Man confronts mom after discovering she replaced him with new kid

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A man who had lost touch with his mother for years was shocked to discover she had remarried and had a child. He was hurt when he learned that his mother had intentionally kept this a secret from him and his family. During his grandparents' anniversary party, the man confronted his mother about her behavior and accused her of replacing him with her new family. The confrontation led to a family feud that left the man feeling like he had lost everything. Now he's turning to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong. Do you think he was justified in confronting his mother, or did he overreact? Read on to find out more about this family drama.

Explaining a controversial situation 👀

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Strained mother-son relationship: a tale of growing up neglected.

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Mom's elaborate lunchboxes cause conflict with son's friend 🍱

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Mom replaces son and uses friend to guilt-trip him 😒

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Teen chooses dad and stepmom after mom cheats with coworker.

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Teen chooses dad over mom in custody battle. 😔

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Betrayed son discovers mother's hidden family 🤯

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Awkward family reunion leads to unexpected run-in with ex.

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Betrayed by my own mother for a new family 😔

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Rejected by mom for 'perfect' sibling, replaced by new family 😔

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Secret step-sibling drama unfolds at family gathering 👀

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Family secrets revealed: Confrontation after mom's betrayal 🤐

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Betrayed son confronts mom for hiding new family from him 😔

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Son discovers he's been replaced by new 'perfect dress up doll'

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Mom surprises son with new half-brother, he confronts her!

Family secrets can be devastating, especially when they involve the people that are supposed to love us the most. In this story, a man is confronted with the reality that his mother has replaced him with a new kid. He discovered that his mother had married someone else and had a kid. He was upset that she hadn't even told him about it. He felt like he was being replaced with the "perfect, well behaved kid". The man confronts his mother at his grandparents' anniversary party and the confrontation leads to a big family fallout. Read on to find out how this family secret was uncovered and how it caused a rift between family members.

OP is called out for being immature and selfish. YTA.

ThingsWithString | ThingsWithString

27-year-old OP throws tantrum over mom's new family. YTA.

MoistTurfuckn | MoistTurfuckn

OP gets called out for being a jackass 🙄

randomnessaa | randomnessaa

Mom tries to contact son after going no-contact. YTA.

L4dyGr4y | L4dyGr4y

OP is the clear AH here. Mom was a good parent.

SayerSong | SayerSong

Misunderstood OP gets called out for neglecting communication with mother.

GrassTerrible5262 | GrassTerrible5262

Commenter calls out entitled man-child for tantrum over kindergartner 🙄

ScariMonsters | ScariMonsters

27-year-old upset mom had new baby after 11 years of no contact

judysbootyy | judysbootyy

Commenter deems the poster YTA and calls for self-reflection.

KelbyMoon | KelbyMoon

Commenter calls out OP for being an a**hole and potentially making up the story for attention. Replies suggest the story is likely fake and give background on the mom's character. 🤔

Mr_Ham_Man80 | Mr_Ham_Man80

Doubts on the age of the poster, but plausible explanation given 🤔

mamavn | mamavn

Commenter defends mother, calls out OP's misplaced anger. 🤔

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

Teen cuts off mom, now mad she moved on with life 🤷‍♂️

three-legged-dog | three-legged-dog

Commenter calls out OP for being jealous of mom's choices 😒

Lt-shorts | Lt-shorts

Commenter calls out OP for blaming mother in funny post.

Eastern-Water9701 | Eastern-Water9701

OP criticized for being ungrateful towards his mom's good parenting 🤨


Stepmom seeks advice on entitled stepson, draws parallel to OP

tatamagoo299393 | tatamagoo299393

Confrontation turns sour as commenter is labelled the a**hole 🤦‍♂️

chicagoman9876 | chicagoman9876

Commenter calls out OP for being bitter and jealous, YTA 😒

Bozobozo111 | Bozobozo111

Commenter calls out OP and dad for unfair judgment 🤔

ElegantBon | ElegantBon

Mom moved on, OP needs to accept it. 💔

LuluLucy- | LuluLucy-

Unbelievable story? YTA for not believing it! 🤔🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Doubtful commenter questions authenticity of shocking story 🤔

pieridaered | pieridaered

Confronting mom and calling her an a**hole leads to backlash.

worryaboutYOUhoe | worryaboutYOUhoe

Commenter calls out OP for double standard, sparks discussion 👍

Desertdreamsinblue | Desertdreamsinblue

User questions OP's maturity over mom's healthy lunches 🍎

helloitsmesatan | helloitsmesatan

Entitled OP receives YTA judgment and backlash from commenters.

LynaMoon | LynaMoon

Commenter calls out OP for self-absorption. 🤔

cjack68 | cjack68

User calls out OP for being unreasonable and immature 🤷‍♀️

peach-bellinis | peach-bellinis

User called out for selfish behavior in family dispute. 🤔

rainbow-bread | rainbow-bread

Man confronts mom after years of no contact, gets called a**hole.

TheOneAndOnly75 | TheOneAndOnly75

Commenter calls out OP for hypocrisy and immaturity 🤔

NoSurprise82 | NoSurprise82

Son's resentment towards mom for moving on. YTA. 😒

dansamy | dansamy

Commenter calls out OP's selfishness and lack of empathy. 🤨

HippopotamusFart | HippopotamusFart

Savage reply to a harsh comment 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter accuses OP of being entitled and disrespectful 🙄

Mystik-Spiral | Mystik-Spiral

Commenter calls out OP for immature behavior and suggests therapy 💼🧐

majesticjewnicorn | majesticjewnicorn

User called out for cutting off mom for parenting.

sheramom4 | sheramom4

Commenter calls out OP for expecting mom's life to stop. 💁‍♀️

SlinkyMalinky20 | SlinkyMalinky20

Commenter awards YTA with Greatest Asshole EVER!^(TM) award 🏆

ChaosInfinity808 | ChaosInfinity808

Absent father judges mom for moving on. YTA 🤦‍♂️

Confusion-Advanced | Confusion-Advanced

Mom tries to move on, son can't handle it 😔

chopperThehopper | chopperThehopper

27 year old's post sounds like 12 year old's diary entry 😳

Gullible_Chocolate40 | Gullible_Chocolate40

Commenter calls out OP for childish behavior. 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

A witty take on age-old gender stereotypes 🤣


Commenter calls out OP for entitlement in family matters.

FabulaMortis | FabulaMortis

Commenter defends mom, points out son's immaturity and entitlement 🤷‍♀️

HarlesBronson | HarlesBronson

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