Student with medical condition confronts teacher - what happened next is shocking

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A senior year student with a medical condition that causes frequent UTIs was humiliated by her teacher in front of her classmates. The student had asked to use the bathroom before class, but the teacher refused and publicly scolded her. When the student asked again later, the teacher lectured the whole class about going to the bathroom before class unless they had a medical condition. The student then informed the teacher that she did indeed have a medical condition and the teacher responded by telling her that she did not want to know about her bathroom habits. The student was subsequently asked to apologize to the teacher for making her uncomfortable. However, the student is unsure of what she did wrong as the teacher had asked about her medical condition. What do you think? AITA?

Student shares struggles with medical condition and UTIs.

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Student with medical condition denied bathroom break by strict teacher.

emo_taylor_swift | emo_taylor_swift

Student with medical condition confronts teacher - heart-wrenching experience 😔

emo_taylor_swift | emo_taylor_swift

Student humiliated for having medical condition in front of class

emo_taylor_swift | emo_taylor_swift

Student's medical condition dismissed by unsympathetic teacher 😒

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Student confronts teacher about medical condition - eye roll ensues 😒

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Teacher shames student for medical condition - empathy lacking 😠

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Student accused of making teacher uncomfortable - apology or injustice?

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Is the internet's favorite thread for judgement and drama.

emo_taylor_swift | emo_taylor_swift

18F student with medical condition humiliated by teacher 😞

A student with a tilted reproductive system suffered the humiliation of being lectured in front of the whole class by her teacher when she asked to use the bathroom. Despite the teacher knowing about her medical condition, the student was told to hold it and not ask again. When the student tried to explain her situation to the teacher after class, the teacher dismissed her and accused her of violating her privacy. The student was left feeling mortified and confused about what she did wrong. Now, she's turning to Reddit to ask if she's the a**hole in this situation. Read on for some of the reactions from the community.

NTA confronts teacher for medical condition, gets bullied. Fight back legally.

daileyidentitycrisis | daileyidentitycrisis

Teacher humiliates student with medical condition, commenters support student's response

NothingMatters-6798 | NothingMatters-6798

Bathroom policies in school spark debate among teachers and students 💬

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Student with medical condition confronts teacher over bathroom access.

Kirin2013 | Kirin2013

Stand up for yourself! Bring doctor's note and demand apology 💪

Chelular07 | Chelular07

Stand up for yourself and bring a neutral witness to meeting 👍

roxywalker | roxywalker

Get a 504 plan for your medical condition in the US 🏥

Apprehensive_Gene787 | Apprehensive_Gene787

Take charge of the situation by bringing in a neutral party and legal representation. Record the conversation and demand an action plan. 📝

internetpointsiguana | internetpointsiguana

Stand up to bullies, seek help from trusted adults 💪

IllustratorNew8801 | IllustratorNew8801

Classmates can vouch for you, you're NTA 👍

ohlooksinesta | ohlooksinesta

Clever pun earns reply of approval 😂

pauljaytee | pauljaytee

Parent suggests legal action against teacher bullying medically-challenged student.

scarletsyren | scarletsyren

Stand up for yourself and your medical needs 💪

bjorn_da_unicorn | bjorn_da_unicorn

Stand up for yourself. Don't apologize. Teachers can be wrong 👍

Fastr77 | Fastr77

Student confronts teacher about medical condition with clever response 💪

Dye_Harder | Dye_Harder

Medical condition confrontation ends with clever response. 🧐

Terrie-25 | Terrie-25

Insensitivity towards medical conditions is not acceptable. 😡

stonesthrowaway24601 | stonesthrowaway24601

Medical professional shuts down body-shaming teacher ❄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heart condition not an excuse for gym teacher's irresponsibility. ❤

twobitdandy | twobitdandy

Stand your ground! No apology owed 💪

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 NTA, complain to higher-ups.

HarryEspeland | HarryEspeland

Teacher's inconsiderate behavior towards student with medical condition called out 🚫

CH-Ineedawhiskey | CH-Ineedawhiskey

Don't let your medical condition affect your education. ✅

carbonfroglet | carbonfroglet

Stand up for yourself! File a complaint. NTA 💪

charbear60 | charbear60

Teacher's inappropriate behavior towards student with medical condition.

Own-Roof-1200 | Own-Roof-1200

Apologize for making the teacher uncomfortable, but not your condition 💪

rak1882 | rak1882

Stand up for your medical needs 💪 File a complaint

tea_lover_88 | tea_lover_88

Standing up for yourself and your rights is never easy 🙏🏻 but you did it! NTA 👏🏻

LadySygerrik | LadySygerrik

Stand up for yourself and don't apologize. You deserve respect 💪

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Student confronts teacher over medical needs, comment supports student's actions

PolesRunningCoach | PolesRunningCoach

Standing up for yourself: When answering a personal question is offensive 😒

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Insufferable teacher shames student with medical condition 😠

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Important resources for students with medical conditions 👩‍⚕️

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Stand up for your rights! NTA for sharing medical condition.

strandedinaber | strandedinaber

Standing up to teacher's violation of rights - NTA 👏

waywardjynx | waywardjynx

Stand up for yourself and your health! 🙌🏼

parasitebuddy | parasitebuddy

Stand your ground! 💪 NTA comment receives support.

blueeeyeddl | blueeeyeddl

Stand up for your health rights, you're NTA 🚫💩

Kai-ni | Kai-ni

Fight back with support! Get parents, docs notes. NTA 💪

ObsecureAccount | ObsecureAccount

Teacher denies student bathroom break due to medical condition 💩

moon_dancer__ | moon_dancer__

Student with medical condition defends their right to use the bathroom 💪

Moist_Scratch5468 | Moist_Scratch5468

Standing up for yourself: A medical student's confrontation with a teacher.

rez2metrogirl | rez2metrogirl

Stand up for yourself and your medical needs! 💪

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

Stand up for your rights! 💪 Contact an ADA attorney. NTA

mipmipmip | mipmipmip

Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to 🤐

angeluscado | angeluscado

Stand up for your rights and get it on file 💪

Fluid_Response_6062 | Fluid_Response_6062

Stand up for yourself 💪🏼 Don't apologize for your health

jjstrange13 | jjstrange13

Stand up for yourself! Get the evidence and take action! 💪

A_Very_Living_Me | A_Very_Living_Me

Get a lawyer! 💼

1largeblueicee | 1largeblueicee

A sympathetic commenter shares their own experience with medical accommodations.

Gullible_Distance124 | Gullible_Distance124

Student confronts teacher for medical condition, gives sarcastic apology.

ButterflyMore9267 | ButterflyMore9267

Stand up for your rights 💪 Don't apologize for someone else's mistake.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself against a teacher 🙌 #NTA

DarkSmarts | DarkSmarts

Commenter defends student against rude teacher, using NTA acronym.

InternationalKick126 | InternationalKick126

Don't let her twist the story! Write everything down 📝

strangelittlestories | strangelittlestories

Teacher humiliates student with medical condition - demands action from administration

doc2082 | doc2082

Stand up for yourself and report the teacher to authorities 💪

Witchgraft | Witchgraft

Stand up for yourself and get support. 💪 NTA!

CuteBat9788 | CuteBat9788

Stand up for yourself! Don't apologize. NTA 💪

supermeg77 | supermeg77

Speak up for your health! 💪 NTA comment encourages self-advocacy.

averagesunshine | averagesunshine

Stand your ground! 🤜 Don't let anyone push you around.

lavabuddy411 | lavabuddy411

Stand up for your rights 💪 Get documentation and take action.

Limerase | Limerase

Get legal accommodations for medical reasons - NTA 👍

EnchantedOcelot | EnchantedOcelot

Teacher's behavior towards student with medical condition condemned 👎

violettacatface | violettacatface

Doubts raised on the authenticity of the story 🤔

Happy_Client5786 | Happy_Client5786

Dealing with UTIs and a tilted uterus - NTA and relatable 👏

No-Investment-2121 | No-Investment-2121

Supportive comment urges student to report insensitive teacher to coordinator.

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