Father refuses to change daughter's name, sparks family feud

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What's in a name? For this couple, it's causing a major rift in their marriage. After agreeing to let the father choose their daughter's name, the mother now wants to change it. But the father is sticking to his guns, causing tension and potential divorce. Is he being controlling or is the mother overreacting? Read on for the full story and decide for yourself.

Dad stands his ground on choice of daughter's name

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Gender reveal gone wrong: Family feud over baby's name 👶🏻💙💗

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Dad sparks family feud by refusing to change daughter's name 🤔

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Father discovers MIL and wife renamed daughter, family feud ensues 🤨

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Mother-in-law causes drama over baby name, refuses to accept it 🙄

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Father causes family feud over daughter's name, won't budge 🤨

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Father denies daughter's name, ignites family feud 🔥

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Naming dispute causes family feud, sparks fiery debate 🔥

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Parental naming dispute causes rift, divorce on the table 😬

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Father stands firm on daughter's name amidst family feud.

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Father sparks family feud over daughter's unusual name choice

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Family feud erupts over newborn's name 😡

A couple's agreement on naming their newborn girl led to a family feud when the father refused to change the name after the birth. The mother and her family had a different name in mind and were secretly using it to address the baby girl, leading to confusion for the baby. The father refused to change the name and stuck to his guns, leading to a fight with his wife and her family. He even considered divorce due to their behavior. Read on for updates on the situation and Reddit's judgment on who's the A-hole in this situation.

Document everything and prioritize your daughter's well-being 👍

abuster86 | abuster86

Dad names daughter without mom's input, commenter shares similar story ❤️

katgelinas | katgelinas

Defending daughter's name: NTA dad prioritizes daughter's development 👍

starsandcamoflague | starsandcamoflague

Parenting power struggle: Will she undermine every decision you make? 🤔

bumbling-fool | bumbling-fool

Defending a father's choice of his daughter's name against family

Lorraine221 | Lorraine221

Daughter caught in the middle of a name game 🤔

Trick-Cupcake1250 | Trick-Cupcake1250

Divorce may be necessary if trust is irreparably broken 💔

Marshmarth | Marshmarth

Sensitive perspective on the impact of the name on the child 💭

Bhindi89 | Bhindi89

Comment sparks controversy and negative reactions 🤔

Zealousideal-Land666 | Zealousideal-Land666

Divorce might be a better option 🤔💔

bloomingfireweed | bloomingfireweed

Defend your child's name, cut off toxic in-laws 🛡️

mischaracterised | mischaracterised

NTA. Wife and MIL being disrespectful and controlling towards you. 💪

Elegant_righthere | Elegant_righthere

Mother secretly calls daughter wrong name for a year, NTA.

AllButACrazyCatLady | AllButACrazyCatLady

Father stands by baby name, wife and mother-in-law AHs. 💁‍♂️

Fine_Following_2559 | Fine_Following_2559

Protect your daughter from toxic family members. 🙏

Yehudiah2 | Yehudiah2

Trust issues and divorce over baby name dispute? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Hilarious suggestion for the baby's name 😂👌

Myblueskye | Myblueskye

Curious about any updates on the name feud 👀

bromley325 | bromley325

Gender-neutral names should be normalized 🌈

TheSpitDragon | TheSpitDragon

Stick to your word 💪 Trust is important in families

Wild_Boysenberry7370 | Wild_Boysenberry7370

Gender disappointment causing family feud. 💔

Zokathra_Spell | Zokathra_Spell

Don't let your MIL dictate your life! 🙅‍♂️ Stand your ground.

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

Father stands up against wife's gender expectations, sparks family feud 🙅‍♂️

Massive-Control-947 | Massive-Control-947

Naming your child should be a mutual decision. 🤝

FreciaB | FreciaB

Agreed-upon name causes family feud, commenter says NTA 😐

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father stands his ground on daughter's name, wife runs home.


Don't let your MIL control your family! Compromise and communicate. 💪

DrMorry | DrMorry

Mother insists on son's name for daughter, husband NTA 🤔

Affectionate_Meat360 | Affectionate_Meat360

Divorce seems like the only option 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromise or family feud? Middle name change suggestion sparks debate.

lookingforbeautybaby | lookingforbeautybaby

Father not the a**hole for refusing name change, wife selfish 😒

Lucylovei | Lucylovei

Agreeing with the commenter's judgement, no one's the a**hole here 😕

No_Mess2017 | No_Mess2017

Father stands his ground on daughter's name, sparks family drama

LiveLovelyLala | LiveLovelyLala

👏🏽 Stand your ground and protect your daughter. Divorce may be necessary.

MadWitchLibrarian | MadWitchLibrarian

Commenter supports father's decision, wants to know more 👀

Nainns | Nainns

Daughter's confusion over name leads to identity crisis in school 😟

PineapplePizza-4eva | PineapplePizza-4eva

Communication is key 🔑 for healthy relationships, folks!

funkymorganics1 | funkymorganics1

Deeper than a name change? NTA sparks family feud.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father stands his ground on daughter's name, wife abandons child 😮

Clawdee | Clawdee

Stand your ground! 💪 Don't let anyone change your daughter's name.

Special-Attitude-242 | Special-Attitude-242

Father stands firm on daughter's name despite family drama 👨‍👧

katherinemma987 | katherinemma987

Commenter questions validity of father's name change story 🤔

New_Present7394 | New_Present7394

Father accused of being controlling after naming daughter, NTA.

aabbccbb | aabbccbb

Smart strategy for avoiding baby name disputes with partner 👶🏻💕

PhoenixEcho1 | PhoenixEcho1

Support and empathy for a father dealing with family conflict ❤️

HeavySea1242 | HeavySea1242

Family feud sparked as father stands ground on daughter's name

schwa76 | schwa76

Both parents should have infinite vetoes for naming the child 💡

keyringer | keyringer

Agreement on baby name ignored by wife, sparks conflict ⚔️

Monicawroteitbetter | Monicawroteitbetter

Curiosity piqued, what's in a name? 🤔

hiems_summa | hiems_summa

Commenter calls out spouse's mental health, defends father's decision. 😬

tigressRoar | tigressRoar

Divorce her. 🚫 NTA. Major red flag. 👀

Alternative-Push3767 | Alternative-Push3767

Supportive comment receives no replies. NTA wins this round.

Basic-Escape-4824 | Basic-Escape-4824

The name is causing a family feud 👀

S70RM1287 | S70RM1287

Wife and MIL secretly naming your daughter? NTA, they are.

CalypsoContinuum | CalypsoContinuum

Supportive comment, but be careful with insulting family members 😉

I-Dont_Like_You | I-Dont_Like_You

Naming dispute leads to breach of trust, therapy may help 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keeping a promise or compromising? Naming baby drama. 🍼

Due_Entrepreneur3343 | Due_Entrepreneur3343

Naming children can have a lasting impact on their self-worth. 😔

vengefulmanatee | vengefulmanatee

Father stands up for daughter's name, hailed NTA 👏

dri1108 | dri1108

Father stands up against controlling wife and MIL, NTA 🙌

MundanePlanet | MundanePlanet

Communication and trust are key in a marriage 👪

Financial-Ad2349 | Financial-Ad2349

Supportive comment suggests PPD as a possible cause 🙏

CamiS02 | CamiS02

Agreement broken, confused child: commenter says NTA 👍

Redhead_2022 | Redhead_2022

Asserting paternity through baby's name. 👶🏻

Puzzled-Party-2089 | Puzzled-Party-2089

Naming your child should not be a battle of the sexes 👶💕

AccentFiend | AccentFiend

A father refuses to change his daughter's name, but needs counseling 💑

o-mygoodness | o-mygoodness

Father refuses to change daughter's name despite concerns. Family feud ensues.

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

Respectful communication key in choosing baby names. 👍

Cheap-Holiday5647 | Cheap-Holiday5647

Woman struggles to find birth name, emphasizes importance of name choice. 💡

YeeHawMiMaw | YeeHawMiMaw

Escape with your daughter! 🏃‍♂️👨‍👧‍👦

NormativeTruth | NormativeTruth

User defends OP, criticizes wife and MIL's behavior, suggests separation. 😕

StepRightUpMarchPush | StepRightUpMarchPush

Father stands his ground on daughter's name, in-laws outraged 😤

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father stands firm on daughter's name, earns NTA judgement

dokjreko | dokjreko

Agreeing on baby names is important for both parents. 🤝

octaviusceasar | octaviusceasar

Father defends daughter's name choice, family feud ensues 🤷‍♂️

SnooLemons2003 | SnooLemons2003

Commenter suspects father's behavior is creepy, advises divorce and custody. 👀

Acrobatic_Ad_1490 | Acrobatic_Ad_1490

Father-in-law takes sides, sparks warning for OP 👀

Plastic-lettersgr | Plastic-lettersgr

Prioritizing daughter's well-being over winning in family disputes 🤝

millerdlife | millerdlife

Changing someone's name without permission? That's a low blow 🤯

dukecharming1975 | dukecharming1975

Dual names - a cultural solution to this naming dispute.

Theatrist | Theatrist

Commenter advises therapy or divorce for wife's erratic behavior.

Puzzleheaded_Age_342 | Puzzleheaded_Age_342

Spouse's refusal to compromise leads to divorce threat. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground, it was a mutual agreement 👊🏼

The_Fires_Of_Orc | The_Fires_Of_Orc

When passive-aggressiveness reaches peak levels 😬📩

Hellooooookitty | Hellooooookitty

Father stands firm on daughter's name amidst family feud.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divorce over a name? 🤔 Sparks fly in this family feud.

SarahTO1 | SarahTO1

🚨 Divorce advised in fiery family feud over baby name

Silverbird22 | Silverbird22

Support for father's decision to not change daughter's name 🙌

willow2772 | willow2772

Mother-in-law insists on a creepy name for granddaughter, causing family tension 💥

jdward01 | jdward01

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