seat.

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Partner uses derogatory name, refuses to acknowledge hurtful impact.

didnt-wake-up-gf | didnt-wake-up-gf

Man gets revenge on girlfriend after being called a derogatory name 🤯

A man who usually wakes up his girlfriend for everything decided to take revenge after overhearing her call him a derogatory name. He heard her bragging to her friends that he is her little b**ch and does everything for her. Hurt by her remarks, he decided not to wake her up for her exam the next morning, which resulted in her missing it. She was furious and called him an a**hole and a piece of s**t. The man is hurt by her words and is considering breaking up with her. This incident has made him realize that he is tired of her not acknowledging his feelings and still calling him a b**ch. He believes that the word is making him feel small and insignificant. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this shocking incident.

Comments agree: NTA. Get out of this abusive relationship 🚩🚩

spicyprincess1621 | spicyprincess1621

Dump toxic girlfriend, focus on self-worth and find someone better. 💪

Frost_Goldfish | Frost_Goldfish

Break up with her, don't tolerate derogatory name calling 👍

sqitten | sqitten

Break up with her to avoid becoming an a**hole too 💔

Throwout4789 | Throwout4789

Girlfriend disrespectful and irresponsible, NTA for not waking her up.

IridianRaingem | IridianRaingem

ESH but she was shittier. OP could've confronted her instead.

claroquesearight | claroquesearight

Supportive comment urges person to leave toxic relationship 👍

mew4ever23 | mew4ever23

Engaging in petty revenge, but ESH since she was worse.

CermaitLaphroaig | CermaitLaphroaig

Dump the girl? 💔 NTA, but harsh. 😔

gangster-napper | gangster-napper

Dump the girlfriend, pass the exam. NTA 😎

Volusto | Volusto

NTA, but leave without notice ASAP! 💼

Po1sonator | Po1sonator

Communication is key. NTA, but confrontation would've been better.

sleepybitchdisorder | sleepybitchdisorder

Supporting NTA and hoping for ex-girlfriend emoji

kateykmck | kateykmck

Don't doubt the validity of someone's experiences. It's real 👀

valkyrie987 | valkyrie987

Dump the disrespectful girlfriend and find someone better 💔

teresajs | teresajs

Supporting NTA verdict with devil emojis

Mundane_Ostrich | Mundane_Ostrich

Commenter agrees with OP, girlfriend called name 😒

krrrrray | krrrrray

Boyfriend hears derogatory name from girlfriend, both at fault. 😕

curlsthefangirl | curlsthefangirl

Supportive comment section: NTA, dump her 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter gets clever reply after being called YTA.

predictablePosts | predictablePosts

Stand up for yourself and find a girlfriend who respects you 💪

Soranic | Soranic

Take back the power! 💪 NTA wins this round.

Bnorm71 | Bnorm71

Dumping a sexist and immature partner? 💔💔

ellahood2003 | ellahood2003

NTA. Beware of people who mistake kindness for weakness 😒

LadyKlepsydra | LadyKlepsydra

Responsibility of waking up for exam is on individual, not partner 💤

PringleLover101 | PringleLover101

Love shouldn't involve name-calling 😕

bloobbles | bloobbles

Dump the trash: NTA for leaving toxic relationship 💔🗑️

Azul-san | Azul-san

When your girlfriend insults you, it's time to go 💔

dezzi240 | dezzi240

Don't ignore those red flags! 🚩

Jappie_nl | Jappie_nl

Partner doesn't appreciate kind gestures, balance is key 👌

ardvarkandy | ardvarkandy

Being kind and loving is ridiculous to her? 🤔 Stay true.

holdnarrytight | holdnarrytight

Partner insults and lazy behavior leads to relationship reconsideration

Blobbyf1sh | Blobbyf1sh

Dump her and find someone who deserves your care 💔

wangsneeze | wangsneeze

Savage reply to girlfriend's insult leaves everyone shocked 😲

steel_reserve_211 | steel_reserve_211

Skipping the exam might have been the best choice 🤔

user7253950 | user7253950

Deserving no respect: a**hole girlfriend insulted boyfriend's kindess. NTA.

DullArm4 | DullArm4

Commenter supports man's decision to not wake girlfriend up. #NTA 🙌

dinojerrysaurus | dinojerrysaurus

NTA for not waking her up after being insulted 💤

ForeverAdorable | ForeverAdorable

Man gets revenge by not waking up gf for exam 😴😂

terribleterrabyte | terribleterrabyte

Supportive comment with heart-eyes emoji.

paneerdonut | paneerdonut

Gender reversal: Would ignoring partner's exam be justified? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself is key 🔑 NTA

AITAthrowawayeeeee | AITAthrowawayeeeee

Commenter offers humorous unrelated content in otherwise serious section.✨

humanitywasamistake3 | humanitywasamistake3

Playful teasing is one thing, but this crossed the line 💔

Glass_and_Coins | Glass_and_Coins

Mutual respect is key in a relationship. NTA 👍

4zero4error31 | 4zero4error31

Secure everything! NTA for not waking up girlfriend.

tech_GG | tech_GG

Recognizing abuse in men is important too. Leave the toxicity. 💪

TheMuffinMan605 | TheMuffinMan605

Don't let anyone bring you down, leave toxic relationships! 👍

Tinkerbellhair | Tinkerbellhair

End the toxicity 💔. NTA, break up for self-care 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends man's decision not to wake girlfriend up 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter supports OP, but calls out derogatory language used.

Sockpuppetsyko | Sockpuppetsyko