UPDATE: AITA for leaving home after dad's threat?

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Find out what happened after an AITA post went viral and a user's dad threatened to kick them out. With helpful advice from Reddit, the user found a new home and a job in their field. But things took an unexpected turn when the dad apologized and offered the user to move back home for free. Now, find out what happened next in this heartwarming update that will restore your faith in family.

Redditor asks AITA for leaving home after dad's threat?

lilacswans | lilacswans

Grateful OP thanks community for advice on leaving abusive home.

lilacswans | lilacswans

Starting fresh with the help of a friend 🏠

lilacswans | lilacswans

Reconciliation with dad after a shocking apology 🤝

lilacswans | lilacswans

Starting anew 🏠 Finding a new place to call home

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👨‍👧‍👦 Moving back in with parents: a temporary solution?

lilacswans | lilacswans

New job, who dis? 🎉 Celebrating post-grad success!

lilacswans | lilacswans

Exciting news! 🎉 Moving out and starting new job nearby!

lilacswans | lilacswans

From leaving home to landing a job: a happy update! 🎉

Leaving home after a threat from a parent is no easy feat, but this Redditor did it with the help of friends and the support of the AITA community. After receiving helpful advice, they moved in with a friend and talked things out with their parents. In a surprising turn of events, the dad apologized and offered a place to stay until they found a job and apartment. Fast forward to today, and this Redditor has landed a full-time job in their field and found an apartment just a short walk away from work! It's heartwarming to see a difficult situation turn into a success story. Keep reading for the reactions from the AITA community.

Heartwarming resolution and success for OP! 🥰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Toxic threats from parents are normalized in many cultures 😭

highunicorns | highunicorns

Glad OP's dad apologized and they're independent now! 🙌

thatshygal717 | thatshygal717

Positive reactions to a father's apology for past behavior ❤️

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Positive response to commenter's father's apology 🙌

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Congrats OP on graduation, job & new place! 🎓👏

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Cheers to new beginnings 🎉👏

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Positive vibes! 🎉 Glad things worked out for OP and family.

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Excitement abounds in this comment section! 🎉

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Standing up to cruelty pays off 🙌🎓💼

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🎉 Congrats on finishing grad school and the new job!

TheKwongdzu | TheKwongdzu

Standing outside as punishment backfires when sister befriends stranger 😲

gjvf | gjvf

Glad to hear you're okay! ❤️

StreetofChimes | StreetofChimes

Cheers to new beginnings! 🎉 Congrats, OP! 🙌

mjf55 | mjf55

Empowering support from a fellow poster. ❤️

EmmaInFrance | EmmaInFrance

Valuable advice on self-promotion in the workplace 🏢💼

springrollislife | springrollislife

Heartening response to OP's courage and resilience ❤

Hgg1127 | Hgg1127

Congrats on grad school achievements! Your independence and family support 🎉

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Positive update brings good vibes and well wishes 🥰

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🎉 Celebratory vibes all around! 🎉

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Establishing boundaries with parents after moving out 🏡💬

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🎉 Happy ending achieved! 🙌

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Practice self-love and freedom through art and hobbies! 🎨🎭

Ship_Negative | Ship_Negative

Early bird gets the last laugh 😂🐦

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming parental abuse and thriving without them. 💪

bulletpr00fsoul | bulletpr00fsoul

Sometimes leaving toxic relationships is the best decision 👍

Cmsmks | Cmsmks

Glad to hear things are going well! 🙌

SereniaKat | SereniaKat

Congrats on standing up to parental abuse and moving out! 🎉

1hero_no_cape | 1hero_no_cape

Moving out can improve relationships. But is going no contact necessary?

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🎉 Celebrating good news in the comments 🙌

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👏🎉 Congrats on standing up to your dad's threat! 👍

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Leaving a toxic household is tough, but worth it 💪

espressojunkie | espressojunkie

OP's hard work pays off, proves capable of independence 🎉

Princess_Moon_Butt | Princess_Moon_Butt

Living well is the best revenge! 🎉😊

Aggravating-Humor-63 | Aggravating-Humor-63

Heartwarming support for a positive outcome ❤️

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Heartwarming support for positive outcome 😊

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This comment left me speechless 🤗

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🎉 OP gets congratulated! 🎉

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👏 Good for you! Glad your parents came around 🙌

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Glad to hear things worked out! 🎉 Enjoy your freedom 🙌

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A comment section filled with positive emojis! ❤️

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Heartfelt support for OP's positive outcome. 🙌

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Jealousy over a short commute sparks positivity 🎉

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Father's threat led to independence and a new home 🏡👍

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Positive feedback for a self-aware and humble dad. 👍

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Catch up on the latest updates from the Reddit community 📰

RedditOliverT | RedditOliverT

Leaving home was a hard dose of reality 💥

Syrinx221 | Syrinx221

Positive update on abusive parents, inspiring progress 🌟

AlGunner | AlGunner

Reconciliation and communication are key for family relationships ❤

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Positive vibes in the comment section! ✨

mattyla666 | mattyla666

New job, new apartment, and no a-hole behavior! 🎉

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👏 Congrats on the positive outcome and convenient commute! 🚶

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Starting off strong in the new chapter of their life 🎉

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Positive comment on new job and family reconciliation 😊

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🎉 Great news! Commenter celebrates positive update with enthusiasm 🙌

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Heartwarming ending! ❤️👍

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Excitement abounds! 🎉

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🎉 Celebrating a happy moment in the comments section!

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🎉 Celebrations all around in this comment section! 🎉

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Positive feedback on good update. ♥

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Setting boundaries with parents as an adult. 👏

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Heartwarming update brings joy to comment section ❤️

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👏 Happy ending for everyone! 👍

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Glad to see a positive outcome! 🙌

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🎉 Celebrating a happy moment in the comment section 🎉

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👍 Glad to hear it ended well! Thanks for sharing 👍

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Overcoming job scarcity after graduation 🎓👨‍🎓

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Glad to see positive updates ❤️

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Choosing to live with family: personal preference or necessary evil?

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Overcoming adversity and thriving: 👏👏👏

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Gladness all around! 🤗

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